A doctor’s colicky child lead him from pharmaceutical drugs to natural medicine.

I would like to welcome dr. Hammond Smith today he is a functional medical doctor with a vast experience on how to integrate various different complementary medicines and modalities into an allopathic practice welcome thank you very much I would like to just ask about you and how you ended up in the position were you practicing integrative and functional medicine with all different equipment and tools that you use in your arsenal I started off as a medical doctor and I think like most people in natural medicine we must have had a personal experience somewhere along the line so mine was my daughter she was born with severe colic screaming from literally five o’clock in the morning till 11 12 o’clock at night and embossing out and she had reason to scream because for a tummy to work we had to literally manually help her tummy okay we took her from all my specialist friends one after another after another and nobody could out there and every time my wife came home I said so what did I say and she said no they said your diagnosis is right she’s got severe colic and then I said to circle what did they give and she always said no they wanted to give me a prescription but we’ve already have got anything everything in the cupboard and I was desperate because I knew the screaming wasn’t going to stop and then one day she said to me why don’t we go to dr. lui now she was referring to doctors report Peter who was somebody I knew as a small boy and I found him up and I said dr. pujita which I’d like to look at my girl he said it’s fine so we drove the day to hapten and we were sitting in his office chatting we haven’t seen each other for 13 years and I just heard my wife walking outside and out and with all the roofs lifting with this child not screaming but I tell you it was ear piercing and after we say that our lives he just knocked on the window and showed my wife coming while came in and he took his little light and he look into a one eye and he looked into her other eye took him about you know of seconds and he said this child has got reflux pancreatitis now at that point I was a medical doctor for 13 years so I kind of looked at him in total disbelief and it just burst out laughing and he said to me go get the planning minutes and then give it to this child now we were so desperate because this has been going on for eight months screaming screaming screaming for eight months and we were so desperate when he said get the bloody medicine we got into the car went to Rosebank Weleda pharmacy and for the first time in my life as a medical doctor I bought homeopathic medicine hmm I was desperate we started giving this child a mere Pathak medicines three days later tummy started working two weeks later for the first time in her life at eight and a half months I saw my baby girl smile and when I saw them I said if he can do it in two and a half seconds I want to do that and that’s where everything started so then I he became my mentor when I said to him so where do we start and he said well at least you first no need to know what’s wrong with your patient so thick German books on hydrology and he said can we start studying the eye so at least you can see what’s going on with your patient so fortunate died a little bit of German school so I heard there was a course here in Cape Town on iridology flew down to Cape Town dr. flurry Kirschbaum did a course and then I had an idea what was going on with my patients I went back to dr. Lu and I said I did this course and he said fantastic now you need medicines to help your patients so he introduced me to my toxicology course from heal and German I started learning about these medicines on you nothing about and we started seeing progress the homie toxicology sees homeopathy but it also sees conventional medicine meets in the middle it’s a bridging course to teach medical doctors like myself to start using natural medicines and he became my mentor I can tell you I think I must have driven him mad because every promise will new patient in my practice I said to the patient new or returning patient I said to him okay we’ve tried the other stuff are you happy with the results and if they said maybe not and at the same time I said would you like to try something else that is that this is just so valuable because I think at the time when I started reporting and writing and researching on natural medicine the most difficult thing doctors faced is how did they make the switch from an allopathic practice and using natural products and becoming a homeopathy because they would lose their patients yes it was tough you know I can tell you I started off as a medical doctor with hundred-percent conventional medicines and then I started with this other thing in my practice so the patient’s got to choose so initially I had a conventional practice then I had a choose practice so the patient had the choice natural medicine conventional medicine and things started progressing to the point that eventually we got to the point that if a patient came to me and he said I want conventional medicine then I said you know what I’m not comfortable using those medicines anymore would you like me to refer you to one of my colleagues so it was a gradual process and I think that process took about a year you know off of my practice they’re not totally switch to natural measures you ever prescribe conventional medicines of course I do okay in my practice I do use I if I had to guess about two three courses of antibiotics yeah oh my word but we always thought with an adult natural medicines we’ve got so many other things that can help support the patient to heal surely you would for example look at a zone when you’re getting a superbug and not another course of antibiotics on trying to use ozone we support the gut flora we’ve got rivalries intense treatments that we use in the practice so what we do is we support the body in a natural way but if we find the patient’s immune system is just so weak with all the additional help and support we give them they can’t cope then of course we put the patient on an antibiotic and be healthy so we know that that causes trouble but then afterwards we go back and we try and restore the gut flora as much as we can possibly use

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