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hello everyone how are you today on dr. Paramjeet and you're watching doctor education welcome back to my channel friends today is Mother's Day and we will be talking about the mothers diet – very important for every single to be mother and new mothers a new mother always has a lot of questions about breastfeeding nutrition how what should they eat what should they avoid and will their food affect their baby if so what do they need what information do you know that's why this video is very important and but obviously happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and a very warm thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for your children right let's start this topic today the internet is full of true science fake knowledge half information or propaganda your quest of reliable authentic health information ends here so subscribe this channel and hit the bell icon and you never have to go anywhere else ever again so if you're breastfeeding you need to remember that you are giving your baby the nutrition which they need right to promote their growth and health so your needs will increase your own nutritional needs will increase right so first question do you need extra calories while breastfeeding but of course yes you might need extra calorie a little more calories but that will depend upon how many calories you are taking already right if you are taking a regular amount of normal calories then you will need to take additional 300 to 400 calories every day to keep up with your energy needs right now to take these calories you need to take good choices of foods like nutrient-rich choices including whole grains right you can take one tablespoon of peanut butter medium banana or Apple extra or 8 ounces or something like 250 grams of yogurt extra on top of whatever you are eating on a daily basis right so this is what you need then what kind of foods you need to eat during breastfeeding right you need to focus on making healthy choices to help fuel you know the milk production inside you it's very important for that you need protein rich foods because protein will make milk right so if you are non-vegetarian you can go for meat egg or if you are vegetarian we could take milk then there is of best choice vegetarians can go for beans lentils and if you like then if you like seafood then you need to opt for seafood which are low in mercury you need to avoid less amount of you need to take care of those seafoods very carefully right then you need to take obviously the whole grains vegetables fruits that they are very very important right what you need is you need to change a variety of foods different types of foods during breastfeeding now what will that do that will literally change the flavor of the milk of breast milk yes it does your variety of foods change the flavor of your breast milk and this will expose your baby to different tastes which will help them right to adapt to solid foods more easily down the road now that is good right because it's very difficult for mothers to get their babies off milk and onto solid food right one of the most common problems of nowadays mothers are that the children don't eat right so this is how you solve that problem and to make sure your baby is getting all the vitamins and minerals your doctor might actually prescribe you recommend you to take your prenatal vitamins later during breastfeeding as well so that's what you should eat during breastfeeding right obviously you need to listen to your doctor and how much should you drink fluids see drinking is should be very frequently preferably before even you feel even little thirsty right if you feeling thirsty you're already dehydrated remember that then drinking more is very important if you're da if your urine is dark-colored right it should be a light or light yellow or white right have a glass of water nearby always whenever you are breastfeeding your baby because after that you need a glass of water right and you can actually take a lot of other drinks liquids also but make sure to limit the amount of juices and sugary drinks because you don't want to weight gain in those times right you because your own pregnancy weight is going to lose in the next six months and if you don't make sure to balance your diet then you that's not going to happen right and then the second thing you need to take care is too much caffeine if you take a lot of caffeine that is troublesome right it can also cause problems not just to you but as well as to your baby and the baby might not sleep so you need to limit your caffeine intake not more than two or maximum three cups per day right or you can prefer decaf right now if you are a vegetarian and having a breast filled breastfeeding then it's very important for you to choose food which are rich in iron protein and calcium very important things then you need lentils all the lentils dolls all enriched cereals whole grain products peas dark leafy vegetables and dried fruits to be there on a daily basis and you can also know to help your body absorb the iron you can eat the iron rich foods with or along with foods high in vitamin C such as citrus fruits right it's very important for proteins if you are non vegetarians obviously egg and dairy is good or else vegetarians can at least take dairies or in that case purely vegetative vegam you can go legumes lentils seeds whole grain whole grains and nuts they are very good now remember these are very commonly heard but making them you know or noting them down is a good good option right and obviously calcium is very much important and daily dairy product milk and all is very important and dark green leafy vegetables are very good sources of calcium other sources of calcium are your juices your cereals your soya milk soy yogurt yogurt tofu so they are very good sources of calcium make sure to include include them also right obviously your doctor will ask you to have your supplements b12 supplements if you are a vegetarian you need be to have no doubt even if you are taking them you should not take a trigger chance takes some b12 supplements and vitamin D supplements are important calcium supplements are also important during that time then what should you avoid the most important question yes number one thing which you need to avoid is alcohol yes there is no level of alcohol which is safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding do not even think about it right don't even think about it no alcohol till you're breastfeeding right till you are doing whatever is needed so zero alcohol that is how it goes and typically it takes what alcohol you can only start alcohol only when your doctor permits you so you can always always talk to your own gynecologist of this issue then second thing caffeine caffeine I already told you why you should avoid and how much you can take fish is the third thing seafood which has which has which is actually a very good source of proteins and omega-3 is but seafood may contain mercury and other contaminants right so you need to limit the amount of seafood as well as choose those sea sea fishes which do not eat other fishes right a fish which eats other fish a bigger fish has more mercury than other fishes remember that so you need to eat smaller fishes right so that's how you know that's what you need to avoid right then the big question could your diet cause your baby to be Fuzzy's or have an allergic reaction see certain foods and drink in your diet ghouls could actually do this could cause your baby some irritation and even an allergic reaction and if your baby becomes fuzzy and develops a rash or diarrhea or congestion soon after nursing then you should absolutely consult a neighbor nearby a pediatrician or your doctor and if you're suspecting that something in your diet might be affecting your baby then avoid those things avoid those food and drinks up to at least one week up to a week to see if it might make a difference in your behavior baby's behavior consider eliminating those foods as well because they can even they if that actually works then you can change your diet and eliminate those things that's okay but you know what to determine the link between your diet and your baby's behavior keep a food diary that is very good and list everything what you have what you eat what you drink and keep a notes about how your baby reacts so this is a very good this this will help you a lot in remembering what is good and removing the food and drinks which your diet has an impact on your babies fuzziness on their on their hair on their mood also it's very good for you to do this right and it can it can you can back up your diet and discuss this with your doctor as well remember there is no need to go on a special diet while you're on best feeding all you need is little more nutrition and simply focus on making a healthy choices and you and your baby will reap the rewards this is all about the diet thank you so much for watching on dr. Parenti and happy Mother's Day to all of you stay care if you are breastfeeding and you happen to have an alcoholic drink now there is no level of alcohol in breast milk that's considered safe for a baby but if you drink avoid breastfeeding until the alcohol has completely cleared your breast milk this typically takes at least two to three hours for 12 hours or 350 ml of 5% beer or it or maybe five ounces 140 ml of 11% wine and 44 ml of 40% liquor depending upon your body weight also this also matters right so at least three hours of gap should be there then pumping and dumping doesn't speed the elimination of your alcohol from the body which means taking it out vomiting or so whatever way you think is not going to work so it's best avoid alcohol during breastfeeding or if you are taking alcohol then don't breastfeed on that day at least for three to four hours this is this is about alcohol and thank you for watching one more thing how much exercise how much activity should a lady a mother do during pregnancy and after pregnancy this is also very important see the recommendation of activity says that you need at least 150 minutes 2.5 hours of moderate intensity activity workout in a week and you need to spread this activity throughout the weekend activity should be preferably aerobic activity and only if people if somebody is habituated to do vigorous activity there are people who are at you habituate ER to do that who are regularly gyming exercising sports people then they can actually continue the vigorous physical activity which they are doing and but it's very important in either cases to monitor progress of pregnancy and change your activity level according to your discussions with your gynecologist


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