95-year-old Arlene Faul – Volunteer – Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

If I would have to describe Arlene in
one word, it’s hard to do. >> I’m not sure there is one word to describe Arlene. >> One
word to describe Arlene. [Music] >> I think it was what when the hospital opened that
they had some volunteers working and I called to find out if they using
volunteers and they were and that’s when I came out and signed it and started
volunteering. >>It’s pleasant! >> Lovely. >> Fiesty
>Hi Holly, how are you today? >>Good, how are you doing? >>Hanging in there. I always didn’t do
volunteer work. I think it’s just nice to help people if you can. “Hello.”
>>Inspiring. >>Inspirational. >>Inspiring. >> My dad always said do what you can with the
best that you have. That’s what you do. Oh yeah! [Laughter] >>Thank you. >> Thank you. >>Have a good day. >>You too! Someone will just, okay, I’m older, I’m not gonna do anything I’m sitting two-chair much
TV or something like that. I think you need to get out among people and I think
you could find something where you could do something that would help somewhere. [Laughter] >>Amazing. >>Beautiful. I would say very considerate. Well, that’s two words isn’t it? [Laughter] [Music]

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