A Conversation About Mental Health In Hip Hop

now in this video I wanted to have a conversation about mental health in relation to hip-hop if you know me then you know that this is a topic I've covered on this channel time after time and it is for a good reason because these are conversations I think we really need to have we live in a world today where either so many people have suffered from mental health issues and of course unfortunately a lot of people are currently suffering from them it is a very common thing matter of fact a couple of days ago I was you know thinking about this whole mental health thing and then I kind of caught myself wondering how many people commit suicide daily I mean that's something I've always wanted the answer to when I looked at these numbers let me just say that my mind was blown okay and I'm saying that because an average of 129 people daily okay daily commit suicide now of course I'm not gonna talk about why that happens instead let's relate this entire conversation to hip-hop by this point we've seen a lot of the things rappers have said regarding the state of their mental health recently of course I covered the low palm situation and then in the past I've talked about low skies around three weeks ago logic of course dropped his confessions of a dangerous mind single where he was giving us a very vivid image of his current emotional state and a lot of the things he was discussing on that track a lot of people can definitely relate to speaking of logic this is a person who had one of the biggest hit songs in 2017 and of course I am talking about one 800 although a lot of people criticize him for being so superficial when it came to how he approached the whole mental health conversation let's not deny the impact this track had I mean it really had a real-life impact because I remember seeing a report that the number for the amount of people who called in to the suicide hotline increased as a result of this song getting released in the following year in 2018 juice world was an artist who absolutely took over with the help of lucid dreams of course lucid dreams isn't really a mental health awareness kind of track it's really just juice while talking about the aftermath of a breakup with another person but as we all know he does mention things like being better off dead and that's why I think it is worthy of being brought up in this entire conversation or another really good example is I bike Hendrick where the hook is literally I love myself I'm bringing this one up because of who it was really targeted towards and I also wrote a record for these kids that come up to my show with these slashes on the wrists saying they don't want to live no more as you can see according to Kendrick so he wrote it for those specific people and I don't really even think rap music can get more positive than this let's take it all the way back to when rapping about suicide wasn't really a cool thing but despite that a couple people in hip-hop did it starting with the ghetto boys Oh suicide and then biggie did it on suicidal thoughts and then 2-part did it on so many tears I think the difference between rappers doing it over 20 years ago and rappers doing it right now is there are so many rappers doing it right now which means it's way more acceptable to go on a track talking about how you want to blow your brains out which then leads to the question of who is authentic and who's not if talking about how you're so depressed and suicidal is so acceptable how are we supposed to know that you're actually going through those things that you're not just trying to capitalize off of it what I like to do is look at the track record of a person for example if J Cole drops a song tomorrow talking about how he's suicidal I'm not gonna doubt that he is because he's never given any of us a reason to believe that he will lie about such a thing but if let's just say kid buu drops on mental health awareness song tomorrow I'm gonna look at him and say that he's most likely not genuine because he has a track record of being just that not genuine but then again who the hell would believe anything Kid Buu says of course this is more of a black-and-white kind of approach just due to the fact that it is impossible to truly know when someone is faking it or not at the end of the day though I think the result is always going to be the same more people bringing awareness to what actually matters regarding this though what I am gonna say is always use your intuition when it comes to trying to decide whether or not you think someone is bluffing but let's talk about Kid Cudi for a second because there is no chance I'm gonna talk about hip hop and mental health and not mention Kid Cudi this is an artist who has a crazy amount of impact in the whole mental health conversation in relation to hip-hop think I see it decline I'm the face while I'm thinking about suicide kid cudi to me is really a creative genius I mean the way he's been hitting on topics like suicide and depression has always been so magical he's always had a way of creating this amazing experience of something as serious of a subject like this it's almost like you get so lost in the music because it's so great and then halfway through you realize what he's really talking about Kid Cudi is one of those rappers who barely gets any kind of hate and it is really for a good reason because he's created that safe space inside of his music for a lot of people just because of how he talks about mental health I think the aspect of how he's done it really matters it shows a level of credibility and genuineness because otherwise people wouldn't support him if he wasn't doing a good job at it you might remember how he checked himself in a rehab for depression and suicidal urges in 2016 and I vividly remember the amount of positive feedback he got from coming out and talking about it publicly and I also remember how in that post he mentioned how he was ashamed of himself just because in his mind he was really living a lie I think he got so much love from hip-hop just for the simple fact that everybody always saw him as this invincible kind of guy and it's kind of sad how him trying to heal people with the help of his music was his way of coping I think it was the same kind of experience for Lil Wayne because in case you don't remember he ran with that narrative that he accidentally shot himself at the age of 12 and then when the Carter 5 came out come to find out that little quote-unquote accident that happened to Lil Wayne at the age of 12 wasn't really an accident because he found his mama's gun he cried and he thought about it he pulled the trigger and woke up with blood all around him the reason why someone like him would pretty much lie about something like this for his entire career until the Carter five came out is because nobody looks at Lil Wayne like the kind of guy who would commit suicide I like the fact that he decided to face this fear of his and share the truth with the world obviously it was a very critical moment for him because in his mind he was facing this dilemma of wanting to be open with his fans but then again he doesn't want people to look at him differently he doesn't want people to see him as quote-unquote weak which nobody did of course but in his mind that was very much a real thing so yeah and those are my general thoughts regarding mental health and regards to hip-hop and now I want to ask what you have to say about this when you think about the whole mental health conversation in hip-hop who's the first artist that pops up in your mind like a lot of people isn't maybe Kid Cudi or is it maybe someone else and regarding the importance of mental health and hip-hop how important do you think it is definitely let me know in the comment section below and let's have a discussion about this you


  1. The ammount of comments about X is insane, i dont hate him but the people listening to him really need to rethink their depression and opinions on X's depressive music.

  2. NF definitely comes to mind. I mean, have you heard his song mansion?! That's some dark shit

  3. It makes me then question, “WHO doesn’t have suicidal thoughts? “if I have as well and is totally against it. Is this typical human shit?

  4. You can look at it from 2 different sides

    1. Raising awareness to suicide and showing people that other people dealing with it as well

    2. Romanticizing suicide

    I personally believe that in the current wave it’s romanticized way too much

  5. Hey everyone I just wanted to tell you something..I read an article about psychic attacks and it made so much sense I know a few people would be able believe in the soul but I just wanna say that never look for answers from the outside look within..the world is so evil and people have been through so much pain.when you have a psychic attack you are subconsciously being attacked by someone who has negative thoughts about you..you will experience nightmares,fatigue and suicidal thoughts..know that this is not your reality..don’t give in to the thoughts..seek health and healing guidance..you are god in living form remember that..I hope you heal🌸as you read this and everything will be okay.

  6. Scarface comes to mind about mental health listen to his music he talks about his mental health n all that shit.

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