9 Grossest Things in Women’s Bathrooms

Not too long ago BuzzFeed Yellow posted this
video called ‘What it’s like to be a girl in a boy’s bathroom’ and it’s gotten so many
downvotes and angry comments from men who say that hey, not all guys bathrooms are like
that and also ladies your bathroom can be disgusting too. Ladies lets admit it. They’re
right. First up lets go ahead and get this out of
the way: Trashcans full of discarded menstrual products. It’s going to happen at least once
a month more or less and hey we can’t flush it so a fist-sized package wrapped in toilet
paper there’s a good chance there’s a tampon hiding in there. My trashcan policy is strictly
don’t ask, don’t tell. Next up ladies love a loofah in the shower but you know what loofahs
love? Bacteria. Take the plastic meshing of a loofah, combine it with the warm moist environment
of a shower and then sprinkle in some bacteria from human skin, you get literally a petri
dish of bacteria just waiting to divide and multiply. One study found that an infection-causing
bacteria caleed p. aeruginosa multiplied exponentially on a loofah within a 24-hour period which
is partially why experts recommend that you change out your loofah once a month. Which
reminds me that I need to get a new loofah. Number three, what women’s shower is complete
without at least one old and maybe razor. Old razors can lead to infection quite easily
through the tiny knicks they leave in your skin. I bet if you added up the collective
ages of all the old mascara sitting in a woman’s makeup bag, well, it could get a driver’s
license or even heck, go to college. Warning may cause pink eye and styes in your eyes.
Oh! God! Ah! Two words to describe number five: Shower hair. Forget about sink hair
and mirror hair. Pretty much everywhere hair. What’s that in the laundry hamper? A dirty
sports bra that you’ve refused to wash for two weeks in between yoga classes. I don’t
even want to know all the mildew happening up in that action. Oh! Smells like a locker
room full of sour milk. I do not want to be mistaken for thinking of the vagina as anything
less than wondrous and amazing, let’s face it. Women’s medicine cabinets chock full of
UTI pills, yeast infection creams, vaginal pH solutions and the like, well they don’t
exactly conjure the most pleasant of images. But hey, that’s alright because even the finest
of sports cars need tuneups every now and then. That said there is a gross thing for
a vagina in a woman’s bathroom and that is a douche. You know where I stand on douches,
toss in the trashcan with those discarded menstrual products because that’s where it
belongs. I’ve got a whole video about it. Girls, just say no. Finally the grossest thing
from a sanitation perspective that you are likely to find in a woman’s bathroom is not
this, but this. My purse? A recent study found that women’s purses in fact harbor more bacteria
than toilets do partially because of all that old junk that we stuff into such as old mascaras
and old hand creams which apparently are like bacteria feeding frenzies. Even the leather
that many purses are made out of are also bacteria prime real estate. Ladies we so gross.
But what kind of gross stuff have you seen lurking in girls bathrooms? Let me know in
the comments below and hey everybody after you’re done watching this video, go wash your


  1. One of the grossest things I've seen in a bathroom, aside from the loo & it's immediate floor surroundings, is people who put their toothbrushes in the same cup or container, along with the toothpaste tube. There are approximately 20,000 different types of bacteria living in your mouth – count the toothbrushes, now multiply the germs – yuck!

  2. The worst thing I saw in the bathroom Unflushed poop or pee or even both in a toilet and it was a school girls bathroom

  3. We need to call out women who do not discard their tampons and pads properly, and just throw them on top of everything in the trash without being wrapped up. That is often the grossest thing that I have seen.

  4. I have seen women's bathrooms with the toilet bowl unflushed with period blood. Super gross. Girls bathroom are the worst.

  5. I believe that men's and women's bathrooms are pretty much the same. Each has their own grossness.
    As far as public bathrooms, women's are the worst. However, I have a feeling the mess (other than feminine products) comes from the children mothers bring in with them.
    Children are bound to make a mess at some point. chuckle

  6. This channel is kinda sexiest but not completely it does have some proof behind it but studies time, after time, after time is proofed wrong

  7. The one thing that does not mix is that time of the month and dogs!! Dogs are nasty creatures that will pull everything out and shred them up (bonus points it they do it in front of company!!!)!

  8. As soon as I saw this video I threw away my Loofah and cleaned out my makeup drawer. I am proud to say my purse is good, along with my shower! Can't say the same for the sink though. Thanks for the tips Cristen!!!!!

  9. I am working as a janitor as my retired job. Both men's and women's bathrooms have "interesting" aspects. I have learned that I will never shake hands with a guy again. The toilet roll shrinks, but not the paper towel dispenser! Two days later, there are zero hand paper trowels in the trash in the men's room. In the women's bathroom? Absolutely no effort to hit the trash can with used Kotex, hand towels and used toilet all around the toilet. Yes, I use gloves to even open the door. 

  10. Can we stop believing that bacteria == death. Most bacteria is benign and we don't need to worry about what it's doing.

  11. I'll be honest, it took me a couple of days to bring myself to watch this one…but the worst was dealt with first. :/

  12. My purse has bacteria, are you suggesting that I throw it away? Everything that I own has bacteria, I have bacteria. Should I throw myself away too? 

  13. I've worked as a janitor cleaning the bathrooms. I can honestly say that while the guys toilets are bad, the women's are way worse. I can understand how a guy can miss, but how do you women miss? that just baffles me.

  14. I still think the grossest thing in any bathroom are the corners of the tub.  I have to scrub that stuff once a week… and I have soft water!  Move out all your products, ladies and gents and others, and scrub that stuff!  You don't want anyone else seeing it when they sleep over and need to wash up, believe me.

  15. This is a good video, but you made the stupid ancient mistake of comparing the quantity of bacteria from one thing to another.  There are different kinds of bacteria.   E coli or E bola

  16. Once in second grade I saw a pool of blood all over the toilet seat, and leading to the sink and I started crying and told my teacher that someone got murdered in the bathroom, of course she ran in and turns out some girl started her period and freaked out and didn't know what to do. That's how I learned about periods

  17. The loofah bit is an eye-opener for me!
    Wouldn't the soap kill the bacteria, though??
    I've had mine for a few years….

  18. One of my roommates is absolutely disgusting. She leaves hair, trash, make up (out of the containers, mind), and more absolutely everywhere. Then the bathroom starts to smell like mildew or sewage and I die a little before cleaning it up. I cannot describe how excited I am to move out.

  19. Man there was was this one time that there was a rat in the girls locker room. Listen we girl chew gum, write on every thing. If it not ours it not going to look good. Boys just are gross but there not as messy.

  20. I was the janitor for a girl's dormitory bathroom, people didn't know what a trash can is, much less how to flush a toilet. It was horrible. -.-

  21. As a plumber I was once called to replace a sewage pump in a ladies room. Only the pump wasn't broken just clogged with tampons and an applicator tube. Gross.

  22. being a girl i understand this, but there is still no excuse for period stained panties on the bathroom floor. it was  the only bathroom in the house and this girl had two brothers also no one thought to tell her to pick them up?!?!

  23. OK, I spent most of my life using the men's room and much of the last year going to the ladies. They both can be disgusting. I never understood how a guy could miss the urinal, I mean really? The damn thing is 18 inches wide and a couple of feet high and you can't aim to hit it? Even at work, and I work in an intellectual type of place, the floor would sometimes be wet around the urinal. Uck! And who the heck leaves a toilet full of poo unflushed?

    Ladies have this other problem. There's this paranoia about the toilet seat, so some just squat over and pee. Now this would be fine if everything always came out nice and clean and straight, but the evidence says otherwise. You haven't lived until you make the mistake of sitting in someone elses pee. But I gotta say I haven't seen a wet seat at work. Public restrooms are another matter.

  24. Also for purses and, well, basically any kind of bag anyone would carry, think about it. It goes everywhere you go, you put it on the floors and seats, you often handle it directly after handling money and how often do you wash it? And some of them, you can't wash. The outside of someone's bag is probably infinitely more gross than the inside.

  25. in the bathroom in my school ,girls would leave their used pads opened on the floor in the stalls ,like wth i don't wanna see a dirty pad more than i already have to ,dem girls real stink (brought out the angry Trinidadian )

  26. Most of the girls restrooms at my school have blood on the floor and seats
    Imo the mens restrooms are more sanitary

  27. I loved your joke about mascara. "It can even get its driver's license or even heck go to college." Aw I loved it!

  28. I used to use an African sponge when I showered it was just like a long cloth (perfect for bath washing) but ever since I lost that thing I've had to use a loofa. taking a bath is not nearly as enjoyable and that bacteria section just makes me miss my old sponge even more.

  29. I don't understand how could a guy miss I mean your in control of the movement I think some women just do it on purpose

  30. I used to be a janitor, and women's bathrooms were always more disgusting than men's. One thing I never figured out was why there were all those little pieces of toilet tissue all over the place–just little pieces, never whole squares. They were like dandruff. Never saw that in a men's room. Well, women? What's up with the tissue dandruff?

  31. cotton ear thingies. a lady friend of mine liked to leave them around… and not only in her own house. And the massive hair matt in hairbrushes including the oily build up on the pins. tip: if you have that, just take your brush into the shower when washing your hair and brush your hair when there's shampoo in it. clean brush! pluck out the loose hairs and blow dry afterwards. An extra plus: it reduces shower hairs.

  32. I'll take the disgusting loofah and menstrual products in a basket (at least we have a reason to be disgusting and it's IN A WASTE BASKET) over pee stains on the toilet from men "missing," no toilet paper on the rolls sometimes for weeks (conjures up a pretty image of whether or not men use to the sink to "clean up" or not if you know what I mean.) And don't get me started on the shower drain hair. Women generally have longer hair than men…my hubby can't even clean the sink after he shaves and his hairs are tiny…add to that the foam from the shaving gel gunk and I swear that is more disgusting. Plus we shave HALF of our body hair while men whine about having the OPTION to shave their face…..we have no choice even though men would like us to think we do….just try going out with unshaven pits, hair on legs or any other "unwanted hair" SOMEBODY will say something very loudly I guarantee you.

  33. As a transgender person who has been in both bathrooms in my life, I think it's safe to say that no one keep piss off the toilet seat, and most guys aren't afraid to grunt while pooping

  34. It's not bad to know we must be cleaner in the bathroom. The problem here is that most of the media focuses on women's dirty stuff and everytime we talk about men's dirty stuff they feel like they have a right then to protest against that.

  35. I don't understand why people find bacteria as so horrible. Most all bacteria that lives around us either helps us or does not affect us. It is estimated that only 1-5% of bacteria species are pathogens. They are around us, on us every single day and in every single nook and cranny and spare surface, if they were all horrible and disgusting, we would all be dead.

  36. I think most of us guys have a standard level of grossness that we meet, some deviate from that in either direction. But a really gross girl has the potential to be horrifyingly disgusting if she wanted to.

  37. I think the grossest thing in women's bathrooms are the pee seats.  Most women hover over the seat to avoid sitting on them because of germs but I don't understand how they can do that, leave their urine all over the seat, and not even have the decency to clean it off at the least and at the most wipe it off with sanitary wipes.  That is just nasty, so nasty.

  38. The hair! Uhg! Is it SO hard not to brush into the sink?! And then grab a swiffer real quick when you're done shedding all over. Just clean up. It's REALLY not that hard.

  39. firstly I would like to clarify I speak of a woman's privet bathroom in her home not a public toilet I'm not a perv but the grossest thing I have ever seen as when a woman takes a potty break while on their period and not flushing, if you don't want graphic details then don't read below………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Yeah having to use a lady friends toilet and walking in to see steeped bloody toilet paper is not a turn on ladies learn to flush lol and before you say anything in my defence I already do put the seat down I am a very good boy 😀

  40. this one church lady asked me for the bathroom at Long Slong Silvers and
    she took a diarrhea dump all over the whole bathroom. She shitted all
    over the floors and all over the toliet and her stockings, and then shitted all over the walls. Turds were
    slumping in the toilet and i had to clean it. She pulled off with her
    hand on her face…true storyXD

  41. My old middle schools girls bathrooms all smelled like period blood and pee. Plus, there was toilet paper everywhere 😖 and you know us girl go to spray that perfume, so yeah disgusting.

  42. I worked one summer at a family camp ground and the lady's bathroom was always nastier than the mens! I am going to blame that at least partially on the fact that women are more likely to bring their small children into the bathroom with them rather than send them with their dad's based on the amount of poop that got left in the SHOWERS! At least, I hope it was little kids pooping in the showers :/

  43. Every single day at work when I clean the womans bathroom there are shreds of toilet paper on the floor. It's extremely frustrating. Can someone please explain why women do this? it's almost always just tiny shreds but they are EVERYWHERE. What's the deal?

  44. Ive seen someones boogers on the side of a bathroom stall and i've seen some weird green slime on a toilet seat in a public washroom

  45. I find people are most disgusting in public simply because they are not the ones who will be cleaning the washroom afterward.

    For some crazy reason, all sense of cleanliness and straight up courtesy is out the window the moment any sort of responsibility is removed. This is not exclusive to public washrooms. Think about how often people leave tables covered with food slopped all over it in mall food courts or when shopping for clothes, they leave the unwanted garments in mangled piles on the floor of the fitting rooms.

  46. Back when I was a freshman in college (1970), a couple guys and I were talking to the janitor. The discussion eventually came around to who had the grossest bathrooms: guys or girls? His answer: girls. Then he proceeded to regale us with tales of his findings therein, Ewwwwwwww….

  47. I have one simple question, why do women throw thier pee toilet tissue in a small trash can instead of flushing it? all my family females do it, I find it disgusting and makes the bathroom smell. is that a taught bad habit?

  48. If all these germs were so harmful, then we should have a epidemic on our hands and the human race would be facing extinction! LOL!

  49. I work in the maintenance field in a large office building. My job requires me to go into the ladies rooms in the building regularly. Every ladies room is always covered with trash on the floor, muck on the sinks, incredible misses on the toilet seats (how the hell do they miss the bowl!?!). Women are filthy slobs in the restrooms, at least the public ones.

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