$750 Prescription! Greedy pharmaceuticals take your $$$

welcome back youtubers today I wanted to
find out how much are you willing to pay to stay healthy about to freak dis
hahaha well thank you guys again for coming back but today we’re talking
about the mist Martin shkreli the CEO of turning pharmaceuticals he’s been in the
news all over the place because he recently tried to raise a drug that his
company has developed daraprim a critical parasitic infection fighting
drug from thirteen dollars and fifty cents a pill to seven hundred and fifty
dollars a pill yes you heard it right 1352 seven hundred and fifty dollars
this is a 5000 percent markup and this would be insane but Martin mrs. Crawley
has done the same thing not long ago exact almost exactly a year ago in 2014
Martin shkreli when he was the CEO of a different on pharmaceutical company
retro Finn he tried to raise the price of the drug Theola from one dollar fifty
per pill to thirty dollars per pill yes a dollar fifty propel and he tried to
raise it to thirty dollars a pill this is a two thousand percent markup so both
drugs daraprim an Theola are considered orphan drugs meaning it’s the only drug
that treats a specific rare disorder so that’s the reason he’s able to raise the
prices so much because he has the only drug that will treat the symptoms or
that will treat the disease I’m specifically Theola treats um is the
treatment for the disease cystinuria which is disease you constantly get
kidney stones and it’s lifelong there’s no cure for disease it just treats the
symptoms so once you are on t ola you’re probably going to be on it for the rest
of your life and he changed the price from a doll 5230 that I that’s unheard
of it’s disgusting it’s gross um so this disease it’s not life-threatening you
won’t die if you have kidney stones but you won’t be able to do much you’ll be
in horrific pain if you ever had kidney stones you have to pass you either have
to pass kidney stones have to break up inside your body before
they can pass and if that doesn’t happen you are an excruciating pain it could be
fatal but it’s very very very rare that this this disease is fatal with that
being said um the starting dose the average starting dose for Theola is 800
milligrams or eight pills a day so if it’s eight pills a day and it was at its
original price of a dollar fifty per pill you’d be paying twelve dollars a
day if you needed the eight pills a day you’d have to be paying eight twelve
dollars a day for your treatment of this medication but after he raised the price
to thirty dollars a pill you would have to pay two hundred and forty dollars per
day if you want it to be healthy and you needed the 88 hundred milligrams the
eight pills per day if I did the math that’s 6720 a month and you’d be paying
over eighty thousand dollars a year for this for the treatment of this disease
but viola that is insane if you do not have insurance forget about it you just
forget about it there is no way in hell you can afford this drug there’s no way
in hell that you can afford to pay 80 grand a year on top of everything else
that you have to worry about kids family whatever its 80,000 is insane even those
even people who have insurance if there is a co-payment I’m not exactly how much
it is but still 80 grand a year is absurd the worst part of this whole
scenario is between the time that the price was at a dollar fifty and when he
raised it the thirty dollars per pill there was no sign there was no research
on the drug there was no um anything anything in the lab nothing was done to
the drug so I’m saying nothing was done to the drug to make it better for the
people who have the disease so do to reduce side effects or make it more
effective nothing at all he just raised the price to get more money and I just
think it’s it’s absolutely gross so in the span of two months between the after
he raised the price of the Theola in the span of two months people started
noticing on blogs and it became louder and louder and louder and retrofitting
his previous company he worked for had hired him but don’t think of retrofit as
nice people oh my goodness we care about our customers know they find him just
because people started to notice there’s no way in hell then mrs. Crowley raised
the price of a drug that the company had just recently obtained from a dollar
fifty two thirty dollars per pill and they had no idea the Board of Directors
is bullshit it’s not that they kind people and when they were asked why was
the price why was mr. Skelly fired they said they claimed that the decision was
because of the rail irregularities in stock what the hell does that mean I
don’t know but I think it’s bullshit I’m moving forward mr. Skelly tweeted in
response to him getting her bike in response to getting fired he’s tweeted
rather upset at my in main board of directors who was overly focused on
irrelevant innuendo but also now can pursue a new company without them so
net-net excited I don’t even know what that last part means not net excited
what the hell does that mean but I’m that make that moves us to where we are
today where he tried to increase the price of daraprim and I don’t know what
the deal is right now I don’t know if they fight him again I don’t if he’s
just been let go I don’t know if they’ve dropped the price back up dropped the
price to 1350 24 daraprim but all I know is mrs. Crowley is a selfish disgusting
man and it’s not like mr. Skelly is a poor man that he’s raising these prices
because he needs the phrase family is his net worth is a hundred million
dollars it’s it’s disgusting and I get it I get it pharmaceutical companies put
millions and millions of dollars into developing these drugs making these
drugs but if you’re telling me you set a price after all of that is done and you
start making your money and if you raise the price just because the fact that no
one else that has that drug and just because you can it’s absolutely
disgusting he has no sympathy no empathy for any human being no life he knows he
has the only drug he knows that people if they can’t afford it it can be
detrimental to they held possibly fatal and he does it with no remorse it’s
gross you should watch his interview by see
yes surrenders to anyways tell me how you guys feel about this tell me what’s
the most expensive drug you had to pay for anything at all and as usual please
comment please subscribe like the video yep talk to you later peace

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