A Farewell Message from Dr. Hillemeier

You know, my wife and I arrived here in
Hershey in 2001. But even before our arrival, we knew that we were coming to a very
special place. We had heard about four diamonds and THON and knew about the
very special attention that the people in this area gave the children with
cancer. I’ve been very grateful to spend much of my career at the Penn State
College of Medicine and what we now know is Penn State Health. And I’ve had
the privilege to work with so many talented and dedicated people in this
organization. You know, recently someone asked me what is it that inspires me
about the Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State health? And I really
didn’t have to think very long before I answered. It’s the people collectively.
It’s the employees of this organization that make it so successful and so
special. Whether it be those involved in patient
care, education, research or across all three, they’re really those employees are
what make it happen. You know I don’t like the word retirement. When you look
up the dictionary it means to withdraw and I have no intention of withdrawing. I
plan to spend more time family, travel and perhaps, go to some baseball games. As
I reflect on my career, I really feel that myself and my colleagues have
done a good job of focusing on what’s the right thing to do and making sure
that gets done. But as I’ve gotten older, I think I’ve learned more to
understand the wisdom behind a quote that’s often attributed to Maya Angelou,
in which she said, people will often forget what you say to them and will
often forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel. You know, Marianne and myself are very
appreciative of the way that the College of Medicine and Penn State Health have
accepted us over the last 18 years and personally, I’m very very grateful for
the support that I received over the last five years. It’s really been a
privilege and an honor to work with you, serve with you, learn from you. I wish you

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