A few milia, some with numbing and some without. For medical education- NSFE.

your silent pinch great pressure okay now I got to put a little pressure on you because this is a this has been with you for a while oh yes it is I'm not going to come out without a little fight oh I've tried scratching it it kicks it out I call them my little friends and how weird or what there we go it's a little bit Oh yours are quite I'm sorry I should go I got it doesn't your skin I'm gonna put a little numbing so that she won't feel me on this one because the other ones I could tell really kind of hurt her you couldn't really tell but while I was pushing her I was leaning against her shoulder and she was pushing me away with her shoulder I was trying to get resistance how was that one I was gone is that better oh that's much better within the same thing here I don't picture did them up here so the ones on this side we're doing the what am I gonna pick on my Oh what are we gonna do god that was easy Hana wasn't too bad and with the numbing it just yeah


  1. I HATE milia, they are so hard to get rid of.  Literally, all I have is milia and blackheads I hate them 🙁

  2. Dr. Lee,
    Is there anyway that you can get your editor to move your graphics to the edge of the screen and use a consistent and smaller font so we can enjoy the videos more. I am a huge a fan and you do amazing work. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Dr. Lee, I have a question but I am sure you possibly have answered it for someone else in one of your previous videos, however it's tough to read through all the comments. Anyway, why do you shake when you do the numbing? I'm sorry if someone has asked this and I didn't see you answer, I'm just so curious 🙂 Thank you! 

  4. Dr. Lee, someone with the name "Naxsana Foriqol' has uploaded your videos on their channel. Your name is on them. I am not sure if you already knew about this one, but I thought I would mention it. Hope you can catch the pimple popping pirate and remove the videos!! A loyal fan. 

  5. Dr. Lee, I see you doing these procedures on our elderly more than say someone in there 30's or 40's. Is this around the time/age (elderly) when you start seeing Milia?  I'm in my mid 40's and already see spots of milia on my face, cheeks and forehead. Thank you for all the great videos. :o) Have a wonderful day- 

  6. I want to thank you, again, because it really does mean a LOT to have these out to your patients.  I know my dermatologist is "oh those won't hurt you!"  I have one, that is itchy and bothersome, and he is "that's just a milia" (it's right on the worst spot on my nose, I hate it), it would mean the world if he would take a few moments to just take even that ONE off.  Instead I feel "oh you are older, why do you care about how you look" vibe.  He does a great job with the skin cancer checks, and he is a good doctor, I appreciate him so much… but even just this ONE milia, and I would feel so much better about how I look.  YOU GET IT!  Thank you!

  7. Dr. Lee,
    Your videos make my day. Your kindness and gentleness are lovely to see. What a blessing you are to those lucky enough to be treated by you.

  8. I still can't believe this is the same person who started out with a face literally COVERED in milia. Her skin looks SO BEAUTIFUL now. And that is ALL thanks to you Dr. Lee. You are just the best!!!

  9. Dr. Lee, my mom was diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma Lung Cancer 4 weeks ago.  After completing her first round of Chemo she started losing her hair.  Last night she asked me to shave her beautiful head and I did.  My question is, can you have Milia on your scalp?  I found 2 places that look exactly like it.  Thanks for all your videos and education!

  10. Bless her heart, she's adorable. I think all her wrinkles are cute. They represent wisdom. Funny she said, she has nothing to pick at now, Lol.
    If she realised how many silver hairs we're on her lip, she'd pluck those for two days! Haha…I wonder if Dr. Lee ever mentions those?
    Good video Doctor, love your patients and work. 😊

  11. Dr. Lee, is this the same woman you have 2 other videos of? If so, she really is looking great! And if not, well, she still is looking great! 😉 Thanks for the explanation of your procedures, too. I love that you show older patients because it shows that care and upkeep can continue into seniorland. Thanks!

  12. I just love what you are doing, especially with the more senior types. It goes to show how amazing the organ of our skin REALLY IS and with TLC at any age skin WILL regenerate. Also you represent your Asian culture well here showing respect and NOT exploitation of the elderly. One day, we all will grow old. I hope there will be more like you around. Mahalo.

  13. This ladies lovely skin reminded me of my Nan. Those milia were so deep! Probably just as well you numbed the last few. Thanks Dr Lee x

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