1. Dr. Axe – I've had my thyroid removed. It was cancer. It spread and one year later had a cancerous tumor removed from my carotid artery. It has spread to my lymph nodes, etc. I will not do Radiation. I have changed my diet completely. I am on a plant based diet only since 12/18. Had an ultra sound recently and two small tumors have been detected. I am opting to wait three months and have an ultra sound and more blood work. My tumor levels in my blood are high 1.7. The doctor still is recommending radiation and I will not do radiation. The side effects are too severe. I will wait another three months to see if any changes. Do you have any suggestions.

  2. Would you do a episode on no thyroid?. I had Ca of the thyroid and had it removed. It seems nobody teaches on this subject. Thank you

  3. I was put on levothyroxine about five years ago with no testing just said I was tired and Cold.
    Is there any way I can get off this medication? I take no other medication and I don’t want this the rest of my life🙏 thank you for your wonderful shows

  4. Why is that one guy checking his phone while his cohost is speaking? Put your phone away, Mr. Rude Dude!

  5. I make my own soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and my hair has gotten so much healthier, I don't have to wash it every day, and because of my healthy keto/carnivore diet my skin is getting clear, less wrinkly, and my poor poor thyroid (it doesn't exist it was zapped 1 thyroidectmy, 2x radiation), I take iodine and vitamins to supplement my diet. Doing much better, after a year of being a vegan and getting very very sick with that diet.

  6. I don't understand this my mother and my grandmother both had thyroid problems they were both from the 50s and the 60s. I have always expected to inherit the thyroid condition also yet I use a microwave Teflon pan and other things you that you do mention and I do not have a thyroid problem under extreme amount of stress and also really financially not able to access a organic type life I still do not understand why I do not have thyroid problems.also grandmother and aunt on other side of my family had thyroid too, big mystery. And yes I do believe both my parents are genetically yes true parents

  7. speaking on harms of the bleached paper don't forget to mention tea-bags! You can't even imagine what happens when you pour hot or in some cases boiling water over those. And ppl drink that sh*t every day! For God's sake, just make the tea as it's supposed to be made – steep the tea leaves it in a teapot! Manufacturers prefer to sell us tea-bags instead of the loose tea bcs that increases their profit margins 10-fold. They use the worst sorts of tea, basically, the powder that is left "at the bottom of the barrel", they pack that garbage into the paper bags, pack 8 or 12 bags in a nice little box and sell it for more money than a half of a kilo of the loose tea. So, if people stop buying those Lipton-shlimpton little garbage bags, there will be more good quality loose tea offered to the consumers.

  8. Re: floss- most floss has PFOAs, just the same as the Teflon pots and pans! TOXIC. Unfortunately SO difficult to find a clean floss

  9. I'm 75 and allergic to any kind of fish and any kind of tree nuts and the health conditions I have really need both what can I substitute for those.

  10. HA!
    The thyroid gland is NOT in the throat! If it is you may be in big trouble or dead! It is in the center of your neck just above the clavicle and below the Adam's apple. NOT behind it!

    I found that in the 'info' section below the title of this article/video.

    Get the facts straight ummm doctor? I don't think you are a credible doctor if that is your description of the thyroid gland and where it is located. More importantly, where it is located.

  11. Great information, but Dr Axe is about as ADD/ADHD as anyone I’ve ever seen. I feel like if someone yelled “squirrel”, he’d be off and running. 🤣🤣🤣

  12. I heard about this when my child was young. 1) get a popcorn popper and pop your own organic- takes 3 minutes. Or you can use a cast iron pan with a lid on it; 2) cast iron pans are cheap, Made in America (Lodge) and don't have the bad chemicals. I fry eggs on those all the time with a little olive oil or butter – no problem.

  13. People are so worried about plastics etc. How about toothbrush, they are plastic, and nobody ever talked about whether plastics being used for toothbrush are safe. Doctors are scrutinizing plastic products outside their world. There are a lot of plastic products being used in their medical supplies, Pharmacies medicine products and countless medical equipments. Are they completely safe? HELLO??? what do you think?

  14. I would say keep the floss, ditch the fluoride. A huge disruptor of the endocrine system. No floss, no teeth.

  15. First I was Hyper then turn Hypo that was near 30 years ago. Ever since I was on varied levels of Levothyroxine then Synthroid. Now the doctor have added Cytomel. Plus, I have two medications for my Diabetes.
    I will like to get off on all medications I am tired of taking them.

  16. Thank you for this list. I got lazy using non stick pans, I'll now throat them out. I did not know about those paper plates and I just finished using a pack. I wont be buying more.

  17. I just don't understand why anyone would recommend meat instead of a plant based diet. How about all the hormones etc you ingest by eating
    rotting flesh and muscle? The biggest, strongest animals on the planet are vegetarian.

  18. DR axe which ashwagandha supplement we can trust in the market. It's so hard to choose between different supplements. Pls guide as to which one to buy

  19. 1. People in the blue zones (those who live the longest and healthiest) are carb-based and consume almost no animal products. So don't demonize carbs.
    2. There are vegans who follow high fat diets (it can be done on a vegan diet) such as Healthy Crazy Cool on YouTube. (He is not just a YouTuber, he studied and worked as a health care professional).

  20. Commenting on the shampoo I can’t use aloe Vera as I’m allergic and would make my hair condition really bad so far I’ve started using a shampoo that has ginger in it seems to help for a little while this is really interesting tho

  21. Is there a good quality stainless steel pans company? I have bought stainless steel that does not last. Can’t find the copper bottom my mom has have for the last 60 + years Revere Ware (spelling??)

  22. I guess our cell phones are not on the list. Microwaves everywhere. Not to mention they try to block out the sun, which helps the circle of life. How about pollutants in our water alone. Not to mention our food is full of poisons. So I think a pizza box is just skimming the surface. 😷😬😁😂😭

  23. Why are we as a nation so criminal in their tech find healthy solution and change! FDA is a useless agency.
    Crimes against nature!

  24. Dr axe, I heard you mention keto diet would help to lose weight, and help regulate the thyroid, I have had hypothyroidism for the past 28 year's even though my lab's come back normal range. (I still feel exhausted). Can I go on a ketogenic diet and not hurt my Liver? Labs show fatty Liver also.

  25. Ps…I live next to a large plant nursery and they advertise organic..but there not..they sell house plants to all the major stores…so when you get them there full of poisons..I always strip the leaves off and change the soil.. I do that with vegetable plants..I don't eat the first plants. I don't mind bugs…because if they like it its safe..somethings wrong with a perfect plant..I live in nature, which is hard for my allergies but love it..

  26. Why nothing about hyperthyroidism? Thyrotoxicosis? Though not nearly as common as hyperthyroidism, they are still very dangerous conditions. Are they affected by things in our home?

  27. Dr. Axe is embarrassing. He’s surfing and totally out of touch with the conversation in the beginning,. At least take the camera off him.

  28. Sol Raat KaBa. we just need to educate around the maze created. retrain our palates. yes main stream has messed us up. I agree

  29. Hi and thank you for your great informative videos. Would like to ask if Ashwaghanda can be problematic with Hashimotos thyroiditis?

  30. There are so many issues that can result from eating too many carbs. It spikes your insulin and causes insulin resistance, which is a catalyst for all kinds of diseases. It makes you retain excess water and can cause hyponatremia, thus resulting in a loss of important electrolytes that support the thyroid and other parts of the body.
    I'm sure other things can result from it but overall it's bad news.
    The one thing I don't get though is inspite of the research on this, countries that eat a lot of starches (like Japan) have a high life expectancy. They do eat lots of rice and potatoes, yet I suspect their high intake of vegetables counteracts the rise in insulin because of it's fiber. Does anyone have any insights on this? Thanks! 🙂

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