A New Era in Health Care

it takes courage to break the old ways we have the potential to be an absolute leader across the country and what health care can look like we're poised to take advantage of all the changes that are going to happen in the healthcare system we now can become a preeminent health care system in America that's doing something that no other health care system is doing the new Mount Sinai health care system represents excellence in a word I think it represents opportunity its opportunity to reinvent the way medicine cares for patients in the United States it represents a new way of delivering care this is an opportunity for us to all come under one umbrella and be part of a great team and at phrase it's like putting on the Yankee pinstripes you're part of the best it feels good we stand for high quality care we stand for innovation and we stand for the notion that we're committed to the creation of therapeutics and diagnostics such that your grandchildren won't suffer from the same diseases as your grandparents the ability to deliver state-of-the-art cancer care to an enormous population of patients is probably the most ambitious goal for my career I could have ever ambition we believe that we can reinvent cardiovascular care with more innovative multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to patient care that that will benefit all of New York people know when they're in the Sinai system they're entering into a system that will really take care of them and I think that's what people are looking for and to me that's the most exciting part of this our goal is to really be the premier I near hospital and not just nationally but internationally we're hoping to do even better with the resources at the Mount Sinai system the affiliation has allowed us to keep some of the sicker children that we could provide services for here at Beth Israel from the system we have found that by bringing all the expertise that was present at each of the hospitals together it's been a true synergism we have become even better than we were before the clinical programs that we now offer are more expansive the educational programs have become more enriched and the research programs now have the ability to offer hope to patients need it most this is an exciting time to reinvent health care and we are doing it here in New York and the Mount Sinai Health System you


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  2. The β€œnew era” will not succeed unless the mistakes of the β€œold era” are acknowledged and human rights are honored first.
    Big money, corrupt governments led by unprincipled greed for profit and control will again lead to failure.
    Let’s hope this marketing scheme has something of real substance, otherwise the wealthy will only continue to oppress the poor.
    Sounds good…let’s wait and see…

  3. Is it possible to give me Emil human resources department of the hospital I want to apply for a job with the knowledge I have I have the necessary experience.thank you.

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