1. one gallon of distilled water a day for 2 months…..watch the miracle. It washes out the biofilms that house the stupid bacteria and also wipes out fungus, the spirochetes main food supply.

  2. If we spent half as much time and money working to protect nature as we spend trying to alter it to our destructive desires, the world would be a better place. Natural is always best, especially when toying with our only planet's ecosystem and naturally evolved life forms.

  3. Ahh looks like we have some youtube biologists and virologists in the youtube comments. What are the odds of such prestige stopping by to let us know its all a government plan to control population?

  4. Just do it…. it sounds like a good plan. Ignore the cowards. If we listed to people like them we wouldn't have cars, air planes, boats, trains, heaters, electricity, VACCINES, anti-venom and many other wonderful things that came to be, because WE TOOK RISK.

  5. Honestly, I think, If it is not human, genetically engineer it to help other humans. (Much more discussion if humans are involved)

  6. These idiots are stupid! They are creating an unforeseen problem! Mice spreads disease, altering their DNA and releasing them in the wild will only make them evolve. Just find a predator for ticks or create a pill that stops Lyme Disease inhabiting the body while poisoning the tick!

  7. As usual, the fear mongering cunts run their cockholsters. "What? Something which affects nature and benefits humans? We can't have that." I am so fucking sick of people like that.

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