A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapy Major

So the goal of today is to show you a “Day in the Life” of the Quinnipiac Student. (music) Good morning everyone. My name is Ryan. I am a senior, in the physical therapy program here, and
I am from Dedham, Massachusetts. So I’m in my fourth year of the PT program here. The PT program’s pretty cool because I get direct entry in
when you apply to the school. So the PT program either has a three plus three accelerated program, or
four plus three which is four years of undergraduate and three years grad school. I chose the four plus three route, so
I’m currently finishing up my undergraduate studies preparing for grad school. So in addition to academics,
there’s also a ton of involvement at Quinnipiac. I know for me, I have a work study job, so I’m a intramural ref.
I also play on a variety of intramural teams. I am a radio show host. So me and my roommate who I’m sure you’ll meet later, and his cousin,
we do our sports talk radio show every week. And then I am also the president of the Student Government Association which I’m sure you gonna see a lot of meetings today and
things like that. My favorite part of the day is putting the coffee on
once you get an egg sandwich going. (music) Get breakfast started before we head off to class,
head off to campus. All righty. So we are in the middle of eating breakfast and
we now have a guest appearance for you all. My roommate Luke is here. >>Morning everybody.
How we doin? >>So Luke and I have been living together for three years now. Luke and I live together in an apartment off campus. So Quinnipiac has a bunch of amazing opportunities to live on campus
but some students also choose to live off campus as well. So breakfast is done about 7:40 now,
Luke and I are heading off to campus so that Luke can get to his meeting, and
I can get to my class, and I’m sure you’re all thinking the same thing. Why is Ryan wearing a suit to class? So we have our student government meetings today. We have a dress code so I will be in a suit for the day for all my classes so that I’m prepared for that meeting. Luke is not in a suit, but will be in one later. >>I’ll get there. >>So I mentioned earlier that I live off campus
which means I have to commute to class but the commute to class is only about five minutes so, it’s an easy drive.
Nothing too crazy. No risk of getting to class late or anything like that. And just like that we’re on campus and
ready to go for the first class of the day. My first class of the day is a Physiology lecture. This is probably one of the bigger classes that Quinnipiac has
just because it’s a class that everyone’s required to take so, that’s a PT major. I’ll be able to show you a little bit about kinda how classes run.
Some of the teaching styles that we have here at Quinnipiac. How our particular professor interacts with the class and
engages us, he uses an online question forum to get class going and involved, so it’s a bunch of different things. (music) So we just got out of our first class of the day. We are now in the process of walking across the Quad. We came to the on campus Starbucks that we have here. It’s a good place just kinda hang around in between classes. (music) And now we are going to our next class, which is Biomechanics. Something that’s interesting about Biomechanics
is it’s actually not on the Mount Carmel Campus. We have it on the North Haven Campus. So Quinnipiac has three different campuses. The Mount Carmel Campus is home to most freshmen
and sophomores live on campus. It also has a large majority the academic buildings.
York Hill is the residence hall for junior, seniors and some sophomores. And it has our People’s United Center. And
then the North Haven Campus is home to a lot of the graduate programs.
So as PT students we’re starting to have a couple of classes over there each semester. (music) And we have successfully made it to the North Haven Campus. If you’re a student who’s sitting here interested
in health sciences or one of the former grad schools this is definitely the campus you want to be at. It’s stunning, it’s state of the art.
I know that for me it was something that really sold me on Quinnipiac University. >>So if you were to graph any of these variables,
your X is always time. Alright, that’s what you’re kind of measuring against. When you do work in energy mechanics, the variable becomes displaced. Alrighty all, so it’s about 11:30 now,
we are walking out of the North Haven Campus to the parking garage. For the rest of the day
you’re really gonna see my role in student government and, yes, some of the meetings that we
have, some of the work that we do for the students. And we are back on Mount Carmel Campus. We are now heading into the Student Government Suite. The suite is where a lot of our work gets done.
So typically you’ll see people hanging out doing work in here. It’s a great place to have meetings, work on different initiatives.
If anyone ever needs to come to us, the suite’s always open for any student. (music) We are in the Campus Life Office now for the next meeting. So we have Matt, so Matt and I are gonna have our one on one and what we kinda do there is talk
about different stuff that’s going on in student government as a whole. (music) Now we are on to our Executive Board Meeting. So here we have Austin, John, Luke, Victoria
and then our advisors Matt and Erin. This meeting is really to go over
everything that’s going on in student government to get the five of us and our advisors on the same page. Right now we’re gonna talk about
all of our updates that our committees worked on. Cause we each have a committee that we oversee throughout the week. so, we’re gonna talk about those meetings, we’re gonna
talk about some initiatives that are coming up and just kind of closing out the year in transitions. So this is a good time for all of us to just make sure
that we’re on the same page before we go into our big meeting today. We now have about a 30 minute break until our
general board. One of my favorite things to do is kind of walk around the Student Center
and just talk to people, say hi to people, see what’s going on. So I’ll show you kind of what our upper
cafe is looking like if we leave our suite. The upper cafe is where a ton of people hang out.
You can see that people are either eating or or doing work or just kind of talking.
So there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on. (music) We’re walking to our General Board Meeting.
This means that the entire general board gets together. (music) I now call to meeting this order for
Quinnipiac University Student Government Association. >>The other is to change the Vice
President to the Vice President for Advocacy Operations. >>It is now 6:00 in the evening,
all of the meetings are done and out of the way. But right now, now it’s just kinda transitioning and
try to relax a little bit, do some schoolwork. So I’ll take you around kind
of what, what the evenings look like here at Quinnipiac. (music) My favorite time of day is when
you get to walk across this quad at Quinnipiac. When it’s completely empty. And just appreciate how gorgeous this campus is. So now we are off to go get some dinner. (music) I’m here with my girlfriend Holly again. She’s here, I just went and
picked her up, her and I are gonna go out for dinner. We both commute to school. One of the
bummers about that is that you don’t have a whole lot of meal plan you get a commuter meal plan,
so you’re on your own for a lot of dinners. I am not the best cook in the world, so Holl
and I are gonna go get some food. (music) We have successfully made it.
So we’re gonna get a good burrito and enjoy dinner together. (music) It’s about 8:30 now, we just got home for the first time on the day. Now it’s time to get changed.
Head back to campus. I’ve got a couple hours of homework
worth to do still, and I have a big intramural volleyball game at 11. (music) I have completed my debate for tomorrow,
which is nice, I’m ready to go on that. now I have one more paper I
gotta write for tonight to get done. I’m currently in an improv class. So, it’s pretty cool
about being a senior, and being almost done with your credits, is you have a lot of freedom to take some cool
classes. So, I’m in the improv class. I am also in a golf class, which is super cool. Now I’m writing a critique
for an improv show so we’ll see how that goes. (music) Big volleyball game at 11 that we’re heading to right now. We got most of the work done that we needed to,
we’re definitely gonna have to go back to the library after the game to finish up those papers. But for
now it’s time to go find the volleyball team and see what we can do to get this win.
So we’re gonna head over to the Athletic Center now. And the game has started.
Big first point here. Boom, and point 1 goes to 0 team. What are, what are our thoughts,
Doyle how think they’re playing right now? >>I think they’re playing excellant. It’s a very
good team effort and they’re all hitting the ball over the net, which is the goal of this game. >>To no one’s surprise we picked up the big game in two straight sets. Don’t wanna say I was the MVP,
but I think it’s fair to say that I was the MVP. So now it is off to the library to
grind for a little longer, try to get that work done. And then we’ll be off to bed hopefully very soon. (music) It is a little before 1:30 on campus
now, 1:30 in the morning. Just finished up getting some work done in the library,
so I am now walking to my car to get ready to go home and
finally get ready for bed after a very long but a very good day. (music) And that is it, we are home. It is a little after 1:30 and that concludes the day.
I hope you all enjoyed my day at Quinnipiac University.

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  1. I took 3 years off from high school I wanna be a pt do I have a chance of getting into the program or should I consider another school

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