A Key Aspect of What Makes Us Different

– Hi, I’m Rich Cisek,
and I’m here with today’s installment of Quick Tips with Rich, your inspection resource
for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical
inspection applications. Today I’m going to
introduce a new white paper that we provided that differentiates us from all the other people
in the inspection space. (swanky music) What makes us different? Look at the imaging
quality of our machines. This is a 1.5 millimeter piece of glass, two cubes in the bottom of a beer bottle. You can get down to 0.5
millimeter and 2 millimeter glass in a package of sausages, and for aluminum bottle, very hard to inspect, we can find thin aluminum wires that are about 0.1 millimeter in diameter. The very best imaging in the business. So again, if you wanna learn more about what makes our systems different, please download our new white paper and follow us on YouTube,
LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay constantly connected
about what’s going on in the industry. (swanky music)

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