A Clinical Perspective at New Vision Wilderness Therapy

for us a new vision we really focus on the roots of what's causing behavior stress and reaction by focusing on the underlying issues in treatment it increases the efficacy of what we're doing with the young people we have a collection of therapeutic modalities that we use a new vision wilderness that is very specific and scientific based I think our number one methodology is relationship through relationships traumas can happen and the relationship we then heal the relational model is the idea of really getting in and meeting the client where they're at and being attuned to where they're at in their program essentially it's time spent with that person taking the time to really get to understand them as a person as a unique individual and through that relational connection creates that change that's the most necessary component in order to use any modality green spotting is a method that we use where we tap into the nervous system and we heal the trauma that has occurred in the body we work with youth that have had really early life experiences even within the first days of life first months of life first years of life where this is stored in their nervous system this is developmental trauma brain spotting is a chance to get deeper with the client then then you're ever gonna get with cognitive behavioral therapy so it's working at a deeper root releasing that and actually creating new neural pathways that don't have that negative energy associated with that new vision has had a relationship with heart math the Institute of HeartMath specifically since our beginnings heart math is a tool that we utilize with clients in the beginning the middle and the end of their treatment that allows us to see how well they're taking things in and can use their coping skills the bigger implementation of how impacts clients treatment at New Vision wilderness is self-regulation training we can begin to regulate our nervous system our parasympathetic system and control things like anxiety and mood one of the large research projects that we're working on right now it's gonna really revolutionize our understanding of how people experience stress in different kinds of environments the wilderness itself is methodology it is the single most powerful intervention that I've ever been able to find to assist young people there's a natural response of nature just the calmness of the quiet the wind and the pines being out in remote places allows you to focus on yourself connect with the natural environment as well as connect with others around you I feel like I can actually do more work in the wilderness we use a wide variety of clinical methodologies somatic awareness narrative therapy Gestalt sitamma sensitive yoga in a personal process therapy quick coherence art therapy motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy experiential therapy in that moment when the wind is howling and you're looking to set up a tarp just to sit on there and have a quiet conversation and they're struggling to tie a knot and in those teachable moments that occur in woods it's not a methodology you'll have named in a book and yet that is a major part of what we do

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