A Good Day Vs a Bad Day With Anxiety

on a good day I wake up with a clear head on these rare days I lie in bed and think about my plans without anxious anticipation I'm afforded a few seconds of calm I feel at peace on a bad day anxiety greets me as soon as I open my eyes my head already heavy with thoughts and worries about what's to come I stay in bed a little longer and fight my way through an ocean of worries to get up on a good day I stress overwork and get overwhelmed when I'm busy when I wrap up a meeting I'm thinking about what needs to be done without over analyzing everything I said and did on a bad day my back ache as I fight a million negative thoughts through my smile when I leave to take a break it's not because I think I deserve it but because my head is about to explode on a good day I get home and unwind from the day I do something I love or a chore I've been putting off I might even go out to dinner with a friend and really enjoy myself on a bad day I get home exhausted because it took so much effort to just get through the day I watch TV not because I want to but because I need something to numb my head it's only for a few hours a good day and a bad day with anxiety may look exactly the same from the outside but you can't see what's going on in my head so if I tell you I'm struggling with anxiety today and need some extra support don't assume that just because I seem fine I am just because you can't see anxiety doesn't mean it's not for you


  1. I wish my parents would except me and not be constantly embarrassed of me all they want is our family to be perfect and great so they tell me I'm lying and faking all my problems so that it looks like we're all great they don't know that I'm failing in school because of my anxiety they think I'm just lazy because they have gotten rid of the thought that there is something wrong with me that I need help with just to make themselves happy

    Ya know dying doesn't seem like such a bad thought anymore

  2. well tha'ts so refreshing , bcz most most of what I have is in the good day part , that means I don't have a severe anxiety , I fell sorry thogh for people with severe anxiety , I'hope they'all get better

  3. My back is hurting so bad right now and my family don't believe in mental health so I'm out here on my own just like Scarface

  4. This is really helpful in a way that there could be good days even if you have anxiety…
    Recently I've been very nervous or scared at random moments..
    There would be bad days and good days but Id be overthinking things like "Am I really ok if I am happy?" "Was I just seeking for attention when I feel scared.."

  5. Sometimes I'm so exhausted while doing a homework (because I want it to be perfect) that I quit completely thinking I'm just failure and won't ever be enough. In these situation I never manage to do anything else because I'm unable to stop thinking about it. I can't stop thinking so I go back to doing my homework but can't do it cause I keep saying to my self that I'm unable and dumb and stupid and a bad student and that I will never manage to do it………… But good video by the way.

  6. Very true….:(….people ask me if I'm ok sometimes….I might be laughing and all that, but the anxiety is still there

  7. Medication combined with accupuncture is very effective. I've been a sufferer. πŸ’•πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  8. I actually cried watching this… I have good days and bad days but they come in lumps of 3 days to a week of bad days. You hit it spot on

  9. It's not like my back pain from anxiety they are twitching either… sometimes people around me whispers like 'she probably have tics' ugh….

  10. I had really bad anxiety last year but I started to see a therapist in April which I'm glad to say helped me overcome a lot of it. Of course it hasn't completely disappeared, but it's so much better now and watching this video made me realize how far I've come. I just want to say that if someone reading this comment is going through the things in this video to know that there IS help for you. I got it and I don't regret for a second that I did, you don't have to live like this.

  11. When my friends don’t understand my anxiety or depression I show them these videos cause I honestly cant explain it better than your videos

  12. Today was a bad day for me. I feel exhausted, my muscles hurt. I just want to be held and to be able to cry without being questioned.

  13. When I get anxiety, I get anxious someone might notice. It's "funny" because I try to hide my anxiety and I feel more anxious. There are times when I share I'm anxious and then I'm scared that if I said it …. now it has become more obvious to the observers. There are days that are just to hard. Regret, worry about everything I said and how it could of been taken.
    I was emotionally and mentally abused by some close "friends" and I still carry around those constant worries about making others upset. It is getting better since I now recognize that my worries don't make sense and try to fight that anxiety. I hope anyone else going though this gets some help or support from someone who truly cares and understands.

  14. Hey, I dont know who you are, what you're going through, how you feel, but I know you are a human that understands love, you are most likely going through something, and all emotions are necessary. You dont need superpowers, being able to understand something as huge as love and getting through whatever you're getting through, IS a superpower.πŸ’ͺ❀

  15. I’m not crying you are!! No but seriously though I’m crying because it’s too real.

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