Aaron Carter’s Mom Jane Searches for Answers to Her Health Issues


  1. I feel like that whole family needs serious help. It's sad to see people waste away because they abuse the use of drugs and alcohol. I hope all of them seek the help they need, soon.

  2. I was watching an documentary of Eminem’s life and it showed he too had came from an abusive alcoholic family. His mom and dad were both real alcoholics and seeing the Carter family really shows how much worse they are than from Eminem’s side, of course the rapper too did drugs from the start of 2004 based on so much he had gone through especially with losing his best friend and I’m really glad I gotten the help he needed and he’s been sober for about almost 11 years now which makes me happy. Aaron I don’t think will ever get the help because he doesn’t really listen and he continues going out of his way people hope and expect for him as he does the opposite. I do hope his mom really gets well even though I know she’s crazy in some ways it be nice to see her achieve and find a way

  3. This show is TRASH!! The Carter that really needs yalls help is AARON!!! Why didn't y'all follow up with him? Or update your viewers? It's because the boy has lost his damn mind and y'all USED HIM instead of really helping him. I know y'all didn't believe a word he ever said…..so why didn't you call him on it? For VIEWS,, that's why!! TRASH

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