ABA Therapy: How to Find a Therapist

hello and welcome to APA made easy I’m Mauricio as an undergraduate student studying psychology I realized that the amount of YouTube videos relating to applied behavior analysis was lacking the mission of this channel is to provide a comprehensive resource for students teachers parents and therapists that would like to learn applied behavior analysis or ABA for short my goal is to make the strategies in this field easy to learn so more individuals can benefit from the evidence-based techniques for those of you looking for professional therapists in your area I highly recommend visiting wWOZ I am speak sorg if you click under the family and adults tab you’ll reach a resource guide where it shows all the therapies available in your area link in the description this channel will also be useful for those thinking of taking the exam for certification as I’ll go over most of the topics that will be on the exam I hope you’ll join me on this journey to learn the ins and outs of ABA therapy I can tell you from personal experience that all the effort put into these therapies is well worth it it is super rewarding the improvement you see is mind-blowing thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this content make sure to leave a like down below subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll catch you on the next one


  1. I agree it is a lifesaver….. I would have died without ABA for my little guy, diagnosed at 18 mo. getting ABA ever since ( 7 years) and it WORKS as long as you apply it and the therapist is knowledgable. they should be mandated to watch your videos you are amazing!!!!

  2. Hi, I’m thankful to find your videos. You don’t have an idea how has been my son and my live going throw a light to mild autism with out a diagnosis. With out know about it, with out info, with out stupor for it , only for his delay. Homeschooling him frustrated for don’t understand him. But really these videos that you are doing has become a live saver for me and a way to understand him and help him. Thank you and hope the vest for you.

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