A Rant on Medicine and Health that EVERYONE Should Hear!!!

hey guys four one two and on here and as you guys know this channel is sponsored by vital AMA tree by telemetry comm and what I've got for you guys today is a video with the genius behind vital Lama tree dr. Darrell me sack I do a show with him every Saturday morning on Patriot soapbox and this morning he went on this awesome monologue when I asked him a real simple question early on in the show I think a lot of you guys were really jive with and I think it gives you a really good insight into the the man into the brain behind this awesome anti-aging supplement so check this out if you if you decide you want to try vital on the tree if you're on the fence and you know maybe hearing from the guy behind it it's persuaded to you to maybe give it a try go to vital AMA tree comm use promo code wtp I at check out I'll get you 10% off your order you support the channel when you do that so without further ado here is dr. Darrel music why don't you um why don't you talk about the fundamental difference between what we see in traditional medicine where they treat symptoms and and try to diagnose symptoms whereas you know what you do by going to the core of the problem and trying to change the environment I think that's a good like baseline to start with you know before we start taking questions because that's gonna be at the heart of most of your answers so well I can't do it any more straightforward and you just did that's it you know the traditional method that what separates traditional medicine from natural medicine is philosophy you know what's the belief behind health and naturopathic medicine the fawley if you go to any if you just look up any naturopathic doctor on there on there you know somewhere on their website they're gonna have the six fundamental principles of natural medicine the V's medicate ryx nature a the healing power of nature the you know treat the whole person the identify the cause the doctor as a teacher to the first do no harm you know prevention you know these basic principles that outlined that you know the we recognize that the body heals itself and historically natural medicine looks as what they call the bee the the the life force the the vital force of the body and and even in my own profession this is where you know looking at things I teach a quantum you know bioelectric concept of hey we're just pure energy stuck in bodies made of minerals you know and held together with water and you know and basically a glue that's made from vitamin C collagen and and when you optimize the energy of the body the body just fixes itself but then you got to remove obstacles to cure you know what are the obstacles and that's they they you know I call all disease a either deficiency or excess you know so either you're deficient and the minerals and what your body needs to take care of the burdens that put it put upon it or you have excess of things that are toxic and your body can't handle it because there's a deficiency of being able to deal with that you know and and so you can really explain all these concepts and deficiencies or excesses and and so the problem is is a lot of people see you know the deficiencies lead to this and and different organ dysfunction so you'll see natural medicine just try to fix the organ system versus you know looking at the big picture and excesses can be both microbial they can be environmental and so a lot of people like just kill the candida kill the parasites you know kill the whatever that's the viruses that are in me but yet the deficiencies are so prevalent that even if you start knocking out these bugs that the body can't restore because it doesn't have what is needed what you got to do is change the internal environment with fixing the deficiencies and getting the efficiency up and then once the efficiency is there now we can start killing those bugs because you're not going to get so sick from the die-off and you're not going to get so sick that your body can't process the way so how do we do that we measure it's it's analytical we look at the urine we look at the saliva we look at energy efficiency in the body I look at live blood I got a microscope behind me and and put a your drop of blood up on the screen and you can look at the health of what's going on in the blood and if these markers are there then is definitely happening in the body and in this markers directly associated with b12 and folic acid deficiency yeah but I'm taking b12 and folic acid well your blood says you don't have enough you know because a lot of those are used in these metabolic processes methylation and sulfation pathways and and these detoxification pathways in the body that are using these things to help handle your burden so you start taking this stuff and your body just naturally you can watch the chemistry start changing and and start seeing that all your detoxing let's speed it up a little bit you know but your well your energy efficiencies not good if you speed up detox too quick you're just gonna get sick because you can't handle it you know and so I have dr. Kerry rain was kind of tied it together and and gave us this way of measuring efficiency of what's going on in the body and he gave us direction of when the chemistry's is imbalanced how to move the chemistry towards the ideal where you are maximizing the potential of what your body has and therefore you're really changing the internal terrain because you're giving the body that what it needs in order to restore and and that's just the beauty of it also you know people I had a lady the other day say doc you're really smart you know you're like you're like genius-level I'm like nope I just take a bunch of genius-level people and I've showing how they all were right in some capacity and how dr. Kerry rains showed that hey if we watch this chemistry you will know whether this therapy that you think is great whether it be IV vitamin C and and and different types of IV therapy or you know what type of you know the bloody radiation where you suck your blood out and run it you thin it and they run it through an ultraviolet light and it activates the lymphocytes and and it has a great tremendous antiviral effect and put it right back in you that stuff is powerful people however when you do these therapies these these intense IV vitamin C and glutathione an ozone or or even doing other therapies that you know like infrared sauna or colonics you could turn around and measure your urine and saliva chemistry and know hey is this benefiting me or is my body is this too much for my body to handle based upon the numbers shifting and being like oh I'm having massive amounts of breakdown my energy efficiency is down if I keep this up I'm just gonna stay feeling like crap for a long time until I I maintain the energy so that I can handle the detox it's it's all a balance and and that's what I do is I watch this equation while if you're like hey I'm gonna go to a float tank alright let's see how you do in it you know hey I'm gonna go to a cryo therapy well great let's measure and see how your body responds to it I'm not knocking other therapies I think I think there's a lot of good therapies out there that have wonderful benefits for people but this is where we separate fad from fact these this is where we separate hey this is a great therapy but not everybody responds to it because your chemistry is so crappy you do that you're gonna be sick you know and so it's like yeah let's get you to this point then we'll do that that's kind of how I kind of approach things is to look at the chemistry I think what we have learned is that you know dr. Kari rains when he did this he brought people to what he called retreat centers and he keep them at these retreats for weeks at a time until he learned the patterns by observing the patterns testing their urine once or twice a day and then looking at what foods that they could tolerate what foods they could not tolerate looking at you know identifying you know how do we optimize your health with food and so that's one of the things is that why we do retreats is to teach you how to test we do retreats to teach you how to eat and most importantly we give you a list of what we call prominent calcium food lists and so if your body if your chemistry is running too alkaline then you eat these foods that have these calcium's in it that will have an effect to bring that pH down a little bit if you're if you're too acidic and let's eat these foods that have a tendency to bring that pH up a little bit and so we learn to eat based upon where our chemistry is that's the difference in our BTI than anywhere else and the fact that the chemistry the pH because well I remember what's his name that got sued for 105 million dollars the pH miracle guy that was doing he was doing live blood and and and teaching people to control and keep their ph up and he told somebody hey you got cancer don't go to those doctors come to me that person died the family sued you lost 105 million dollars because he was taking one piece of dr. dreamz's equation pH and saying hey you do this and you'll get better and and yes urine and pH when you're looking at the chemistry and as you hear me talk about this stuff urine pH is the most influential number out of that equation to tell you your frequency your efficiency what to eat what to take those type of things and so monitoring your mph monitoring the sugar level controlling energy is huge and that's where some of the basics I want to equip people to be able to test themselves on a basic level or run all the numbers and at some point we're trying to you know I'm still looking for that website to get that website developed for the quantum health coalition so that we can make a program available to you the people that you can run your numbers or you can run a friends numbers put them in this equation and then based upon height weight age it says hey this is what you should eat this is what you should take as a basic guideline this is what you should do in regards to exercise and those type of things or what you should drink and to learn to control your efficiency and and what you're looking at is a health efficiency by measuring analytically and saying if you get yourself into this range consistently with your chemistry your body just keeps fixing itself and that's the beauty of it we have a we have a device to measure analytically and say this is off so we know you need this so do this it's not uh you got some symptoms that are consistent with adrenal stress and thyroid I'm gonna throw a glandular on you why don't we try some drainage therapy let's see if that works if you're that type of practitioner otherwise there are practitioners in school oh I've got the perfect herb oh I'm gonna go back there and I'm gonna mix you up some lien or some like a puss let's bring that height that thyroid back down oh no let's that's this I'm ashwaganda blah blah let's to support your adrenals or you have the true homeopathy I'll let me hear what's really going on ah okay let's give you this homeopathic remedy let's see this you know clean up your diet let's watch and see what happens or you have the functional medicine well you need a multi you need some vitamin C you you have to support your mitochondrial nutrition and you got to take some l-carnitine and some coq10 and and you know so you have these naturopathic approaches that are just addressing systems you know and some of that is good however do you need it and so when you're looking at the energy efficiency of the chemistry it's specifically telling you the mineral efficiency in the mineral utilization why why do I care about the minerals because nobody else does well that's one reason you know you're not gonna find very many practitioners out there teaching about minerals but caring rains explain hey what does the Bible say ashes to ashes and dust to dust you're gonna disintegrate then you already have microbes in you that are ready to break you down you know when your body is dead it's gonna start eating you from the inside out and you're just gonna disintegrate they're already there people you know and so why is that important you know because most of your body weight right now is bugs is more bugs for every cell in your body there's 10 bugs okay you are ten times more microbes than you are cells that's a weird thought isn't it and so what are those microbes do they're living in a soil okay Wow soil concept where does that come from the Bible Wow I was made in God's image pure energy one day I'm gonna be anywhere and everywhere and be able to know everything and I can't wait for that you know so I'm not scared to die however he formed man from the soil and then ashes to ashes dust to dust we go back to it right so what is that dr. Carrie rains measured it where when you go back to ashes there's roughly 60 percent calcium 24% phosphorous 12% potassium and 85 trace minerals make you up you're held together by rock people think about that you're a foundation of rock let's build a foundation on rock right not on sand that well it goes away so those mineral ratios dictate what's going on well why is that important because our food doesn't have any frickin minerals in anymore 1913 the 1983 there was more than an 83 percent reduction in American soils and minerals and then I have this great nutrition guide and I don't know if they've done it but in 2011 the planetary health amber waves nutrient guide okay and so you go in here and they what they do is they they show through comparisons in there and they look at okay here's these tables in here and and you look at the the reduction of mineral content of these foods from you know here changes in iron levels from 1975 to 2010 broccoli down 33.6% carrots down 42.9% cauliflower down 61.8% collard greens down 81% dacron down 33.3% mustard greens down 51 point what 3% you get an idea here yep okay so not only did our Department of Agriculture say that minerals were an issue in the 1930s in relation to health and that we should be taking multivitamins in the 1930s because we're depleting our soil but they showed from 8th from 1913 to 83 and 83 percent reduction well has it gotten any better over the last 25 years from 2000 from 75 to 2010 hell no okay so if you're sitting there thinking that you're eating organic and you're doing yourself a favor and you're not taking minerals you're not and so and then when you're looking at and 60 percent of your body is made of calcium and say you have these books out there that say death by calcium and most people are dying by calcifications that's because your he won't waste the calcium because you need six different forms of calcium per day in the foods you eat which are hard to get obviously I can give you a food list of what the best ones are but if you're not looking for high Brix foods and learning gardeners and and and farmers who are actually putting minerals back in the soil then you better be taking some minerals period and what this chemistry does is it tells you which minerals to take and how long you take them for the rest of your life people unless you learn to grow high Brix foods get off the grid I'd love to do it that's my goal is create the ideal off the grid place real pure water real food grown from the soil real meats from eating food that is high Brix think about what those cows and those chickens and those turkeys are eating you know it's it's scary I get you I'm rambling today but I'm you know I'm I want you to see the whole aspects of you know you can restore this is restorative medicine this is something that you just don't find that has been so buried that the people who who figured it out they were thrown in jail they were ostracized they were they were never just say hey don't listen to these people they're quacks or whatever they were practicing medicine without a license which if you look constitutionally he wasn't he was trying to teach them really the truth in medicine and they burned him for it and his family so here we are trying to bring it back to life and and people I you know you think I'm passionate about it I don't know now that was that was awesome though you're on fire today doc


  1. I have purchased the Vitilometry and I am hoping it will create, internally, what you say…. I am definitely giving it a chance!!! I am hopeful and we shall see!!! So far so good…. Thank you 412!

  2. I love watching his shows on Saturday morning. I wish he had a retreat closer to me I’d LOVE to go. I have MS and would love to learn how to do the numbers and see what my body is doing, how to interpret and what to do about it. I watched this yesterday on your show and am grateful you took this portion to show again. God bless you 412 and Dr Misak for all you do. I also use vitelometry and love it❤️😊😊😊

  3. I've been sick since 2012 started with cancer and has gone down Hill from their. Doctors can't find what's making me sick. And I'm so tired 😫😞

  4. Santos bonacci touches on tissue salts and minerals referring to a book on it that relates it to when someone was born and face reading. Santos comes at this from an astrology angle but I’d suppose that the time of year you were born It likely would have an effect as the diet of your mother would be different according to seasons so affecting your core mineral content.


  6. I agree; it is scary…just about all that we consume is not good enough or good for us! I have been battling this for years and as a
    wife, mother and grandma it is frustrating! My place of employment does not help much either…walmart; as a front end cashier. I do love the customers; most of them 😉 though. They all think I am nutty due to my choices of what I consume and the fact that I am a HUGE Trump supporter. God bless y'all! WWG1WGA!!!

  7. That answer was epic! And it's right in line with advice from Dr. Peter Glidden, featured on Dr. Dave Janda's Operation Freedom. He recommends going for the mineral supplement if that's all you can afford, because it's the most crucial. Is vitalometry the same concept as C60?

  8. Questions Doc: Why do they include aluminum heavy metal detox products? Aren't heavy metals magnetic? How do you detox aluminum? I took Zeolite for 6 months. Thank you for the show!

  9. "We are saving Isreal for last." -Q Trump is surrounded by Zionist Christians, Ivanka, Jarrad, a host of Kabbalah Wizard Rabbis. It ain't happening. Ever !!

  10. I have been following this wholistic concept for years…the doctor is right on the mark. We need hundreds more doctors like him.

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  12. The problem is we only have fake GMO food for us to eat for the most part. The majority cannot afford to eat the healthy food. We are screwed until GMO is destroyed.

  13. If our healthcare practiced with this mind set we would be a bunch of healthy people. We need to force insurance to cover natural methods. Why are they allowed to control us? Who really own the medical side, maybe all By Big Pharma?

  14. GOOD STUFF Spirit only Truth can heal Your right on physically great work! Will try some for sure. Thanks

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