A Day of Eating on Intermittent Fasting

Hello guys, today I’d like to show you what I eat in a day on intermittent fasting. I started IF about 3 weeks ago just to experiment and see how it’s gonna work out for me and as for now I like it a lot. I start eating at about 12 p.m. and usually I’m already after a workout. At this point I’m pretty hungry, so I like to start with a sweet, juicy fruits that are now in season, such as nectarines, watermelons or a honeydew melon which I had that day. That’s the quickest way to replenish the glucose in your muscles. Right after I finish the fruit, I prepare a protein shake. I’m using three nice and ripe bananas with 60 grams of pea and hemp protein in 2:1 proportions. This shake satisfies my hunger for a while, but not for long. After about one and a half hours I’m having my first solid, big meal. I used to have oatmeal, but recently swapped it for millet. It goes well with raisins or other dried fruit, but it digests better in my case. I had it with prunes, cacao powder and ground flexseed. Recently I have bought a pressure cooker and it is such a great appliance. Everything cooks 3 times faster and has better texture, then cooked regularly. So I just cook the millet for 5 or 6 minutes, then let it cool off and mix it with other ingredients. Quick and simple, just as everything I eat. I like to use the time while eating for reading or watching something on the internet. Multitasking for the win. Next meal is about 2 hours later. It’s my usual snack – apples with peanut butter. If you’ve watched any of my last few food videos then you probably know this combination by now. It’s just so simple and tasty. The last meal of the day is my biggest one, as I’m not gonna eat anything for the next 18 hours or so. There’s quite a few ingredients to this dinner, but as simple as always. I just cook sweet potatoes in pressure cooker and quinoa in a regular pot to be able to put a metal strainer with kale on top of it. I put green olives, black sesame seed and walnuts on top of it and done. Nutritious and simple, that’s the main goal of my diet. I love good tasting food, but it’s not my priority. Besides, it’s not like what I eat doesn’t taste good. Obviously I like the pizza or cookies more, but you gotta do what you gotta do to stay in shape. I have just finished my last meal of the day and it’s about 6:20 pm so that’s exactly six hours since I had breakfast. I have a hard time eating enough in 6 hours and I think I’d like to go even further to 5 or 4 hours. If there’s anyone experienced in intermittent fasting, then please tell me how do you get all this food into you. I’ve noticed that I don’t have a problem with not eating, but I do have a problem with eating enough in such a small window. I try to eat as much as possible, but I already lost a few kilos of weight. Anyway, thanks for watching and see you in the next video.


  1. Can you please make a whole body stretching routine video? I'm stiff as a block and due to that I have a lot of trouble doing leg raises and dips. I'm awaiting you reply. Thanks 🙂 .

  2. I break the fast with a highly nutritious smoothy : almond/coconut milk, blueberries, walnuts, almond butter, strawberries, collagen powder, flax seeds and spinach. Try it! You might get more calories in your eating hours.
    Really like your video.

  3. This is not the way of right intermittent fasting,, you been eating lots of hiding sugar and you need more healthy fat ,,chk out the link most leading intermittent fasting method of Dr Eric bergs https://youtu.be/SYVvqY-evqQ

  4. Eat lots of calorically dense foods. Dates, dried fruits for carbs + whole foods rich in fat, if you're okay with that. You can make a smoothie bowl with that protein shake that you make, add more fruit/tofu/beans into it, and top it off with nuts, seeds, oats, buckwheat.. Whatever you want. And you can add some greens into that shake to make it even more nutritionally dense..
    Also, check out Shojin. She's a Polsih raw vegan who eats lotsa dates. And she's a blog post reviewing online date sellers as well as some located in Warsaw.
    Grow big, man. Plants FTW.

  5. U like your presentation of laying out the food. I think that across-the-board most of the intermittent fasters are eating fat Rich animal products which I found in my own experience r a lot more sustaining then plant foods for intermittent fasting. Also more calorie-dense of course so easier to get needed calories in. I'm in no way promoting animal products by the way

  6. Looks really healthy, and simple meals like that are better anyway, they taste pretty good, and digest easier than more complex ones.

  7. First i'd like to ask you one question, are you from Poland and where do you live now ?
    Regarding to IF, to my mind it is a best way to get rid of useless fat. I've lost 10kg in 3-4 months concomitantly saving my muscle. My first meal was an apple or other fruit (1 pm). Then i had some salad and after that a protein meal. At 4-5pm i used to eat some carbohydrates and snacks. My last meal was at 7pm and it was based on fats (walnuts, peanut butter, almonds). During the day i drank 3-4L of water. Personally i felt hungry but not tired. If you see any mistakes(spelling,grammar), correct me. 😉

  8. Seems like you have calcium and vitamin b12 deficiency in your diet, do you do anything about that? supplementing maybe?

  9. So many meals… you sound like a vegan.I eat at 11-12 am- eggs with avocado and tomatos or cucumbers and might have some tea, and on vegan days lol, I ll have a big frozen banana shake with lots of other ingredients such as nuts and various seeds, i m sure you take them all too! Or simply oatmeal with berries and soya milk. that s my first meal. My only other meal is around 4-6 pm, I am not too strict to eat at a precise time of day, but I pay attention it is always between 11 and 6, mostly the second meal being around 4-5 pm. And that s when I have my real lunch which consists of either some curry and rice or beans or other source of protein and vegetables, I also like salsa on sandwiches and veggie burgers and a lot of salad or indial dahl(lentil dish) yummie, I like indian cuisine as just eating veggies is really not tasty without nice indian spices, or I eat green vegetables with salmon or tuna. Later on if I feel like eating something, which is RARE, I drink herbal tea. And that s it. If I dont have a proper lunch, I feel hungry in the evening. By proper lunch I mean that you really eat something that makes you full, obviously for meat eaters it is going to be some meat or fish, and for vegans…beans or my personal vegan food of choice BARLEY-gladiators food lol. 🙂 Anyways I lost 5kg in less than 2 months. I drink occasional beer which I find to be almost food like, and I am a girl and I dont really like beer lol, 1 beer lasts 3 days with me. 🙂 And I like drinking cocoa. I also like carob in my shake, it s so sweet and it s not sugar :). I also do not eat any added sugars.

  10. It's much easier to hit your calories through keto.

    My shakes equal about 900 calories of nutrient dense superfoods for a LCHF (low carb high fat diet).

    A typical shake includes:

    1 scoop Raw Meal Chocolate 120 cal. 15 fat. 1 net carb. 20 protein.

    1 scoop Bone Broth Protein (Banana Cream) 98 cal. 7 fat. 1 net carb. 20 protein

    2 TBSP Chia Seeds. 150 cal. 80 fat. 3 net carbs. 5 protein

    Coconut Milk 1 cup 360 cal. 330 fat cal. 6 net carb. 3 protein

    3 raw free range organic eggs. 210 cal 15 fat. 0 carb. 18 protein

    All in all it comes out to 938 cal. 360 fat. 11 carb. 66 protein

    I fast for 20-22 hours a day and this is how I break my fast, followed by 7-10 cups salad, then an actual meal which always consists some protein 4-6 oz steak, wild caught fish, chicken, turkey, with nutrient dense veggies cruciferous, asparagus, type deal and may finish off (snack) with a serving of mixed nuts, walnuts, macadamia, etc. and 2, 90% Lindt Chocolate Squares or a small bowl of berries.

  11. You are very well with this diet ! I would like to eat less animal protein And just to change a little my personal diet, I was wandering, how much proteins do you assume in a day ? And how much is important for you the meal pre and after workout? Thanks Bro You are a source of inspiration for me! 💪🏻

  12. I eat paleo and I'm looking to go vegetarian without sacrificing my paleo values of raw organic food. Any advice? And what kind(s) of protein do you eat?

  13. Great video! I've been doing intermittent fasting with a 20/4 Window for over half a year now. I would suggest you limit the amount of fruit you eat or at least try to eat a big meal (with lentils/chickpeas/….)when you break your fast. I tend to feel full and eat less if I start with fruit but maybe thats just me 🙂 Keep it up, you are awesome!

  14. Man all these fruits would mess w/ my GI tract:( thoughts on IF and workout timing? I tend to workout at 5am and was wondering if i should still fast even if it meant no food pre/post workout.

  15. I'd love to get into plant based only diet, but yeah can't really do that at the moment unfortunately.
    In any case I'm following a Vegetarian one for years now and I'm curious what you guys think about, as said, Vegetarian diets.
    Thank you for the attention!

  16. do more of these kind of ddaily food routine. They way you edit the video is very unique and nice to watch.

  17. key of intermittent fasting is to keep insulin level low. all fruits you eat are full of carbs and sugars man.. you are doing it wrong

  18. You've such a nice accent, where is it from ? Nice video btw, though I was surprised by the amount of calories in the end of the day, as I excpected much less. Going IF and it's just amazing so far. Keep on !!

  19. Cool video man. I often recommend your videos to those starting out in calisthenics. I didn't realize you were whole food plant based. Even better!

  20. Same here, I've been on a 20:4 intermittent fasting regimen for a few months and I lost a bunch of weight. I'm now slowly opening up my window to 18:6 or even 16:8 on some days (also on a vegan diet, mostly raw). Great video man! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. I.F. + veganism + calisthenics for the win. This is the approach I am using too. Keep up the good work brother.

  22. First aff all its a wonderful video i learned superb things thx for that :)In my religion(İslam by the way) there is a think called "Oruç" a religious fasting period in a special month approximately for 30 days , once a year.We do not eat anything for 10-12 hours a day.I actually quite interested in İntermittan fasting for that reason.I m not gonna dictate or advocate İslam but it sure is suprise me.(Just a thought please be kind to this comment, im not fanatic or something just a normal guy :)) and please correct me if i made a mistake,im a newbie English learner 🙂

  23. Hi, i'm also useing intermittant fasting diet.Im Just eating less times, but bugger meals. My first and main meal is after working out. In that meal i dont mind to have bigger calories intake, until it fits my macros. My second meal is after 4-5h then it's some snack. If i have 1st vith more calories, then snack is something very simpe and lower calories, ir 1st meal was less calories, then i take more. In this moment i have aruond 70proc of my calories. And after 3-4h i have my last meal it's around 7-8pm. |then i take someting more filling but with lass calories, for example salads. Couse salads have very little calories and you can take a lot of them to feal filled. Very important what i found is to eat when my stomack needs. I fast around 16-17h. If i feel hungry in that period, i just drink more water, green/black tea, coffie. Also i rekomend you to check kinobody he is also useing intermittant fasting already around 4 years

  24. I got a tip for you, if you want to eat in a shorter window of time as intermittent faster. do just one long meal, that stretches out for 2 hours, lay food on the table and eat while reading, but very slowly, as long as you have all the food and water that you need for the day on that table, just do not leave the table. I also do it on the 7pm to 9pm window and when i'm done, i'm obviously bloated, so i lay down watching tv or youtube untill i fall asleep at 11pm or so.

  25. I had the same problem as you but I pushed my workout in between meals so that way I ate from 12:00–18:00 and I worked out for 1hour,1hour and a half and I never experienced that problem again! Try and tell me if this works for you aswell. Best of luck and keep up the content!

  26. Would you recommend this meal plan for a week? Wondering if I'd get burned out eating the same thing everyday for a week, but it seems super effective, nutritious , and easy/quick meals (the best kind in my opinion!)

  27. I actually prefer the 16/8 style with 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. It makes your eating schedule easier to plan. Anything below 8 hours starts to become difficult, time wise and hunger wise.

  28. love your videos. To eat large meals in small windows I try to consciously open up my stomach by feeling it expand, and getting it in my head that I am about to force myself to eat a lot. But your right–this is hard to do.

  29. Hey Pal! Awesome video (as usual)! Glad you're trying out intermittent fasting and I'm positive you won't regret it. I've been doing it for over 4 years now (+ calisthenics since 2yrs) with on and off phases during the year (maybe 2 months of not doing it). The benefits I've noticed are incredible, concerning longevity, recovery after workout, overall wellbeing, attitude towards food (taste, smell etc) and many more. If you have a questions concerning intermettient fasting or other nutrition topics, let me know! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  30. Well thought and seems delicious, ty.
    By the way, recently I was surprised how nutritious and rich in protein grape leaves are. I have planted it and have plenty of leaves to eat know. Several courses are based on the product. So, I recommend

  31. Just been recently introduced to your channel and I think it's great, looking to hopefully have a channel as professional as yours I posted my first workout

    I also like to intermittent fast but one thing I find helps me get all the calories I need in, is to position my meals differently, your food looks great and is a lot healthier than mine so I don't think you need to change much just a tiny increase in portion size, but a way of getting round this is to try and save the liquid shakes for the end of the day and take in protein and the additional calories through meals.

    I personally find it a lot easier to absorb a whole food shake blended as apposed to an entire solid meal so I always make sure I have a big whole food shake packed with nuts and other calorie dense products right before I finish my fast! This allows me to make my meals bigger throughout the day with out feeling so full.

    Hope this could help as you seem to be helping me. @TrainingPal

  32. Excellent video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you considered – Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning how to quickly lose weight minus the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my old buddy Taylor at very last got excellent success with it.

  33. Hey man, i really like your video's,
    I might have the golden tip for your intermittent fasting, make shakes and throw in whatever you have.. especially the high calorie stuff. I make these things now, and if you do it right you will have about 3000 calories pumped in 2.5liters, just drink it at the end of your eating window and you will definitely not lose any more weight.

  34. Your meals look so easy and so good.  Do you have a cookbook available?  I would love to have access to 30-40 meals that you prepare.

  35. For me i am cutting right now whilst intermittent fasting and my typical breakfast will usually be right after my workout

    a protein shake
    27g packet of oats with 170 ml of unsweetened almond milk mixed with a small amount of honey or agave nectar and some gluten free o's also cinnamon added in
    ontop of that i will have
    6tbsp of eggwhites and a whole egg with protein cheese (37% protein, 3% fat)
    and 4 rashers of turkey bacon

    then for dinner i'd usually have insanley low carb noodles (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoATZcKtDnc) this one
    two packets of this

    with 100g of ragu pizza sauce and 5%fat lean beef mince
    and a 200g bag of microwave veggies if i feel like it

    this diet is around 1,500 calories (JUST FOR MY DIET) you can eat more or less but measure it for your body

    also contact my instagram or snapchat mark_g00drum

    so i can message a recipe for these protein waffles with really low carb and a decent amount of protein (99 CALORIES PER WAFFLE)

  36. so you literally eating sweeet food from the morning to the evening and then last food is something salty (I believe olives are salty) Do you also put salt into your food? How can you manage eat so much sweet food without having cravings for salty food? I would not be able to handle this…

  37. Awesome stuff! Have you checked out Simnett Nutrition? If not, you really must! Also, I like that you picked my birthday to show a day of eating. 😊

  38. Well, I wish I had learnt about it before. So beneficial…

    4:10 this is what I do:
    I believe you "skipped" only 2 meals, right? (breakfast and a snack). Just merge them with 2 other meals…

    For example, lets say I have 4 meals (1: 12:00, 2: 15:00, 3: 18:00, 4: 21:00), the breakfast and the snack that I "skipped", I eat it together with meal 4 (can think of it as an appetizer, a dinner and a desert)…

    It will increase the amount of food you eat at once, but thats the logic of this diet.

    I avoid eating too much at lunch because it gets me sleepy… to eat more at night time seems to be the best choice, as you want to go to sleep with high glucose rates (this helps GH production and to sleep well). Have to take care not to go to bed with too much food on your stomach tough.

  39. I also started intermittent fasting about 3 weeks ago haha. (16-8). I was a slow eater before, and now I am really having a hard time putting all that food into myself especially because I am on "dirty bulk". I lost a kilo, but mostly fat 🙂

  40. Omg yes!! Eating enough is tough I do a 20:4 IF and it is pretty hard to get all the calories in… and if I eat all the calories I need to eat…omg I feel stuffed… so I was doing 3 meals … I can't…I think I can do 1 meal but I'm gonna do 2 until I feel super prepared…

  41. Eating more fats( healthy fats, naturally) will help you eat your required calories with less food since fats are more calorie dense.

  42. Why do you aim to go to 4 hours feeding window? I believe studies show that an 8 hour feeding window and 16 hour fasting window is most optimal for men, of course 6 hour is fine too but are there any extra benefits of a longer fast and a 4 hour feeding window? I don't think having 3k of calories consumed in the space of 4 hours is optimal as your body can only absorb so much at a time. It will absorb what it needs from the meal and the rest that is not needed will simply get "recycled" should I say. Also I think that eating 3k of calories in 4 hours may have you feeling bloated and sluggish for the rest of the day. If you would like extra benefits from fasting such a cleanse I would recommend doing a water fast only for 5-7 days. If you want more information you can check out @coupe_dc on instagram, he has a lot of knowledge on fasting and he is shredded and strong af!

  43. Hi! What I do to manage the amount of food while I do intermittent fasting is to eat high-fat and high protein foods.
    Hope it is useful!

  44. Multi tasking is good but for optimal nutrient absorption and more satisfying experience its better to be mindful when eating and doing one thing at a time. e.g chewing thoroughly and closing eyes when eating you enjoy more and feel more nourished. Checkout Dr. Nun Amen Ra, eats 1500 calories one meal a day and excellent physique and holds deadlift world record (drug-free). We don't need that much calories if our food is whole and nutrient dense paired with cyclic fasting.

  45. ur diet is unhealthy
    1.u shouldnt mix fruits or dry fruits with grains or fruits with vegetables since they need completely different enzymes to digest.and will cause gas and bloating
    2. u feel hungry constantly because when ur body need the most food which is at lunch time u feed it fruits which is actually a morning food or drink.
    3.when u r distracted while eating like ur with ur tablet or phone ur body doesnt release acid properly in ur stomach or enzymes from pancreas.

    ur last meal is the perfect

  46. 3:22 Nutritious and simple that's the main goal of my diet. I love good tasting food but is not my priority…….wow…

  47. Hey Dave it depends if you eat more fats it is more filling and you do not get into the blood sugar roller coaster (hunger). Also less calories will make you live longer. I do intermittent fasting too, drink a lot and eat less carbs thats my tip, more fatty food. Cheers

  48. I got super ripped about 6 years ago eating mostly fruits and veggies. I was ocean swimming for 3 miles, my typical run was 15 miles, I liked cycling up and down mountains, for weight training I’d only use my body weight exp… pushups, dips, pull-ups, squats, etc. I would climb up gym ropes to the ceiling and when at the top would do as many pull-ups as I could. It worked for me.

    But I was recently hospitalized and have been bed ridden a lot.
    I got depressed and started overeating while being sedentary. I gained so much fat, lost so much muscle and energy. I noticed how even my interactions when meeting new people changed. Sometimes I chalked it up to it being my fault for being more shy, but I started noticing more and more, that in general, people’s demeanor shot up and became more perky when meeting me in the past, but now not so much any more.

    Well, I’m doing the Keto IF now and the lbs are shedding away. I haven’t started looking ripped yet but I’m working out again so I’m hoping to see more and more progress.

    It’s funny how Keto is so anti-glycogen but depending on your diet and exercise, different diets and different exercises give different people different results. So don’t look at this youtuber eating all that fruit and think he’s nuts. I did it and felt and looked great:)

  49. Great Video, as always!
    I have recently started Intermittent fasting and Callisthenics. Your videos have helped me stay on track and train smart 🙂

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