7 Things Your Pee Can Say About Your Health

seven things your pee is trying to tell you about your health as weird as it may sound every time you go to the bathroom you have a chance to check up on your health no we're not talking about stepping on the scale or checking your face for breakouts we're talking about going number one yup that's right folks by examining the color of your urine you can see whether your body is doing alright or if you need to go to the doctor's Brightside will tell you about seven things that your urine can reveal about your health more specifically will tell you the possible colors you can see and what each color says about the condition of your health we'll also give you some suggestions on what you should do for each problem number seven orange if you notice that the color of your urine has suddenly changed to orange don't worry just yet as it turns out some anti-inflammatory drugs chemotherapy treatments and laxatives with Senna can cause such a color change or the reason could be even simpler are you eating too many carrots no joke the pigment of beta-carotene found in carrots can turn your urine orange if you're sure that none of the above apply to you try drinking more water you could be dehydrated so your urine is super concentrated in this case the color can vary from dark yellow to orange if you up your water intake the color should go back to normal in a couple of hours while drinking more water is highly recommended also check your eyes if you notice any yellowish tint in the whites of your eyes then that along with orange urine can be a sign that your liver isn't functioning properly there's nothing you can do here on your own so make an appointment to see the doctor ASAP number six pink and reddish seeing pink or reddish urine usually sends most people into a panic but it's not really something to immediately freak out over it could very well be caused by some foods or medications if you've recently eaten beets blackberries or rhubarb then you probably have nothing to worry about some of the compounds in these foods that make them red are excreted into your urine after the kidneys do their job if foods like this are to blame your urine should go back to its normal color by the next day if it doesn't call a doctor another reason could be that certain antibiotics like Griffi dent and rye macdanne that are used to treat tuberculosis and turn urine kind of reddish if you're taking something to treat urinary infections like Finas of pyridine your urine might look pink remember that you should never take any serious medications including antibiotics without a prescription and your doctor should warn you about the side effects if he doesn't be sure to ask and one more reason why urine can turn pink or reddish is the reason that most people are aware of there's blood in it blood in the urine is a sign of urinary infection kidney disease cancerous or benign tumors or bladder or kidney stones if you see any blood clots or other tissues in your urine don't hesitate to see your doctor doctors say that such symptoms are often under diagnosed especially in women because they usually shrug it off as a weird period fluke number five green or blue seeing these colors in your pee is probably the most shocking of all since they look as unnatural as it gets well maybe not for Smurfs or the Grinch but seriously for a human this would really scare the bejesus out of you again eating some foods like those that are artificially dyed or asparagus can discolor the urine to such an extent that it's blue or green if it's because of this there's nothing to worry about it'll clear up in a day or two plus medications like amitriptyline indomethacin and propofol can cause these types of colors to however if none of these reasons seem likely to you you should be dialing the doctor's number right now better yet dialing 911 would be even wiser forget about making an appointment green urine can be a sign of a rare urinary tract infection caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas this bug can also cause kidney stones which as you can imagine are not very comfortable when they try to make their way out of the body through the urinary tract yikes number four brown wait are we still talking about number one oh right sorry if you notice brown shades in your urine it could be a sign of severe dehydration so put down those caffeinated drinks and get more water into your body by the way you can watch our video about all the signs that you aren't drinking enough water also try to recall if you've eaten any rhubarb or fava beans lately if you excluded these foods and you know that you're drinking lots of water but the color doesn't go away you guessed it contact your doctor brown urine indicates problems with your liver and kidneys attention if your brown urine is accompanied by abdominal pain rashes and seizures there's a high possibility that you have a genetic condition also blood turns kind of brownish when it disintegrates and this can be a sign of a more serious condition like a tumor as you can see whatever the possible reason is the best course of action is to consult a specialist don't waste your time hoping it'll go away number three foaming or fizzy having foamy urine from time to time is normal it's usually caused by the speed of urination you know like when you've been holding it forever on that long drive just praying for a rest stop if it's foamy after you've just shot that stuff out of you like a jet sprayer don't sweat it but if it keeps coming back and you notice it more and more often over time who you gonna call the doctor foamy or fizzy urine can also be a sign that there's an excess of protein in it this requires professional evaluation because you might have a serious kidney problem we're not trying to scare you we just want you to be safe and healthy number two transparent if your urine is transparent it's a sign that you're drinking too much water yes too much is just as bad as too little it's like Goldilocks you've got to get it just right so drinking too much water can lead to certain risks the most important of which is diluting the salts in your body this can create a problematic chemical imbalance so drink less water for some time in order to check if that really is the reason your pee is transparent number one pale straw yellow transparent yellow or dark yellow and finally some colors that you hopefully are used to seeing and shouldn't worry about ideally your urine should be a pale gold color if you are lucky enough to have perfectly colored pee it means that you're not under or over hydrated you drink just as much water as you need good for you if your urine is more concentrated and doesn't look pale gold it means that you need a little more water remember one golden no pun intended rule if it looks like lemonade you're doing just fine do you pay attention to the color of your urine or do you feel weird checking it tell us in the comment section below like this video and send it to 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  1. so mine is cloudy like chicken broth but the color of banana yellow with a slight tan?…sorry best I could describe it

  2. Honestly, this is great information we forget to ask the doctor; the kind of information that we don’t even share with friends, right! So I’m thankful!

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