A tag and a nice blackhead. Enjoy your weekend! For medical education- NSFE.


  1. Dr. Lee i have a weird sense of humor…and knowing you don't like to hurt people If I came to you I would probably scream as you did something…give you a heart attack..lol just kidding. Not the right time when you got sharp blades by you.

  2. I absolutely have that tool that Dr Pimple Popper user. What can't she just gently squeeze it!!!

  3. Why use that awful tool. It just bloodies the site. Just squeeze them out with your fingers it’s less bloody.

  4. You go in for minor surgery on your eye. Of course you still need to wear mascara and pencil in your brows. How vain is L.A.

  5. Waste of money! She's fleecing people! Squeezing spots and charging for it.. I can do it for £4-5 I removed my friends cyst with a pencil some toilet paper and a corkscrew.. Dot a better job than this bird.. My mate was very happy with the results after he was discharged from ITU

  6. finding alot of your videos on pedrominor, poor video quality but the pic is small with your pic in the left and dr pimple popper in lower tight

  7. Hi Dr. Sandra. Do you have any videos that you made regarding getting rid of skin tags on the face?

  8. Dr.Sandra, I have 6 or 7 tags around my neck.I tried a whole bottle of the stuff that claimed it would make them fall off,but it did nothing.Now, I know you have said that you can not diagnose or tell something medical that you are not personally treating,so if you cannot answer this for me I do understand. My question is, Can a person snip off their own tags if they don't have lidocaine or a deadner to put on before??

  9. Okay but how many times does a person care for her patients before it loses its conviction and compassion????

  10. You have some of the best videos, but lately I have to turn the volume down because every 30 seconds to 1 minute it seems like you are asking them if they are okay. They continuously tell you they are fine but you continue asking. I know I get so annoyed hearing it is know they do too. They even let you know that by body language and tone of voice. Not trying to be rude but if you spent half of the time you spent asking if they were okay as you did paying attention to the signs your videos would not be annoying at all. Another thing is don't you think they would tell you if they were not okay? Please try to work on this because I am starting to watch less and less of your videos and I don't like that. Sorry if I came across mean or rude or honestly am not trying to.

  11. If you wish, next time try using a 2-3 mm punch instead of the n°11 blade. I find myself very happy using this circular approach.

  12. WHERE IS AGENT ORANGE.. he had a great back full of blackheads .please find him and take your time wi him he had so many xx

  13. I don't think I'd let anyone but dr lee that close to my eye with that needle

    Seriously, if I ever had something I needed to be removed I'd want dr Lee. She cares so much about her patients and is so calming. Thats so important for someone with pretty bad dr anxiety like me

  14. As a child myself, I love popping zits, I think I'm addicted to your videos!
    My father gets zits, and whenever he does, he goes out of his way to avoid me! My parents always shut my off at the dinner table when I talk about your videos! 😆

  15. i love watching ur videos, but how come ur hand allways shaked when u use the needle 2 numb stuff…makes me laugh and sorta scared haha, good job anyways u have a strong stomach , much love 2 u for helping people

  16. I am so amazed at how awesome you are with a pair of scissors. Every time you whip a pair out on one of your patients I am just amazed at your technique. I mean I know you're a doctor but still, just amazing work.

  17. When I see blackheads like this removed I feel they needs support from underneath. An example would be..the scissors that women use for eyelashes. Those curved ones. If they were curved the other way with rubber on the metal edge. The blackhead could be squeezes from underneath and if needed the commodone remover used as well.

  18. Why use that stupid instrument ??? Squeezed with two fingers gives you a better result in half the time.

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