A Holistic Approach to the Crisis of Non-Communicable Diseases | Dr Jone Hawea | TEDxSuva

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  1. Diabetic rage – when the toxins in the blood are too much, and the brain and heart and other organs get agitated. Road rage is a symptom of diabetic rage, which is a symptom of too much sugar in the diet, and other toxins like heavy metals from the volcanic soil. Fix the diet. Remove the toxins, eliminate any nutrient deficiencies. These are the simple principles of functional medicine in the west, holistic medicine in Chinese and Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and the foundation of all natural holistic medicines, which are in non-alignment with reductionist medicine, which promotes drugs and surgery like a care with replaceable parts. Humans are not cars with replaceable parts. Humans are alive, and in balance with nature, or out of balance with nature in the case of false reductionist philosophies. Also, go easy on the kava drinking 🙂 Bula! Best wishes from America 🙂

  2. the book of genesis tells us what our diet should be..our meat should be fruit and vegetables..what we now call meat the bible calls flesh..we decided to follow the white man's diet..

  3. I agree with heart meditation 101% .Pacific people should also go vegan, avoid meat and dairy since the Pacific culture is full of meat at any given occasion

  4. Thank you for this TED Talk! People these days seem to forget that stress DOES affect their health and absolutely makes them more vulnerable to disease.

  5. Sorry Jone, this may put your career in jeopardy…allow me to add one thing……aim to avoid allopathic medication(only treatment but not total cure). 'Ofa atu

  6. Thank you for raising this important issue Dr Jone. Totally in support of the holistic wellness approach and wish we saw this incorporated in our health education curriculum in schools from Year 1 to 13!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk,it is very informative and enlightening.
    The statistics is shocking,though.
    I would like to know if there are any programmes in Fiji,that is addressing or educating our people,to introduce a different lifestyle change which is healthier holistically.
    I do hope that something is being initiated and implimented,because it sounds like that there is an urgent need.

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