7 ELEVEN IN THAILAND | Shopping in Thailand

Now in Thailand, there’s a lot of
7-Elevens and they’re like everywhere! They’re as ubiquitous as McDonald’s and
Starbucks in the United States. Just this block alone, there are three (7 Elevens). One there,… …one there… and… one there. When you’re traveler or a tourist and you really don’t know… you know, you need kinda like “survival
snacks” or drinks then 7-Eeleven is the obvious way to go! The have similar things (to the West) in terms of you know, your toiletries and snack foods, drinks… stuff like that, with a Thai twist! There’s a fair amount of
whitening chemicals in a lot of these products and snail extract in things
tends to be pretty popular these days. I think with just Asia in general. This is a collagen drink. I’ve gotten these. I don’t know if they work. They’re like magic potions… like 38 baht. I do not know what little gel-like things
are in these. Like tapioca? Thai tapioca… with black beans. Sweet mung bean porridge with taro and
coconut cream. Oh, this looks interesting! Oh, these are my favorite! These are like
little yogurt drinks – they actually, I think they even sell them in Korea. These are nice and kind of sweet. The Thai love sweet things, so everything has got a little bit of sugar in it.
Or a lot of sugar in it. So I’m going to get this. It’s interesting to note about the 7-Elevens here is you can pay your water bill, your electricity… electricity bill, your phone bill and you
can top off your SIM cards here. So the 7 Elevens here are kind of like the
one-stop shop for a lot of things! They handle kind of a lot behind that
counter. This is the processed meat section. Shrimp dumplings.Like instant dumplings at home. Life wouldn’t be Southeast Asia without
the dried seafood snacks. It’s like seaweed. Look at this! It’s like the one big wand.
This is a foot long roll of seaweed. I think I’m gonna have to get this. This looks
interesting. Squid flavoured. And of course your dried
squid. Okay so here are their three-in-ones… I
like these. These are like– coffee with cream and sugar? Well, three things
in one and it’s like a little package mixture. Just pour it into your hot water and mix. These are yummy. I’ve taken some home for souvenirs. Milo is one of their brands. They give you these little stamps when
you make purchases sometimes. I’m not sure if there are certain items that
kind of …I think they have these little deals every once in a while. You’ll see
like little placards that show you these stamps. These are …they act like
baht, so you can actually pay with some of these stamps. That is so cool!
So with my purchase there, I think I spent 85 baht which is around three…
well you can do the math! Anyways I spent around 85 baht in there buying things
and they gave me five of these stamps. I can essentially pay with these little
cute stamps. That is so cool!


  1. I was SO surprised to see how many 7-Elevens were in Thailand. I bought a big bag of snacks to do a taste test with.

  2. obesity must be rampant there. it looks worse than the US! sugared drinks everywhere, high sodium seaweed … that can't be good for you! and these on every corner. wow. super unhealthy.

  3. 7-11 are great. Large instant soup cup 1USD. Hot dogs are pretty good. Microwave Burger King, chicken burger. And they typically have Mangosteen soap. Sooooo good

  4. 7-elevenเปิดทิ่thailandทำให้ร้านชำขายปลีกย่อยของคนไทยได้ล้มหายตายจาก…

  5. ทิ่vietnamหรือthailandก็จะตกอยู่ในสภาพเหมือนกัน7-elevenได้เข้ามาขยายสาขาทั่วประเทศร้านชำปลีกย่อยเจ๊งหมดแล้ว….

  6. I love Thai 7/11 but I wish they would cut down on their use of plastic bags, every drink and straw comes in plastic bag or wrapper which often gets to the ocean by stormwater run off.

  7. the Thai 7 Eleven(s) also act as liquor shops.Great places to shop when running low.Plus they are normally open all night.

  8. WTF…!! a 7 eleven where my Kind doesnt work.??!! i will move to thailand if the need be.. i have to save my peoples reputation at any cost..!!!

  9. if you want collagen eat chicken feet, it chock full of collagen and Vitamin e or something along that line.

  10. I'm thai,I recommend one thing for foreinger when you t rip in thailand and stay at a popular touriest area like phuket-samui and others,because,foods n drinks there rather expensive and over prices,7-11 is the best one you options to find cheap n good quality foods n drinks for take away,

  11. seven eleven was just awesome went to thailand 2 weeks back. they are simply life there. and one best thing is self service cold coffee trust me they are better that starbucks in india or any star hotel

  12. Haha yes they're everywhere, I always try to get a hotel near a 7-11 so I know I can get the things I need easily, merry Christmas 🎁🎄

  13. i remember that time 😀 got the rilakkuma chair with lemons 😀 enjoyed the video.. my favorite item at 7/11 is the vegan rice dish, in the green box for about 40 baht depends if you are in bangkok or on an island

  14. 7-11's in USA are usually in the bad part of town where the gangbangers and homeless hang out. And every thing they sell is way overpriced. I haven't been inside a 7-11 in America in 30 years. But it so nice to now know that it will be a positive experience and environment at 7-11's when I go to Thailand.

  15. Hello, Thanks a lot for taking your time and create this valuable material!
    I saw a video where you visited Chang mai but I haven't found it anywhere, could you help me with that?

  16. You can not pay with the stamps… You save them up in a sticker book and when your booklet is full, you get certain prices. Like for instance an 7-Eleven umbrella… I know this video is "old",but you still get the cute stickerstamps… 🙂

  17. "They're almost like American ones…" …except they have a gazillion more things and they're 10 times as awesome!

    Great video!!!

  18. I love 7 11 in Thailand, seem to have everything a backpacker of traveler needs, also sell THAI whiskey and other spirits after 11 AM.

  19. What a load of sickening hogwash, why do this ? !! In Thailand staff have their purses checked to see how much money they have and then checked again before they go home, and they also check their bags to see if they have stolen anything. They work 10 hours for 7 days then get one day off, my GF got fired because she 'dared' to take 4 day vacation even though she got her her shift covered, these are the scum of retail

  20. Exactly like japan where you can pay bills etc also in Thailand for tourist 7/11 are where tourists are to go to get police help.

  21. hai christine..thanks for your video..
    if i may ask.. how about a fresh milk (greenfields).. can i find it on 7/11 in bangkok??

  22. It’s funny… 7/11 is legit the biggest rip-off store in California. The only benefit to them are that they are everywhere and open 24/7 lol

  23. Instant Coffee sucks… unless it is ASIAN. Even American Branded varieties that are only sold in Asian Markets are better than the stuff they have in America. Absolutely LOVED the stuff.

  24. As a thai student study in australia, I miss 7-11 so much i mean i dont just miss the good cheap stuff ,i miss the interaction when i ask the staff to microwave food for me .

  25. There are 7-Eleven's everywhere in Bangkok. Anytime you need relief from the very hot and humid weather in Bangkok just step into any 7-Eleven where you will find the air con dialed up to the max and an ice-cold drink waiting for you! You will come to love and appreciate 7-Eleven in the city.

  26. Thais collects stamp in 7-11 to get the free premium gift from 7-11. There are table, mat, chair ext.

    If you don't need to keep it, you can stick it on the donate chart on the window. 7-11 will return all values to foundation.

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