A Mother’s Gift – Inspired Together – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

>> I went to the hospital, and the doctor
said, “You’re going to be delivering your baby now.” >> She went into preterm labor and just — >> I was 27 weeks pregnant, scared out of
my mind. >> I’ll never forget — >> I’m thinking, “I have 13 more weeks to
go.” >> The day that Mitch was born. >> It was an emergency C-section. >> And Jen looked at me and said, “Oh, no.”
I’ll never forget that, for the rest of my life. >> Mitch was born two pounds, two ounces. >> From that point on, it was serious business. [ Music ] >> Mitchell suffered an unusual complication
of renal vein thrombosis. And what that meant is he developed blood clots in his kidneys,
and the kidneys stopped functioning. >> And had to be taken to the medical center
right away. And when we got there is when we got the news from Dr. Wassner [phonetic]
about, “He’s a very sick child. We’re not sure if we can save him, but we’re going to
do our very best.” >> This was probably the hardest thing above
all. The first day that he got there, we were told he wasn’t going to live through the night. >> And the words from Dr. Wassner were, “We’re
not sure if he’s going to make it through the night.” >> There was a man telling me that my child
wasn’t going to live through the night. I was just like — >> And
it hit us. [ Music ] I’m sorry. >> Mitchell was not near death. He was actually
in the process of dying. [ Music ] We had the involvement of pediatric nephrology,
the head of pediatric surgery, the neonatologist. There must have been, at one time or another,
15 nurses doing all sorts of things to save this kid’s life. And we got lucky. It worked. [ Music ] >> The day he was discharged — man, I couldn’t
get out of that hospital fast enough. People were chasing me down the hallway, “Well, you’ve
got to sign this, Mr. [inaudible]. We need you to…” I’m like, “You better catch up,
because I’m not turning around.” >> To us, a normal life with him is dialysis
every night for 11 hours. >> It all gets done at night. We have a very
— he has a very strict regimen. >> His food, you know, through a tube. [ Music ] >> These bags are full of the solution that
actually gets pumped into his body. So it all goes in and out through the machine, in
and out of him all night long. And then he’s got a CD pump too. I’m packing — even this
table — I want it all out of the house. When this is done, I don’t want to be reminded
of any of this crap. I want it all gone. I want a healthy baby sleeping upstairs in his
room, not in my bed. It’s time to move forward, you know. What’s in the past, we’ve already
done that. Time to move forward. Yeah, we’re late. >> Yeah. >> Hi! >> Today we’re here and getting ready for
a transplant. His transplant, my donation. >> Jen gave Mitch the gift of life through
the form of a kidney. >> Being a donor for Mitch was… >> Scary. >> No question. >> You know, not just my child, but my wife
is also going to go through major surgery, so. >> Yeah, having both of us go on the same
day… >> It’s going to be nuts. >> I’m praying that everybody sticks around
for Doug, because he’s got to be — going to need it the most. [ Music ] [ Crying ] >> Let’s go say hi to Mommy. I think Mommy
needs to say hi to you. Blow him a kiss. Say, “See you on the other side, Mommy.” >> We’ll take her from here. >> Alright, baby. Be strong. Okay. I love
you. >> Love you. [Inaudible] Alright. Say bye
to Nanny. Say, “See you later.” Say, “We’ll see you later.” Yeah. Get ready to go. >> Okay. Go and say goodbye. >> Bye for now. >> Say bye to your Daddy? All right. Come
with me. Let’s go for a ride. Say, Bye-bye. We’ll see you later.” >> See you later. Bye-bye. >> All right. >> Bye-bye. Alright. >> Hey, baby. >> Hi. >> I love you. >> I love you. You did good, hon. [Phone Rings]
Yeah. [Inaudible] Wow. [Inaudible] Fantastic. They said the surgeon just came down. They
said that the kidney I guess is completely hooked up now, and it’s producing urine. So
I guess that’s about as good as you can get. You gave him the kidney, one that works. [Giggling] >> Hello. [Inaudible] This is so nice, to
bring him out here, watching him just thrive and being the normal two-year-old that he
should be. [Singing] >> Baby, don’t cry. It’s alright. We can start
all over again. >> He’s my hero. I mean, seriously, he’s — the
kid is tough as nails. [ Music ] >> It’s a new morning. Every time when he
gets older, he’s got an attitude problem, we’ll say, “Yup. That’s your mother’s kidney,
right there.” [ Inaudible Singing ] [Singing] >> We can start all over again. [ Music ] It’s a new morning. We can start all over
again. >> Yes, Mitchell is a miracle. [ Music ]

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