1. Let us go to Naturopathic doctors. MD's don't know shit about nutrition and you need to take care of your vitamin and mineral intake to prevent a lot of there damn treatments that would not be needed if we all got enough vitamins and minerals in our diets. They also don't know shit about marijuana which has been used for 5000 years as medicine.

  2. It's really annoying that even at the formerly anarchist Cato Institute, they're incapable of questioning government power when it comes to health care.

    Yes, he is correct about the government distortions he sees, but he fails to see the primary government distortion.

    You and I are not free to buy advice, medication, and treatment from whom we want.

    We are in the grips of a medical mafia, enforced by the state, that can shake us down for whatever prices they want, because it is illegal for us to get our treatment elsewhere, or to treat ourselves with anything but the relatively ineffectual over the counter remedies they haven't put under their control.

    Freedom. It's inconceivable, even at Cato.

  3. Adding tax code doesn't get government out of the way, it's another hidden appropriation. The courts just went through the issue of mixing the IRS and healthcare, and Obama won. To fix it, let any company sell medical insurance, encourage global insurance and treatment options, expand the urgent care system into big box stores, let the service levels float. Break the monopolies that force employees to join only company approved insurance plans.

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