A Chat with One of Our Clients: Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

I think that we’ve developed a sense of
trust, we know that Clarkston is going to be there when we need them. We recognize and know the folks that work
in the project teams and just have tremendous respect for them. They develop very good relations with their
customers. We feel that Clarkston is a part of us. They’re different from just getting kind
of a one-off or two-off type person, they’ll bring a team in that has both the background
and expertise and the training on how to execute on projects and that’s something I don’t
see in a lot of other companies. These are folks I am happy to work with, they’re
fun, they know their stuff right and they’re here and they fit in the purpose of Alnylam
so to speak right, they’re here for the right reasons. We feel like it’s a company that would scale
with us versus someone that you know may work great on phase one say, but by the time you
get to phase three they’re ultimately the wrong implementer. So I think it’s important to find the right
fit early, and then someone that you can grow with. They understand that it’s about delivering
on the patient need, the business need, right, our needs, what we’ve defined. It isn’t about just trying to make money. The level of professionalism and expertise
that we’ve gotten from project managers from Clarkston, and other you know key initiatives
that they’ve been involved in are bar-none the best that I’ve experienced. The trait that I think you have which is trusting
me that if I escalate something and go, “this is a problem,” that you’re going to react
to it. Yeah, well, you know you guys take the “one
team, one goal” mission seriously. I think what’s inspiring is the people that
are here. The people we are working with are folks we’ve
worked with as Clarkston at other clients doing other things for them. So I feel that it’s a culmination of all
these various facets of folks that we’ve worked with at different stages and we’re
all kind of grown up and more mature and doing different things here together. They customize themselves to the customer
pretty much, try to fit like a glove embedded into the organization but still staying visible. It’s trust right. Like I know when we’re going to come out
of these meetings, when we’re going to assign this stuff, when we’re running these big
projects, that this stuff is getting done. They really come to the table and partner
with our team and for the most part there’s often meetings that I come into that I don’t
know the Clarkston people from our own business. I would recommend Clarkston you know based
on really the people. I think the technical part is important, I
think a lot of places have that, but really it’s the how people assimilate with your
team as well as knowing that you’re going to grow as a company They’ve earned our confidence and our trust
in how they’ve interacted on a day-to-day basis on all the projects. We’re in it together.

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