9 First Aid Mistakes 90% of People Keep Making

you First aid methods all of us do wrong Knowing Basic first aid Methods is very important But it’s crucial to perform them correctly did you know that hydrogen peroxide and iodine could be dangerous for you? Here are several of the most widely spread mistakes people make when performing first aid Putting a spoon into the mouth of a person having a seizure Pulling his or her tongue can also be dangerous Why? When in a fit a person can swallow or choke on an object placed in their mouth to protect the tongue A person may start shaking uncontrollably and even go purple But seizures are self-limiting and the body is incapable of doing much harm to itself What should you do? Just call a doctor and make sure the person is safe from external harm and is breathing comfortably. It’s impossible to swallow your tongue and biting it isn’t dangerous After the seizure ends lay the person on their side Cardiac compressions can lead to lung damage Cardiac compressions can easily result in broken ribs which may severely damage the lungs and heart You should only do cardiac compressions if you’re sure the person has no pulse, isn’t breathing and there’s no doctor around While one person is calling an ambulance another does heart compressions with the rhythm of 100 per minute to the beat of stayin alive by the bee gees For babies, you should do it with your fingers and in another rhythm. The mouth-to-mouth resuscitation should be performed when the heart is going Another option is to do 30 compressions and 2 breaths and then repeat Paracetamol may lead to liver issues Paracetamol or acetaminophen relieves pain and inflammation and it is a part of many modern drugs keep in mind that it’s overdose may cause liver and kidney failure What should you do? Just measure the dose carefully the maximum single dose for adults is 1 gram or 4 grams per day? Sedum in Ephant is present in many drugs, especially anti-flu ones, so combining medications can lead to an overdose and its consequences Throwing back your head or lie on your back with a nosebleed If you do this the blood pressure in your head rises you can’t know how bad the bleeding episode is So the blood can get into your lungs or cause vomiting To do it right hold your head up right to reduce pressure apply a cold pack And then close either nostril with your fingers for 15 minutes Do the same for the other while breathing with your mouth if the bleeding doesn’t stop Repeat if it persists even then or if an injury causes it call an ambulance Pulling a road accident victim from the car Most deaths in road accidents occur because of neck and spine injuries The slightest move in an attempt to help a victim may kill them or render than paralyzed If a person is injured with a risk of head, neck or spine trauma for example They don’t feel their limbs, but there’s no blood call an ambulance Also watch the Victims breathing until the doctors arrive Taking vomit-inducing drugs in case of severe poisoning Emetic drugs can cause an esophageal burn and make way for poisoned vomit into the lungs. What should you do? In a suspected poisoning call an ambulance described the symptoms and a probable source of poisoning and write down the prescribed actions Don’t try to assess the danger yourself or seek advice on the internet Drug overdoses or alcohol intoxication May be as hazardous as a glass of gasoline drunk in a gulp without qualified help the victim may die within an hour Applying a tourniquet to stop bleeding An incorrectly applied tourniquet may resolve an excess limb pressure and can lead to amputation It doesn’t stop the bleeding, but prevents blood circulation, which leads to necrosis To do it right apply a large amount of sterile gauze or clean cloth to the wound and press tightly This should be enough until the ambulance arrives The only exception is a serious bleeding where the risk of death is higher than that of losing a limb Curing wounds of hydrogen peroxide and Iodine can be dangerous Peroxide destroys connective tissue cells preventing the wound from healing Iodine and alcohol burn healthy cells and can induce pain shock and burns if applied to a wound to do it Right wash the wound with clear drinking water or boiled water and then apply a healing ointment with an antibiotic A Band-Aid or bandage should not be applied unless necessary otherwise the wound will get wet and takes longer to heal If you’re bitten by a snake or a venomous insect, don’t suck out the venom The venom mixes with your saliva and makes itself a new target of your mucous membrane This will accelerate the poisoning and can result in lung edema and heart failure So if you’re bitten in a limb Lie down So the damaged area is below the heart. Call an ambulance described what bit you, and drink a lot Also keep in mind that you should never take a sick or injured person to the nearest hospital instead call an ambulance, describe the situation and listen to the operator will tell you where to take the victim Not every hospital has the necessary medication specialists or equipment and transportation may prove too dangerous Here’s the bonus. How to correctly make an injection At the start disinfect your hands and the area where the injection will be administered. When making an injection into the buttocks Divide the muscle into four parts in your head Quickly press the needle three quarters of the way into the upper right part to avoid touching the sciatic nerve Once the procedure is finished, place some cotton wool swab Dan alcohol spirit over the area of the injection Never make the injection into a tense muscle, Penetrating too far or too little into the skin Did you learn anything new and enjoy watching the video? 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  1. a lot of whats being said sound contradicting and weird.. are these modern or newly taught things in school or ones thesis? I'm just asking because when I was younger the old stuff worked but now it's beings said no..

  2. You really need to check your facts before making videos like this.

    Covering a wound actually accelerates healing.

    There were other things incorrect but I can't be bothered going over them all.


  3. Number 5 you literally killed the person in the car, if the car is on fire pull them out in ems it is better to have a paralyzed person than a dead one. Just stabilize their head neck and back then pull them out and lay flat on the ground away from the vehicle. And you can pull a victim out if you are sure they have to spinal or back injuries they wont die of a broken leg or arm.

  4. I had a nosebleed but I was hanging over the sink, it kept going until I got the feeling I was going to pass out I stuffed my nose and lay down sideways, it all went well but I was light headed for the next 3 days…

  5. When u bite ur tongue on accidents it hurts

    But on purpose it does not

    WHY R U BITING UR tongue


  6. GUYS DONT DO BREATHS DURING CPR, IT DOESNT DO MUCH AND TAKES AWAY PRECIOUS TIME FROM COMPRESSIONS, also don't worry about breaking ribs, they can live with a broken rib not a broken heart

  7. Folks, though some of this information is good to know, please look at an actual channel that focuses on first aid. Some of these first aid situations need to be more in depth and/or have been updated.

  8. No, I didn't learn anything new. I'm a certified first aid and CPR administer and have no idea why I'm watching this video.

  9. In court

    Judge: why did you put Hydrogen peroxide on your brothers wound?

    Me: because it said it will help so I put some on a cotton ball and dabed it on it

    Judge: Sentenced to jail for 1 year

    Me: But I am only 10 years old

    Judge: thats why

  10. My first aid method.
    Unless it's broken or needs stitches, lick it clean.
    Then pour some hydrogen prorixide on it, wrap if neccicary

  11. Hmm this seems pretty irresponsible. So what if compression's end up breaking a rib. They can save someone's life. By presenting it like you have you will discourage some people from performing CPR. Regularly doing first aid course and one of the repeated messages is that many people die because others are too scared to perform first aid or people are doing compression's too softly and not having any effect at all.

  12. When you have a bloody nose you don't do that you take a rag put cold water on you can put it against your nose I learned 8 million times

  13. as a school med i say that when you do cardiac compresions, it is perfectly fine to break the ribs. they wont live if you dont give your all and everything doing this

  14. If you do mouth to mouth it's not good because you are breathing carbon dioxide into the persons body

  15. Roses are red
    That's very true
    But violets are violet.. Why do you say blue? That makes no sense,but I had fun,trying to rhyme,oh boy,what a ton!

    Doctor: ma'am..Just hold your head back

    Works for me

    This is fake…I take the medicine all the time

  17. Isn't mouth to mouth more important than chest compressions. The brain will die without oxogen in such case there is no point in keeping the heart beating because there is no defibrillator for the brain after it dies. You can always get a new heart but u can never get a new brain

  18. I am CPR and BLS certified. Some of this information is out of date and some is incomplete and misleading. Please get your first aid information from qualified sources.

  19. Cardiac compressions definitely cannot break a person's ribs. What you can case a damage to are cartilages that hold ribs together. However, even if you do, mostly it's not dangerous and it's definitely better than doing too shallow compressions.
    Bonus fact: If you really do decide to apply a tourniquet (99% cases it is better not to!), then learn how to do it properly. Otherwise it will lead to above-said amputation or worse, actually make the person bleed out faster(if you don't apply enough pressure)

  20. THe firsT VIDEO oF THE guyss Trying tO SAvE ThE peRsON is NOt wRONg At aAL BC Its dOesnT Mattrr iF You break His Rips BeCause he thEn is AlIve, nO kiDDing, paraMeDics eveN SaId tHat

  21. In my opinion the first rule in any first aid situation is…..check whether the site is safe to enter and perform first aid (and after that make sure the victim is safe)! If the site is not safe, stand back and call the emergency services!

  22. tourniquets are fine as long as you follow the 111 rule. after 111 minutes a tourniquet will cause damage to your cells, but as long as you don't leave it on that long, you will not lose a limb

  23. Thanks so much for telling us I'm nose bleeding right now and I just thought to just stick a peace of paper on my nose then just sit and I'm nose bleeding because I was picking my nose .-. Ik it's bad but I'm gonna cut my nails and blowing my nose so I don't nose bleed tysm!!!

  24. The one about the nose bleed is wrong… What you should actually do is gently pinch your nose bridge and lean forward. Hold a cloth or tissue to your nose while you do this to stop the blood from going everywhere. Obviously if it doesn't stop bleeding or is very heavy contact a doctor especially if the bleeding was caused by an injury

  25. In the Philippines, the emergency service is so slow the person would be dead when ambulance arrives OR the person would be dead on arrival to a hospital.

  26. A lot of this went right over my head……I feel like I should learn all this stuff because what if something happens and I don't know what ro do…..but Idk where to go to learn about EVERYTHING I need to know…..I just get confused and can't focus…..I'm paranoid something may happen though…..IDK WHAT TO DO. What if someone dies because my dang short attention span and lack of understanding??

  27. I have seziurs and therefore know you should NEVER EVER put anything in the victim's mouth. Instead, you should remove anything that is in their mouth.

  28. Number 4, you're not supposed to call nine-one-one First You're supposed to call Poison Control they say you have to call 911 call 911

  29. Is it impossible to swallow your tounge? I think it is possible when u are unconscious and lose muscle tone

  30. Please guys, let the proffessionals teach this. Im not saying stuff in this video is wrong, but if something was a human could die and it would be your fault.

  31. The CPR advice is wrong you should and need to do CPR even if the patient is not breathing but they have got a pulse. You can still have a pulse 15 minutes after your heart stops. The first 10 minutes of the Hart stoping is the most critical moment if you ever see anyone who isn't breathing start CPR . Head over to share.org.uk for CPR training and advice

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  33. dont tell me that alchohol is not good for curing wounds i was told to use alcohol to cure wound on first aid training and what ever if it is painful

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