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Hi! My name is Rachel Tupper Paley and I
live in a 1049 square foot apartment in Prospect Heights Brooklyn.
I would probably describe my style as “restrained color bomb”. It was a big
challenge when we first moved in– there’s not a single closet in the entire
apartment. I knew immediately that I wanted to put up a whole wall of shelves.
So the cookbook wall is my favorite part of the apartment. It’s my husband’s least
favorite part because he thinks that I hold onto to many things. I don’t know
what he’s talking about. The process of going from closet the closet-less was
intense. My husband has a one piece in, two pieces
out rule. And then you know all the other storage solutions… it’s become a fun
little game that we play. This is the bedroom.
We have many storage solutions at work here. We have this big IKEA armoire which
holds all of our clothes. We have super, super narrow shelves, eight inches wide
The bed is a storage bed. And then the other thing, really important, is lots
of hooks! Yeah I just like didn’t want anything on
my floor; if the floor is clear your mind is clear. We have parts of our family pretty much
everywhere. Whether it’s like some of the furniture, some of the art, we really wanted to
have our families reflected in this space. In our old place we had shelves
similar to these that we put up ourselves, but we didn’t do a good job.
Everything that was on it shattered, including a set ceramic plates that
my very talented mother-in-law made for my husband. So for his birthday, I
gathered up all the shards that I could and I took them to a local artist who
practices a Japanese technique called kintsugi. The idea is that you put pieces
of broken pottery back together and you fill in the gaps with gold. Even though
it’s broken it’s more beautiful that way than were it whole. I love cooking I love
entertaining and I love that this apartment helps us facilitate that. This
is my pegboard. It’s inspired by Julia Child– the beautiful blue color. I’m a big
proponent of displaying your tools and sort of using them as art. I really count
on home being the place that gives you the energy to go back out there tomorrow,
you know? So it means a lot of home-cooked meals, a lot of chilling on
the couch and I love it.


  1. Beautiful space! Do think it's funny how having no closets is unusual when here in The Netherlands it's pretty much the norm.

  2. Could you list the contact info for the artist that practices kintsugi please? I've been looking for one!!

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  4. Wow, beautifully done!  I'm glad you acknowledged the possibility of a disastrous shelf fail when loaded up.  The gallery portion of the wall is spectacular.

  5. I love this series of real home tours, but would love to see a wider range of countries outside the US. I get that might be hard due to funding it, and I know there are a few but more would be great!

  6. Beautiful!!! We’re in the Bronx and luckily we have closets, but the space is never enough and we have shelves too. The funny thing is it looks good for a few days and then all of a sudden we have accumulated more stuff! Ugh!!!!

  7. I've never had a closet – not really understanding why it's a big deal. And yeah – Wardrobe function = closet function.

  8. I wouldn't want to live in a space where everything is on display (seriously, looking at her apartment makes me anxious 😂) but I have to say she styled the place very well.

  9. So far, I only one person or couple apartment. Hope to she more family ones. Anyways, open shelf is not favourite things. It show a lot of clutter and a lot of dusting job every week.

  10. I prefer much less 'stuff', but the way she has designed their space and the obvious love she has for their beautiful belongings is so endearing.
    What a lovely woman and a beautiful home.

  11. in the Netherlands all housescomewithout closets and our biggest friend is Ikea (well mine anyway haha)

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