A Typical Day In Medical School–Emergency Medicine Rotation

Look guys, I did a latte art and I named it
the inner turmoil of a man as he goes through life. So today I have an overnight shift from 9:00pm
to 7:00am. I wish that I had slept in a little longer,
today. I was pretty much awake at 8-something or
9-something. And I should have tried to stay in bed or
I should have tried to stay up last night so that I can sleep in longer. So that I can actually stay awake tonight. It looks like I’m just gonna be trying to
stay awake tonight at the hospital until 7:00am. Alright, so now I’m just gonna try to do some
questions you guys know I’ve been doing at least 30 questions everyday or at least trying
to… Shelf is coming up in two weeks, which is
crazy because all the third year rotations were either 6 weeks or 8 weeks long. But emergency medicine, because it’s technically
a 4th year rotation, it’s only 4 weeks long. So now that I’m two weeks into it I’m like
halfway thru, so shelf exam is in two weeks so I’m studying. Something that I struggle with every time
is, when I get a new book, whether I should write in the book or not because personally,
I like writing in the book and underlining and even same with textbooks. I like the physical book and I like physically
underlining and writing notes on the sides. But a lot of the time you just use these books
and then you don’t ever look at it ever again so it’s kinda of a waste to like write in
it and not be able to use it, or not be able to pass it on to the next person to use it. For this book, I’m writing all my answers
in this other notebook and then keeping this clean for the most part. I’m still underlining or highlighting some
of the answer explanations because I don’t think that really effects how you’re able
to use the book. You can still do the questions. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m gonna pass this on to my friend, Jane,
after I’m done. So she can use it for emergency medicine rotation. Okay! Let’s get started. First thing you do when you get to the gym
is you foam roll! So I just did a quick full body workout and
my camera died so I’ll just see you guys back at home. So I just got back from the gym and I’m starving
so I’m gonna make some dinner. Today I’m gonna make sesame beef tacos from
Hello Fresh. They sent me all the ingredients and instructions
on how to make it so let’s get started. If you guys don’t know what Hello Fresh is,
it’s a meal kit delivery service so they would send you pre-measured ingredients and instructions
on how to make the food so you can make dinner or lunch really quickly when you’re in a hurry. So it’s pretty convenient if you don’t have
time to go to the grocery store or if you don’t really have any creative ideas on what
to make for dinner. They have dietitians who make sure the meals
are nutritionally balanced, and healthy all the ingredients come measured so nothing really
goes to waste, which is nice. I think it’s a really cool idea, you get to
try different foods and recipes and it’s a lot of fun. I’m down to my last taco and it was really
good and super fast to make too. So if you guys wanna give Hello Fresh a try
you guys can go to hellofresh.com and I have discount code for you guys, you guys can use
the code: strivetofit30 for $30 off the first week of meals. So I’m gonna finish my dinner, I’m gonna do
a little bit of studying, just a few more questions and then I’m gonna head out to night
shift at 8:30pm or so. All done! I love cooking at home but I hate doing all
the dishes. I promise I’ll do these later. Let’s go! Have you guys seen my new banner on my channel? It’s got all these cool illustrations of things,
some of my favorite things, like my laptop stand, Candy (the cat), my bag, my pink typewriter,
my bike, my speaker… it’s super cute! I love it. Let me know what you guys think. And speaking of illustrations, I talked about
this in one of my snapchats, but have you guys noticed this cartoon character? So I worked with Osmosis to make a video about
Influenza and they drew a little cartoon Jamie, and they included it in the video. That was really cool. I’ll link the video and the channel in the
description box below if you guys want to check out more of their videos. Anyway, I have about an hour left before I
have to go out for my shift so I’m just gonna do some more questions from my book and then
I’m gonna head out. Hey guys! It’s about 8:40pm I’m heading out to my night
shift. I’m gonna be at the hospital until about 7:00am
so I’m going to close the vlog here. Thank you guys so much for watching and make
sure to like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Byee! Bye Candy, say bye to mama. Oh you’re already over there.


  1. Dear Jamie 🙂 the videos on your channel are so realistic and inspiring…So much so that I usually look forward to Saturday evenings to watch your new videos. You're such an inspiration…way to go girl<3

  2. I don't particularly like writing notes in books but I love highlighting important information instead 😆🙌🏻

  3. I don't understand how you guys can take exams while doing rotations that are so time consuming! In Italy We have 2 whole months off each 'exam session' and we usually take from at least 2 weeks all the way up to 5 weeks to prepare for an exam (eg peads took me only 2 weeks, but cardio/pneumo took me 5), and by that I mean we literally do nothing but study all day!

  4. I always write, highlight and underline in the textbooks for my favorite classes haha ( I'm in my third year of a bachelors degree in history)

  5. Dear Jamie 🙂 Love all your vlogs and study with me videos. I was wondering if you listen to music out loud while studying or do you prefer no music at all?

  6. just about 10 minutes ago, after we had dinner, I said to my whole family "don't touch the dishes, I'll brush my teeth and be right back for them" and neither I brushed my teeth nor I did the dishes but I'm sitting in my bedroom, watching this new video of yours that says in the end "'will do the dishes later' – everyone who didn't do the dishes later" we are not alone

  7. I do write a lot in the books, but if they are test I prefer to do it once with no writing so I do not have anwsers in when I retake the questions 🙂 I used to highlight in only one color but now i color code 🙂

  8. I clicked the 'Thumbs up' at "Look guys, I did a latte art and I named it The Inner Turmoil of A Man As He Goes Through Life.."

    Also love the new banner..!!

  9. love your vlogs 😍😘!
    I wish you the best cause u deserve it and good luck for your studies 😉✌

  10. Actually i think writing notes in the book itself is good, because the next person using the book might benefit from you notes. 😊

  11. soooo, im a high school student in New York, and i'm wondering if i should do med school outside the US. some med schools don't require college in Europe, etc. yes i do plan on coming back to the US. but i really don't wanna waste 4 years on college just for pre-requisites and what not. please do give me feedback

  12. Due to efficiency and because it really helps me memorize I love to write directly on the book ☺️

  13. I just discovered your channel and it's just awesome! I love your blogs and tips for studying❤️

  14. I love your vlogs & your new banner! I work in the medical field, so your vlogs are really inspiring!! I am thinking about applying for dental school or PA school in a year or two.

  15. I like to write in my books too because it makes me feel more studious I guess but yeah sometimes I just use post it notes or have a blank sheet of paper that I can attach to the page with a paper clip so that I can pass on my book to someone else like my sister or friends

  16. Awesome video Jamie, as always! P.S. We all have a pile of dishes we have to get to later. So don't feel bad. LOL!

  17. i was wondering if maybe i can buy ur old test practice books? idk what u do with them, but they r so hard to find where i am and whats worse is that most r super expansive. so if u ever decide to sell them please let us know i would like to buy some thank u so much also a big fan of ur vlogs

  18. I like writing in books most of the time so that I don't have to bring a lot of stuff when I study, but of course I do it on a notebook as well if the notes are longer.

  19. Yus I do like writing in books! but in a very clean manner so when I pass it on, the next person can get an idea if they didn't get it or something of that sort :3.

  20. yeah I love to underline. I can't learn anything from a book if I don't underline the important stuff. I sometime make notes. where I'm studying we don't have our own books. the library gives us the books for free and when we pass the subjects we must give them back for the next students. that's why we are not allowed to use pen on the books. but still I believe that the notes I'm making could help the next student understand better some parts by reading my notes. if the don't like them or if they think it's annoying they can just erase them. I don't make a lot of notes on the book anyways. I mostly underline.

  21. Yes I take notes on my books.But I use a seperate page.And I put that page inside the book.This is so fun to do.And I love to read them after a long time.

  22. it amazes me how u manage to film or post video on YouTube while you're still studying medicine . 🤗🙌🙌👏

  23. hey Jamie, I really want to know the whole syllabus of pre med. and I want you to tell me how do I know if I really want it, because I actually feel hesitant about it- for the first time…
    thank you in advance 😀

  24. I've always had this question, don't you feel sleepy after working out? every time I come home from the gym, I have to shower, and then I feel sleepy and end up napping LOL

  25. Use erasable highlighters and pencils to write/highlight in your books. Once your done with that book, erase all marks and sell it (because I know they're expensive)

  26. You should treat the dishes as another to-do so you'll get a boost of motivation since you feel productive

  27. i subscribed to your channel after watching the osmosis video which is really good by the way. . glad i found your vlog.. keep up the good work 👍

  28. I personal like to add sticky notes into my textbooks. If you want to study really quick for a certain topic then you could just take the sticky notes out. Quick and easy 🙂

  29. Your videos really inspire me. Whenever I watch, I get so motivated. Thank you so much for that. 😊

  30. I have the same problem with books! I always buy used ones to save some money, because after I used them they look totaly destroyed. But I need to highlight and write extra explanations in it to remember it.

  31. Hey Jamie!!! Could you please make a video on how you keep your energy levels up??? You seem so busy throughout the day and I was wondering how you keep so active without your brain from turning off or getting tired….

  32. I wanted to ask a quick question. As an international or foreign student, I heard it's really heard to get into med school. Is like the ratio between students w/ citizenship and w/o citizenship different? Also, do you have to major pre med as an undergrad? or can you major in any science field and still make it to med school? Anyway, I'm huge fan of you and I've been loving it for sooo long 😍 I hope to see more of your awesome videos 🙂

  33. Hello, I really enjoy your vlogs btw, and I also love writing in my books, but what I've begun doing instead is writing on different sized yellow post-its and then attach them to the passage they refer to. This way, I get the same physicality of writing in the book but it isn't permanent.

  34. I am 15 and going into my Junior year of High School, I want to be an OBGYN & I live in AZ and still don't know what college to go to, do you have nay tips on getting into med school & anything specific on OBGYN advice wise? Thank you!!!!

  35. Hey! What do you use to edit your videos? They look so cool with the little pop ups you put in there and the cute art you have! Love your videos, J

  36. I'm a fan of highlighting information in textbooks and adding in definitions to things I'm unsure about. In terms of a question book, you could do it in pencil and then rub it out maybe?

  37. I was wondering what course you actually take at med school. You say that you're in med school but never what the actual course is and what you show really interests me.

  38. I'm sure you've answered this somewhere on Youtube already, but do you have an idea of what speciality you'd like to pursue in medicine, @thestrivetofit ? xxx

  39. I'm waiting for your new video. every time I watch your videos I have many many dynamic to study. 💞

  40. I'm waiting for your new video. every time I watch your videos I have many many dynamic to study. 💞

  41. you have to respect this woman's time management skills; well edited youtube videos, fitness, and medical school all being balanced. I dont know how u do it for real

  42. When I was in college, I loved finding the used books that had peoples notes! Often times they helped me either get a different insight into the subject, or helped me form my own study aids. Granted, college for me was 20 years ago, so I don't know of the book stores sell used books with notes in them anymore :-/

  43. I always underline using colored highlighters. Like a keyword or vocab word. in one color and the definition in another. But I am not the best when it comes to taking notes. Maybe you could suggest a good source to read up on to do a better job of note taking? I am returning to school in the fall. Dinner looks good

  44. Omg can you please do a video about all your music that you use to edit and use as background music

  45. I want to purse medicine but my gpa is not great. I am currently pursuing my bachelors with a teacher certification. By doing this I believe my gpa would rise so I can have a better chance of getting into medical school. Any advice for me?

  46. I had such an issue writing on a book! I usually write on a sticky note if I have too much to write and it doesn't fit in the margin. As always, LOVE your videos! =)

  47. I love your vlogs!!!! they're so well edited!! and u are so cute 🙂 loving your channel! kisses from Brazil ;*

  48. Hello! I hope you see this. I can't seem to find the private message option on youtube. I just want to ask permission from you about this video that we used in a trailer for an event at church (for medical students :))
    Just a few clips of the studying parts. Please message me if you want to view the video and if it would be okay to play it during the event and probably share it on Facebook. It only contains a few seconds of the studying parts. 🙂 Thank you!

  49. I always write in my books to save time and have everything combined at 'one' place so my books are basically stuffed with sticky notes and are highlighted as hell (im also in med school)

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