7 Mysteries In Medicine

Few rare cases exist which
even medical science is unable to understand and explain
the reason why they happen. These abnormal body conditions are
experienced by only a small group of people that’s the reason why many
of us are still unfamiliar with it. People who suffer from these strange
conditions are uncomfortable. It makes them weak both
physically and emotionally. These conditions are often
the source of difficulty and pain for them, making their
life much more difficult. Listed below are some rare and
unusual medical conditions Water allergy Water allergy, yes you heard that right. Water makes up 60% of our bodies. Still, some people suffer from a
condition called water allergy. They can absolutely drink it, but
the problem arises when their skin comes in contact with it even for
a very short interval of time. Their skin develops itchy red weals
when it comes in contact with water. These weals are painful and
itch a lot; it makes bathing and other similar kinds of
stuff a headache for them. The condition is medically
called as aquagenic urticaria. It is still a mystery why this happens. It might be because of the hypersensitivity
of the skin towards the ions present in the water or an abnormal toxic response of the
skin when it gets in direct contact with it. Tree Man It is a condition in
which the hands and feet of a human resemble the
branches of the trees. This extreme condition was first found
in a man named Dede of West Java. He appears to be half tree and half man. So what causes this deformation? Scientist after a hectic
research came to a conclusion that it happens as a result
of a rare immune deficiency. Morgellons disease It is another rare and
unusual medical condition in which fiber grows out of the
itchy lesions on the skin. People often complain of
biting and crawling sensation on it as well as if some
parasite is present. Thousands of peoples
around the world are suffering from these
unpleasant skin conditions. The cause of Morgellons Disease
is yet to be discovered. However, it is assumed to be
because of a bacterial infection. Chimeric People It is a genetic disorder
and in one of the most extreme medical conditions
discovered up until now. Assume that you went for
a genetic test with your children and the
report say that you cannot be their actual biological
parent, even when you are sure that they
are your own children. This has actually happened with a woman. The cause of this condition
is yet to be revealed. Foreign Accent Syndrome If you surprisingly found yourself taking
a strong German accent even if you never heard it before, then you might be
suffering from foreign accent syndrome. This happened with a woman who
got injured during an air raid and started talking
in a strong German accent. Earlier it was considered to
be a psychological disorder but now is considered to be
a neurological disorder. King George madness British King George III suffered from
a specific kind of mental disorder. He does unusual things
which might hurt others or even himself that’s why
he is tied to a chair. The reason behind this is considered
to be porphyria a genetic disorder. But now is believed to be
because of a high dose of arsenic present in the
medicines given to him. Putrid finger A man got infected with a certain kind
of bacteria present on a chicken bone. This infection made him smells putrid. The smell is intolerable can could
be detected in a large room. The infected arm didn’t
respond to antibiotics. However, after a few days, it
disappeared spontaneously. The cause of this smell is
not known up until now.

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