A trip to the Pocari Sweat Factory #KunjunganPabrikOtsuka

hey guys my name is Thania and welcome to my vlog So basically today the whole year 9
students of Bukit Sion School are going on a trip on a study visit to Sukabumi Today basically the whole year 9 students of the Bukit Sion school are going on a trip to Sukabumi to go to Pocari Sweat Factory and Yakult Factory And I know it’s going to be worth it although it’s a long long trip So.. come join our vlog the Pocari Sweat factory aka PT Amerta Indah Otsuka they have high standards of Hygiene and quality for their products
soyjoy, pocari sweat, ion water and oronamin c a little general knowledge about the pocari sweat drink , pocari sweat is a Japanese sport drink manufactured by Otsuka
pharmaceutical it was launched in 1980 it contains ions from salt and water so
it will bring you back the ions that you have lost after sweating a lot
they also provide great facilities for their employees like fitness center a
basketball field a mosque a training center, the library and much more they then invite us to do this fun dance called the oronamin c dance oh in case if you are wondering these are my groupmates
Felina, Mitha and Marvel Hey guys so we are now going to the process room of the pocari sweat factorybut we cant bring the camera with us so, sorry And so see you guys after the process making s So what we are doing now is that we are going to play some g adventure explorer or somethin so So we just played this game called explorion adventure, it’s quite fun and a little bit tiring because we gotta run and like basically move our body So we got this pocari sweat and its amazing The ions are like back to us again and like everything is like..awesome Thank you Pocari Sweat for having us, It was a very fun experience we had a great time Thank you for the bag of souveniers We love oronamin c and thank you so much thank you pocari sweat HI guys so now we are in front of the yakult factory and we are going to go inside and have fun without recording we are sorry if any problems occured in our vlog and thank you for watching


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