A Career in Healthcare Technology Management (HTM)

experience the rewards of working with continually evolving technology while having a positive impact on patient care would you like to have a meaningful career that offers job stability competitive compensation an opportunity to work with cutting-edge medical technologies allows you to leverage your technical and troubleshooting skills all while offering competitive salary and compensation if so then I urge you to consider healthcare technology management or HTM when you or a loved one enters the hospital you probably don't even think of all the medical technology around you and how important it is for that equipment to work safely it's the role of the HTM professional to ensure that medical technology is working safely and effectively the HTM professional is an important member of the healthcare team managing the selection deployment maintenance and repair of healthcare technology in hospitals and other healthcare facilities our work can even help save lives the HTM field offers great opportunities for clinical engineers biomedical equipment technicians lab and radiology specialists and others who use their expertise to ensure that medical devices are safe and effective and available for clinical use I'm Derek Franklin from the Veterans Health Administration part of the Department of Veterans Affairs and I'm Karen Warner with Community Health Network in Indianapolis the career opportunities available in the HTM field are virtually limitless if you're a high school student or someone enrolled in college or technical school unsure of your major or even a midlife career changer I urge you to consider a career of the biomedical equipment technician or be met because of the aging population and an increase in complexity of medical technologies the be met field is considered to be growing rapidly the US Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates the field to grow by more than 30 percent 22 the healthcare technology support that you provide as a beam it is critical to surgeons nurses and physicians as they provide the best care possible every day presents a new set of exciting challenges you may be involved in equipment planning offering input on equipment selection one minute and get called to work on something in the operating room the next the best part in this career is that there are limitless opportunities for advancement with additional education experience or training you can move into a technical specialist role or into managerial supervisory or senior leadership positions some be Mets are trained to work on a wide variety of healthcare technologies while others will choose to specialize and work on one or just a few many will work in hospitals or hospital systems and still others will work for independent service organizations or is OS where they outsource the technology management now let's take a moment and hear about a couple different things that you'll need to be successful in the field communication skills you must effectively communicate and often translate technical information when speaking with clinicians supervisors and other co-workers in the healthcare environment mechanical aptitude and technical skills you'll need to become familiar with medical technology devices and systems and how they interact and you'll use sophisticated diagnostic tools from working on complex medical equipment time management skills because keeping vital medical technology available and in good working order is urgent for patient care you must make good use of your time you should also have an interest in new technologies such as robotics and information technology so just how do you get started in this career field start by visiting WWE mi org slash students to find schools near you they'll also find a wealth of other information and resources to point you in the right direction if you enjoy learning about and working with the latest technology this could be the career opportunity of a lifetime I'd also urge you to check out I am HTM comm where you can get more information about the opportunities within healthcare technology management come join the team that's focused on patient safety and helping to save lives you

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