A Financial Abuse Survivor Story, Terera: The Allstate Foundation

I went on a cruise
for the first time and that’s where
I met my husband. We had a lot in common.
He was funny. It was kind of like a
fairy tale type of meeting. I began to feel
the financial abuse when I was
3 months pregnant. For me, the signs
of financial abuse were the bills being
my responsibility and with him refusing to
get a job. He would physically
stand in my way and block me from leaving
the house to go to work. When I had the baby early and then I had to be
on maternity leave longer than expected, I delved into my retirement
so that we could have the money to
pay for our rent. I applied for public assistance but I needed information
from him as well. Which he withheld. I felt trapped. The Allstate Foundation
Moving Ahead curriculum gave me the tools to
plan for a better future. If you know someone
who is experiencing financial abuse be there
for them, they need you.

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