A Day In The Life of A Physician Assistant (PA) Student!

Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of
vlogmas! Today I’m gonna be featuring another student
in the healthcare field. I’m gonna be featuring James aka Fresh Prince
of Healthcare. James is a physician assistant student and
we’re gonna be going through his typical day as a PA student. If you guys have any questions about what
it’s like to be a PA student, make sure to check out all his social media information
in the description below. Hope you guys enjoy! What’s going on guys. Hope you guys are all doing well. Today I’m taking you guys with me through
my day as a PA student. Thanks again to Jamie for letting me be on
her channel and being featured on her vlogmas. If you haven’t already subscribed to her,
go ahead and subscribe down below. She is honestly pretty much the boss of being
a medical student and having a YouTube channel so again, if you haven’t already subscribed
to her, subscribe down below. For me today I have EKG class for 3 hours
and then I have clinical skills lab where we’re gonna be learning about IVs and putting
in IVs so hopefully I’ll be able to vlog some of that for you guys. My day typically is 8am-3pm with class from
8am-12pm, lunch break from 12pm-1pm, and then I have class again from 1-3pm. I had an EKG exam yesterday which everything
went well so I’m glad about that. Next week I have two exams as well. I have endocrinology and clinical skills exam. And this session I’m taking 21 units so it’s
been nonstop exams every week, multiple exams per week which is really tough but as long
as you stay on top of your stuff it’s not too bad. And I’ll take you guys throughout my day. Lecturer:”that’s a normal progression” Ready? Alright, let’s take a look at this. First time doing an IV. Thanks Scott. James nailed it. Didn’t feel a thing. How was the IV lab for you today? It was awesome. James let me poke him! and I got it. What’s going on guys. We just finished the IV lab and it was a lot
of fun. kinda crazy how they just throw us in there
to let us do that to our classmates. But most of us were very successful in it
and they did guide us well so that was awesome. I did get stuck a few times. I think three but everyone did a really good
job. …IV lab for you? It was good! stuck once, stuck twice. gotta help your fellow students learn and
it’s good being a guinea pig. Have you done IVs before? Oh yea, I used to be an ER tech. So that’s a really cool thing about getting
close with your classmates. You trust them to stick you with needles and
IVs so that was really cool. Now we’re just gonna be studying for the rest
of the night. Got two exams next week and a quiz. Two more weeks, two and a half more weeks
until the holidays so we’re really excited for that. so I actually have a paper due for my medically
underserved class that’s due tomorrow I’m gonna be working on then I’m gonna grab dinner
with a friend, my classmate and just study for the rest of the night. What is going on guys. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s vlog. It’s currently 11:20pm and I’m about to head
home. So something I want to talk to you guys about
is why I chose PA over other medical professions. but the biggest thing for me was I absolutely
loved the PAs that I shadowed. They were just very inspirational and motivating
and passionate about what they did and that really pushed me to be very passionate about
the PA profession as well. I love the lateral mobility, you don’t have
to be stuck into one specialty for the rest of your life. The education it’s usually 2-3 years of schooling
to get your masters it’s a lot shorter than going to medical school and you have very
similar roles and responsibilities as a doctor. Obviously you have limitations as a PA in
terms of practicing independently in different states and whatnot but for the most part you’ll
have very similar roles as a physician. I love the teamwork and collaboration aspect
of the field. Again I just want to say thank you to Jamie
at the Strive to Fit for letting me be part of her vlogmas for this year. She’s seriously so inspirational and she’s
definitely someone I look up to as I’m also pursuing a field in medicine but also trying
to have a YouTube channel to help you guys out and show you guys what it’s like to be
a PA student and help you guys with your path in becoming PAs or doctors or nurse practitioners
or whatever it may be. Hope you guys enjoyed the vlog. Hope you guys all have an amazing holiday. Don’t forget to be like my blood type, B POSITIVE! Peace


  1. Loving vlogmas so far!!! Well done!! Physicians assistants are new to the uk healthcare system!! It’s quite crazy to see how medicine is growing and how parts of a doctors job are evolving and being taken on by other members of staff!!

  2. Hi jaime, i’m currently in 3rd year pre med and i’ve been watching your videos since i was first year. I want to start doing my own vids since pre med and med in the Philippines is a little different with that in america and and so i was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to start 🙂

  3. For those unfamiliar with the midlevel profession of a PA vs. nurse/NP is that PAs as said, are trained under the doctor's model vs nursing model. And when working under a doctor specifally you as a PA you can assist in surgeries, have your own patients (more like the acute procedures) etc. You're able to switch specialties without more training other than nurses and nurse practioners were they have to decide what their specialty will be. NPs can also open up their own practice (different in each state), yet to my knowledge PAs cannot do that yet. Both professions are on the rise; it's based on your preference.

  4. All these videos have been so helpful as I start my new journey in pursing medicine. I'm thankful for YouTubers like you and James for sharing your lives and advice with us 🙂

  5. Im from canada and have never heard of a PA before and seems by the other comments a lot of other people haven’t either. Must only be in the states??

  6. I always shed a tear everytime I thought of becoming a doctor and entering medicine. Because for me, I am not that smart in everything I do. It’s a lot of hardwork if I pursue medicine, because of my social status also. It is just sad for my part. But I’m happy that you’re sharing these kind of videos. Helping me to stand on my ground and just don’t mind everything that’s bringing me down. I hope that I would become a doctor someday and a great med stud/resident as you are. Thank youuu ❤️ I would definetly, pursue medicine because it is what my heart desires. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. If you're interested in doing a day in the life of a Pharmacy Student, let me know! I love this mini series within your channel! I love it to see the type of people I'll be working with once I ultimately (hopefully) make it to residency!

  8. What’s the difference between a PA and a doctor? I mean it seems like they learn the same content. Can PAs subspecialize? Is the only difference that they can’t practice independent of a physician? Thanks in advance!

  9. I love that you included a video about PA's! I have been watching your videos for a while because I am so inspired by your work as a medical student. I am in my first year of grad school to become a PA, so its always exciting and reassuring to see why other people chose this path instead of becoming a physician.

  10. Can you make on of those but for a student that' studying to become a physiotherapist? I'm currently studying to get into med universiry, on the balneo-physio-kinetotherapy and recovery field. And there are not so many videos about kinetotherapy at all. I can't be the only one that's dreaming to become a med in this field.

  11. I really enjoyed this video, but as someone who is REALLY afraid of and disgusted by needles, I realized again that this is definitely not a job for me 😂

  12. IAM SO HAPPY FOR THIS! this application term has been a struggle but seeing this has me all excited again! im so excited!

  13. Thank you so much for your videos. I’m running for PA too, I’m completely passionate for this profession ❤️ and I find your videos very helpful. Thanks

  14. Awesome! My son is STRONGLY considering the PA path. He starts his undergraduate work next fall. He's a smart, passionate young person who loves to work with kids. So, he's thinking of becoming a Pediatric PA. If that's the path he chooses, I KNOW he will be successful. Thanks again for sharing your Vlogmas with other students. This is so helpful!

  15. I want to be either a PA or MD but…needles….I’m very squeamish with needles and that kind of discourages me, like, will that stop me 😖

  16. "I'm gonna grab dinner….. With a friend….. With a classmate." *whew caught myself lml. Nice video, I like how they were just sticking each other lml

  17. I can put catheters into dogs and cats all day….but as soon as I saw you poke into your lab partners vein I literally screamed and became slightly ill lol. I think ill stick to vet med 🐶🐵🐺🐷
    Great job on your catheter placement!

  18. That vein was sooo good to stick.
    Unfortunately in "real hospital life" it's pretty rare to have a patient with a vein like this.

  19. Loving this thanks, I'm working my on my Pre-physician assistant, graduating next year, then PA school, I'm not so nervous anymore

  20. I'm a PA student in the UK and because it is so new here it's so interesting to see how you guys do it in the states!

  21. OMG i would faint if someone ijects me with anythig i wouldnt be able to insert iv in anyones hand this is crazy and i want to be a doctor idk how will i be a doctor with all this needles and poking

  22. Watched tons of vids on EKG's and they still elude me. Also, WHYY doest one needest be stuck wif NEEDLE in CLazz!!! faint…. shiver

  23. One tip: when you get flashback after inserting an IV catheter, take off the tourniquet.
    Other than that, good job!

  24. I've been a Rad Tech for one year now and plan to continue the job, basically to become more familiar with the workings of how hospitals operate. My previous career was in fine dining and I'm so much happier with this career move. Do you feel that I'm choosing the right decision before applying to PA school?

  25. Do you need to take the mcats to go to pa school ? I’m always unsure about this. People tell me different things.

  26. I didn't see in your description what song was played at the end of your vlog. Super awesome piano! what was it?!

  27. I really want to major in medicines and become a PA-C but I feel like I am not intelligent enough to become a PA and gives me anxiety. That’s the only thing that’s holding me back from taking any med major

  28. I’m going to be finish a bachelors in zoology in about a year and half. I don’t have any medical experience, but I was thinking that in the meantime I will volunteer to be a ems and maybe take some classes for prerequisites to be possibly apply to be a physicians assistant one day as a backup if the wildlife jobs are too temporary/ not working out

  29. Do you ever get queasy? I literally almost threw up watching you stick your friend! I really want to be a PA but when I watch stuff like this and get sick I don’t think I can! I had an MRI last year and they unexpectedly decided to take blood. He took so long I passed out! Lol

  30. PLEASE REPLY!! DO WE HAVE TO GET POKED IN THE PA SCHOOL? If yes, then which all places( just the lower arm?) Please reply. I am scared of needles 🙁

  31. Pls tell that what are the advantages of PA… And i am in kerala i have to study here then which is the best collage in here to study PA

  32. I'm a senior and I want to either be a dermatologist assistant or a physician assistant, are these jobs good and easy to get into?

  33. Dr and physician assistant is same or not.i will ask this question bcz I have read to diploma in physician assistant.

  34. Hey it's James! He's AWESOME! B POSITIVE (like his blood type)!😉 Thanks for interviewing a PA! It's a great profession!😀

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