8 Things Your Eyes Say About Your Health

an old saying claims that your eyes are the windows to your soul no one knows where this phrase came from but nevertheless we all know for sure that our eyes can say a lot about us and our health have your eyes suddenly become red have you ever had blind spots in some cases a cold compress and relaxation are all you need other times you have to see a doctor immediately we'd like to share eight things your eyes say about your health number one permanents die if you've ever had a sty you know the pain and irritation it causes it looks like a pimple formed on the eyelid the eyelid usually swells up as the sty develops a lump on the eyelid appears due to a blocked sebaceous gland and usually goes away within three to four days however it may persist causing serious inconveniences the main symptoms are pain swollen eyelid watering sensitivity to light discomfort while blinking if a sty pops up often or persists for a long time it can be a symptom of sebaceous gland carcinoma if you notice that it doesn't heal or appears in the same place it's time to visit a doctor and never squeeze a stye number-2 eyebrow loss it can affect one or both eyebrows with partial or complete hair loss multiple reasons might cause eyebrow loss some of them are aging stress infections skin disorders nutrient deficiency alopecia areata wear spot baldness can be another reason though it affects no more than 0.1% of the population a more plausible reason for eyebrow loss is hypothyroidism an acute shortage of thyroid hormones that in extreme cases can lead to hair loss so if your hair is thinning its to visit your doctor and check your thyroid gland number three burning eyes many of us spend hours at our computers at home Network which causes burning eyes or blurred vision nowadays this situation occurs so often but there's a special medical term that describes vision problems connected with prolonged computer cellphone or ebook use digital eye strain or dry eye syndrome to avoid getting the syndrome while working at the computer minimize glare upgrade your display use proper lighting however if your eyes burn frequently consult your doctor to treat the problem third vision can also be a symptom of conditions that don't directly involve the eye such as stroke and migraine blind spots it's always frightening to notice a blind spot in your vision this made pretty often point at a migraine with aura especially if the picture you get in front of your eyes is accompanied by sparkling dots or wavy lines typically blind spots go together with headaches if such symptoms sound familiar to you call your doctor to learn what triggers this otherwise consequences can be dire bulging eyes we have all had times when our eyes seem to betray us we rub them or blink several times and our vision seems to become clear again but if you constantly feel some sort of expansion in your eyes it can be a symptom of thyroid eye disease also known as Graves disease it means your thyroid is overactive the main symptoms are dryness whiteness between the iris and eyelid pain difficulty closing the eyes it occurs in 30% of cases so if you see something like that call your doctor immediately number 6 yellow whites every day we spend time looking in the mirror so it's unlikely we can miss this problem both adults and newborns with undeveloped liver function may face jaundice it may also be connected with the state of the gallbladder or bile ducts so if you see your whites becoming yellow don't ignore it rush to the doctor to find the reason cloudy vision for diabetics people with diabetes have to pay special attention to their health and vision is one of the things they keep tabs on one such problem is diabetic retinopathy a state caused by damage to blood vessels in the photosensitive retinal tissue it may be the reason for cloudy vision the accompanying symptoms are weakness dizziness fatigue pale skin this problem should be taken seriously you should contact a specialist as soon as possible eight impaired vision vision loss any vision change is an alarm bell that requires an instant response if you notice your vision suddenly impaired clouded or even disappearing for a moment seek medical help immediately these symptoms are often the first signs of a stroke take care of your health and we hope you find our video beneficial to you don't forget to hit that thumbs up button and click Subscribe if you're visiting our channel for the first time see you on the bright side of life you


  1. I'm 19. And my eyes is a little bit of yellow.. My classmate notice it before, but I thought it was normal, so I ignored..

    My mother, and my aunt had yellow eyes too.. I asked my mother about it.. She said it was normal to us..

    Should I consult a doctor?

  2. ok so it was just 8 very random not mundane situationd at all. time well wasted once again 🙂 like who has ever had a yellow white what..

  3. Impaired vision
    I mean I only get it if I stare at something for a long like maybe like 5-7 seconds long but yeah or I get it when I can’t see which is probably normal but yeah………

    Sorry for wasting your time

  4. Just a pronunciation correction if you're going to dispense med info. It's "car-si-NO-ma" not "car-SIN-oma".

  5. I disliked this because, what does male pattern baldness have to do with anything and only 0.1% of people go bald ? I don't think so! Look around you, are you trying to make them feel extra special and even more insecure ? That is mostly totally hereditary btw by far, so again, why is it in this video ? Because baldness has no relation to the eyes or their health or vice versa, so it looks to me like you're trolling on bald people. Then I see the video ending with several thumbnails or things that would actually have interested me but you never addressed in the video, such as shorter eyebrows and what your iris says about your health, which is by the way the thumbnail bait you used to bait us into the video but the iris is never discussed. I'm annoyed, Happy New Year >< and see you

  6. you missed sjrogen's syndrome. it's a dry eye but it effects more then just eyes my whites swell up even.

  7. For the one about jaundice, Please people take this very seriously! I was having major jaundice issues when I was very young. I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with Auto immune hepatitis at the age of 5 and was quarantined for 2 weeks only being allowed to see my doctor and mother, not only that but now almost 9 years later I’m still taking pills for this chronic disease.For the price of your happiness VISIT A DOCTOR don’t leave it to brim, just, please, don’t ruin what little happiness you may have! keep yourself safe.

  8. Back in the old days of Bright Side
    it was a female who narrated this?

    In the old days of life
    The eyes depend on your life
    (The thumbnail)


  9. I'm able to blur up my vision but after a few seconds it would go away because I can't keep it like that forever I can't keep it blurred up and even if I try it would go away it's a great way acting blind

    Permanent sty 0:31
    Eyebrow loss 1:15
    Burning eyes 1:54
    Blind spots 2:32
    Bulging eyes 2:54
    Yellow whites 3:27
    Cloudy vision for diabetics 3:46
    Impaired vision, vision loss 4:14

  11. I'm just gonna say that sometimes I have a weird feeling around my eye. Like twching feeling idk how to explain it. Creepy.

  12. I have chronic dry eyes….my eye doctor suggested an eye drop that helps keep my eyes moist.
    I found that my eyesight is a bit clearer.

  13. I love how this channel is called "Bright Side" but it's is basically telling me I have liver damage

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