A Day in the Life in the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Residency Program

(闹钟) 新的一天 意味着新的机遇 约翰∙霍普金斯急诊医学
住院医师项目 (环境)
从培训到实战 (团队合作)
你好 伊根医生 有患者下腹部疼痛 不知道你能否过来看看 好的 我们走吧 (敲门声) 史密斯先生 (以患者为中心)
你好 布卢太太 (以患者为中心)
你好 我是哈蒙德医生 你感觉怎么样 你好 哈蒙德医生 我感觉肚子有点痛 (警报声) 高度紧张的经历 双侧可听到呼吸音 但比较微弱 好的 重新开始 模拟学习 小组教学 我们许多住院医师在第二年就开始了
他们的 FAST 计划 全球及健康管理并行 他们一起进行
严格的超声波检查 最近有人做过 Derm 吗 你好 近来可好 点燃梦想——
约翰∙霍普金斯医院 急诊医学住院医师项目 (点击查看更多)


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  2. almost 14 and this video makes my heart so warm. i can’t wait to be a surgeon. my mom always tells me when i say my future is dull that it was so broght but anytime i say that the light turns off and it isnt easy to turn it back on

  3. I would love to be a doctor but I’m scared to even try because I don’t have nearly enough for college, I don’t think I’m smart enough, or skilled enough and if I do try and fail, I’ll have ended up wasting so much time and money

  4. I am a medical student now. In 2 years I will be a doctor and I know my journey will be still longer. So if I get marry and have kids, I won't advice thêm being a doctor.

  5. This is my Dream I want to become a surgeon and I a only 14 I got inspired when I was 10 since I got surgery and I felt safe I really want to become a surgeon 👩‍⚕️

  6. Watching this before i become senior and college to be mentally prepared for being a doctor, becuase not only work are in here but life too.

  7. سأكون يوما في المكان الذي لطالما حلمت بـ✧ـه❤️ بأذن الــرب

  8. i dont see these many smiles(of the doctors) everyday..the whole day is filled with lot of tension and loads of work..ultimately the smile on the patient's face gives the real satisfaction

  9. WHERE IS Medical TRAINING FOR THE EMF WARFARE DEFENSE (for citizens)? Hospitals are terrorizing against this issue.

  10. Just because they all wear white coats, doesn’t mean they don’t do dark things. I want all of the patients to hear and remember this, forever. Never fully place your trust in your doc or it could prove to be your fatal flaw.

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