A Day In Medical School–EMERGENCY MEDICINE ROTATION (Overnight Shift)

Good morning guys! It’s Thursday. I sense a little trend here. I find that every time I pick up the camera
to vlog it’s actually the day before my night shift. Today I have a night shift tonight at midnight. I’m at a different hospital so the night shift
starts at a slightly different time and I just happen to wake up and I was like “Hmm.. I’m gonna vlog today.” I think it’s because of the days of the night
shift I have all day free and usually it’s a pretty good time for me to vlog and do everything
that I need to do. As usual, the night before my night shift,
I try to get as much sleep as possible. I tried to stay up last night but I only stayed
up until 1-1:30am. Even thought I tried to stay in bed as long
as possible I was up by like 10am–which isn’t bad. I think I’m gonna try to take a nap a little
later so that I can stay up tonight from midnight to 8am when I am done with my shift. So I have two night shifts in a row, tonight
which is Thursday night and Friday night and then I have the whole weekend off which is
awesome! I’m just gonna vlog my day, talk about different
things. I wanted to kind of answer some of your more
frequently asked questions about my rotations and things like that so let’s get started. So the first thing I’m gonna talk about is:
what’s in my whitecoat. I washed my whitecoat yesterday so I took
everything out from the pocket. So I have a bunch of stuff laid out here. So I thought it would be a great time to show
what I carry in emergency medicine. Things that are in my pocket really vary from
rotation to rotation because depending on what you’re doing, (hi Candy!) the things
that are in your pocket just varies. The first thing I have is my stethoscope. In the emergency room you really just need
any stethoscope. It doesn’t have to be a super fancy brand. I have seen a lot of people use the disposable
ones. I have seen people use super fancy like Littman
Cardiology and really everything in between. The one I have is MDF. Next I have all these pens. I have had attendings ask me for pens and
then you know, they forget and I don’t get them back so I try to have a lot of pens on
me. I have these two pens multipens which can
be found in my store. I have a black one and a cheap blue one. Next to the pens I have a pen light. Usually in the emergency room you end up using
the otoscopes that are attached on the walls to kind of look into eyes, ears and whatever
sometimes the patients are in the hallway and you just need to be able to check them
regardless even if there is no otoscope. So I carry my own pen light. This thing I haven’t really used. I have been keeping them in my pocket. I got it from Muji in Korea. It’s actually a—let me show you guys–it’s
actually scissors. Pretty cool! I haven’t really used it because I always
my sheers with me. This is used to cut people’s clothing off
when a trauma comes in and you need to evaluate everything on their body. Hold on one second (Go Candy!) It’s also useful for cutting tape, cutting
whatever you might be doing, maybe splinting somebody, and you cut the stockinette, or if you need
to cut some of the splinting materials. So that’s great. I carry this with me all the time. In terms of some of the other medical equipment,
it’s kinda like what ends up in my pocket. And I end up not using. They other day I helped with central line
placement so I have my sterile gloves. My size is six and a half. And then the time before that, there was a
guy getting chest tubes so the person who was doing it needed a thicker thing to secure
the tube. So they needed a 2-0 of silk. I had it in my pocket. We ended up not using it cause I had more
than one. These are steri-strips which is good for kind
of closing and keeping the wound closed once you suture or don’t suture depending on what
the wound is so I have it in my pocket. This is probably not good to use anymore but
this is tetracaine you would use to–if someone came in with something in their eyes and they
felt like there is a foreign body in their eye so we need to use fluorescein to look
into their eyes. It’s basically a fluorescent dye that you
put in their eye and you use a special lamp to see if there is a foreign body. Tetracaine is used like a numbing medicine
on the eye. So it’s like drops. It’s always good to have some tape here. This is just regular fabric tape. Always very useful. In terms of taking notes and taking patients
histories, I used to use a notebook and I think the notebook is called Perfect H&P or
something like that and I’ve talked about it before in my previous videos. It’s very useful when starting out and you
don’t wanna forget any history questions but once you get used to asking all the questions
and you kind of don’t need to use a notebook anymore, something that is simple to use is
basically computer printer paper that I fold like this. And then I have all the information that I
need here and then maybe here. I’ve seen residents use like very tiny fonts
and they’ll have like four patients in one side. I’m not there yet so I tend to use the whole
page for one patient. I usually have 4 or 5 or 5 or 6 when I first
start my shift and then I take my notes there. This is something I just got the other day
during a noon lecture. It’s all the medications and dosages that
you need for intubation, post intubations and if someone is coming with a seizure or
someone is coming with anaphylaxis. I thought this is something that is good to
have on hand. I should eventually memorize all of these
but I don’t have it memorized yet. So I just have a piece of paper with me in
my pocket. Lastly, is the EMRA basics. Basically this is divided into complaints
that people come in with to the emergency rooms. So like headache, all the things that it can
be, what physical examination to do and what is the treatment for them. So this is super handy especially if you’re
just starting out in emergency medicine. Head injury, altered mental status, dizzy/lightheaded
which is sometimes the most nebulous thing that people just come in with and I have no
idea what to do and this really helps me figure out how to approach this complaint. And lastly this pocket book emergency–the
pocket emergency medicine book. A lot of people use the purple one from internal
medicine. I think it’s the purple one. But they have one for emergency medicine. It’s kinda similar to this small booklet where
everything is kind of complaint based and it tells you how to examine and what the etiology
is, what the pathophysiology is and how to treat it. So this I kinda read like a book. There is like too much information for me
to just look things up really quickly. I use this for that mostly. But I have this on hand so if I have any down
time I can just read through it and learn more about different things. Thats all the things that I have in my pocket. It gets pretty heavy but they all come in
pretty handy so Iike having them on me. I’ll put all the information in the description
box below. So I’m gonna eat something cause I’m pretty
hungry. Probably breakfast food. You guys didn’t see this but I had to film
that three times because Candy kept on getting on top of the table and just like getting
on top of all the stuff that I have laid out. So I’m gonna feed Miss Candy cause I think
she’s hungry too. I’m gonna have some cereal. I like to have two types of cereal on hand
at all times. This is just personal preference. (Here move Candy) I like to have Gronola-y
nutty cereal and I like to have something a little sweet. This one is called love grown chocolate power
Os. And these are actually made with beans. It’s different types of beans but they end
up actually still end up being cholate-y and doesn’t taste bean-y at all. I like this one and I like this one from Post
which is the banana nut crunch flavor. I’m gonna have one of these. So I just made a bunch of these strawberries
and blueberries bowls. The small one is great for bringing them with
you to the hospital. This big one I’m gonna keep at home and eat
from it at home. So yeah, WholeFoods or any kind of groceries
stores they already make this pre-made strawberries and blueberries packages but they tend to
be a lot more expensive so I just like to buy them separately and just make them myself. They’re super easy and fast and it’s a great
way to get some fruit in your diet when you’re out and about. So these are my little fruit bowls. So next I’m gonna make some curried cauliflowers
so I’m just gonna wash it, cut them into little pieces and mix them with curry powder and
olive oil and I’m gonna air fry them for a little bit and they turn out to be really
delicious. SO these are the ingredients that I’m gonna
be adding: extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, madras curry powder and some black pepper. So I have the mixed cauliflower here and I’m
just gonna dump it into my air-fryer. Give it a good shake. I’m just gonna fudge the time and the temperature
cause I don’t really know but I’m gonna put it fifteen minutes at the highest setting
and I’ll check back in 7 minutes or so and see how it’s doing. Alright that looks really really good. It smells really good too! Look at that! So I have my cauliflower here and I have a
little project to work on. So now that I’m in rotations like away rotations,
I don’t necessary have homework but I have projects that I have to do and some readings
to stay on top of so that’s what I’m gonna do now for the next couple hours. So I’ve decided to go on a fun little outing
today. Bumper to bumper. I can’t really see what happened though. That guy is wearing scrubs and I think he
has to go to the hospital and now he’s just gonna walk. No excuses! Gotta get to work! It’s super bright. I had to get out of the car cause we were
stuck in that traffic for so long that my boyfriend had to go so I’m just going by myself
to lower east side. I’m gonna get something to eat and get a drink
and then head back home. Hey guys I’m back! It is now almost 8 o’clock. I took a little detour and got a pedicure
as well. Hashtag treat yo-self. So I have about 4 hours before I have to leave
for my shift. So I think I might just take a quick nap if
I can and then head out to my shift. Hey guys so it is 11:15pm I’m gonna head out
now. I’m gonna come back tomorrow morning and try
to vlog before I go to sleep and tell you guys some of the things that I see so I will
close the vlog then So I will head out for my shift and I will
see you guys in about 8-9 hours. Good morning everyone! It’s actually not morning at all. It’s actually 2pm right now. I meant to finish my vlog or close my vlog
yesterday– or earlier this morning when I got home but I was just so exhausted that
by the time I thought of it I was already in bed and I was so comfortable so I didn’t
wanna get up and vlog. So I’ll just tell you guys a little bit about
my shift before I close this vlog. So my shift was from midnight to 8am. It’s actually a pretty slow night which was
good. I had a couple different type of patients. I had a patient who came in, she was like
a post surgery patient. She had surgery a couple days ago and she
was having some reaction to morphine that she was taking. She ended up being ok. Had another patient who was pregnant and she,
I think she was like 16 weeks pregnant and she had an synchopal episode so that’s obviously
concerning. So on that patient I did an ultrasound on
my own and I saw the baby and I saw the baby’s heart moving and the patient actually started
to cry when she saw the baby on the ultrasound machine. So it was a very nice, touching moment to
know that the baby was ok. We had a patient who got hit by a car while
he was biking. Fortunately, it wasn’t a major trauma. He just had some abrasion on his arm, his
torso. I also did fast exam on him. That’s the ultrasound exam that you do to
make sure there is no internal bleeding. So I think those are the patients that I was
directly responsible for and there were a few other patients that I just kind of like
watched from the side. Sorry I couldn’t bring you guys in the hospital. You guys understand there is like a patient
privacy HIPAA thing. I can’t really film in the hospital and I
know some of you guys have asked me why I can’t film. That’s why. But hopefully, me telling you guys about it
is interesting enough. Thank you guys so much for watching this vlog. I will see you guys
in the next video! Byeee!


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