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our mom is going tonight concerns breast implants some are against them others believe they're fine in rare cases and many believe you should be able to get them whenever the you want sorry did I say breast implants I meant abortions tonight's main topic concerns abortions before before you change the channel before you change the channel I know this is a polarizing topic although interestingly when the website Vox asked people in the street for their opinions the issue wasn't quite as binary as it's usually presented if I had to pick I would say that I'm pro-choice but personally I'm more on a somewhere in the middle I wouldn't but arcade choose for other people I'm pretty car pro-life I think when the baby gets a heartbeat that should be the cutoff point that's just my stance I'm not the kind of guy like that I want everyone to follow my stance okay well not needing anyone to follow your stance is a healthy attitude to abortion and it's also a terrible attitude with which to leave the Rockettes you do you Bethany you do you girl you do you the truth is people's opinions on abortion make up a spectrum but most of us believe it should be legal in at least a few circumstances in fact only 19% of Americans told Gallup they thought it should be completely illegal and if you are in that 90 percent you are frankly excused from watching the rest of this but but but do rejoin us at 11:29 because once I'm done talking about this we'll all be watching a video featuring a bucket of sloths and and I promise you it is almost violently delightful but but until that time the rest of us really do need to talk about abortion laws because wherever you are on this spectrum whether you like me believe that women should have the right to choose or whether you believe abortion should only be allowed in a few circumstances then this story should concern you and here is why since 2010 new state laws have contributed to the closure of about 70 abortion clinics and these four states are down to exactly one abortion clinic each that's right Mississippi now has four times as many S's as it has abortion clinics and if you're thinking how is that possible well it's in no small part because the key Supreme Court decision concerning abortion is no longer Roe vs. Wade it's the 1992 Planned Parenthood versus Casey ruling that said states can create restrictions as long as they don't place an undue burden that places an a substantial obstacle in the part of a woman seeking an abortion meaning women can be asked to jump through a few hoops just not too many which might sound a little less insulting if those weren't also the rules for a dog agility course and the vagueness of that ruling is allowed states to introduce dozens of what some have called trap laws or targeted regulation of abortion providers though their supporters to an Erie degree all characterize them somewhat differently this is really about the issue of women's health we're protecting women's health and safety we are protecting women's health I just wanted to reiterate that this is really all about protecting the health and safety of women yeah but when you're that insistent about women's health it starts to sound suspicious it's like having a folder on your computer called definitely not porn yeah you're not fooling anyone you're asking more questions than you're answering so so let's take a look at what these laws actually do for women's health starting with Texas's hb2 which passed in 2013 and had two key stipulations it requires abortion clinics to meet the same building standards as outpatient surgical centers and requires their doctors to have hospital admitting privileges okay now hospital admitting privileges and high building standards sound great until you realize what they actually mean sort of how Moondance sounds like a lovely night of romance and whimsy but really means having sex with Van Morrison and that's not what you signed up for because the outpatient surgical center requirements can be difficult to fulfill as this Texas clinic discovered explain again why it's gonna be shut down because this isn't wide enough yeah cuz right now the walls that we have they're about three feet wide and to being ASC it has to be eight feet wide now I'm not saying width isn't important in fact in some circumstances it's far more important than length is a thing that I have hurt penises I'm talking about penises but that ain't thought requirement is wide enough for two surgical Gurney's to pass one another in a corridor which is just not something that is likely to happen at a small abortion clinic about 90% of abortions occur in the first trimester when they are generally non-surgical procedures with no cutting and only mild sedation they usually involve suction or just taking medication neither of which require a large surgical facility you don't need an operating room to take a pill which is a good thing because you wouldn't want an entire surgical team scrubbing in every time Larry King needed a boner they'll get tired and and as for Texas's law that doctors have admitting privileges at a local hospital a requirement 10 other states have also passed that can shut a clinic down because many hospitals for financial or political reasons won't grant them to a doctor who performs abortions and again defenders of these laws will say they have a simple purpose by requiring their abortionists obtain admitting privileges at local hospitals we are protecting women's health yep but are you though because it's worth noting both the AMA and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have argued there is simply no medical basis for requiring local admitting privileges which does make sense because hospitals will see anyone they'll see you if you've gotten an Elmo PEZ dispenser stuck in your butt they'll have questions for you but they will see you they'll see you they'll question you and later they may laugh at you and while we are on the subject of safety legal abortions have a mortality rate of point zero zero zero seven three percent that is nearly ten times less than what one study found was the risk for dying as the result of a colonoscopy and let's agree by the way all of us death by colonoscopy has to be one of the worst ways to die right after having your mother cachi masturbating and what you're trying to pull your pants up you fall and hit your head so your dad has to carry your panceliss to the car to take you to the hospital and the girl next door you have a crush on tries to help but she's laughing so hard at the size of your penis that she closes the door in your hand stopping your mother who slams her foot on the gas dragon you be the car for several blocks while your father yells your TV show is derivative and you'll never escape the shadow of John Stewart's that's a general fear if admitting privileges are so important for continuity of care it is weird that you don't need them in Texas to run a birthing center even though one study found that 12% of women admitted to birthing centers wound up being transferred to a hospital so Texas will shut down an abortion clinic for having walls too close together but if you want to give birth in a tub surrounded by mood lighting potpourri and the music of Bon Iver no one will say anything other than just take it down a notch and proponents of these laws will point to a few notorious cases like the clinic run by Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania who wound up being convicted of murder although for the record his clinic had not been inspected for 17 years which it absolutely should have been they didn't need new laws so much as they needed to bother to enforce the ones they had putting absurd new restrictions on all clinics because of Kermit Gosnell is like seeing that photo of a Taco Bell employee licking the food and saying okay all restaurants have to have corridors that are eight feet wide hold on that's gonna shut down most of the restaurants in the country and you've done nothing to address the root problem here and some of these laws have nothing whatsoever to do with clinic safety like the ones that force doctors like Willie Parker to actively spread misinformation the state requires me to cover some very basic information with you first the state requires me to tell you that if you're having an abortion it's possible to having complications there's a risk of bleeding there's a risk of infection there's a risk of damage to any of your organs but guess what those are the exact same risk from containing a pregnancy and going to turn the final thing that I have to tell you that I don't agree with but I have to tell you in a way having an abortion can increase your risk for breast cancer there's not a shred of scientific evidence to prove that they can require me to tell you the first part but they they can't stop me from giving you my best medical opinion and that is that there's no increased risk for breast cancer from an abortion it must be weird for a woman to witness her medical professional forced to play a game of good doctor bad doctor okay time for your tetanus booster know those cause autism well it's not a shred of scientific evidence to prove that bad doctor bad bad doctor in addition some states have passed laws requiring providers to show and describe an ultrasound image whether a woman wants to see that or not and when North Carolina was defending such a law this was how they attempted to soften that the proposed law says if a woman wishes not to see the ultrasound or hear the fetal heartbeat she may cover her ears and eyes and refuse to listen oh great so North Carolina tried to give women viewing ultrasounds the same option as women trying to watch John Travolta's performance in the new OJ Simpson show oh my god oh my god what is he doing Oh does he think Robert Shapiro was a sad clown in Abbas Lerman movie I didn't want to watch this why are you making me and some other clinics enter into a bureaucratic war as a result of these laws take this clinic in Alabama it was shut down after not being able to meet the new building codes Alabama had forced upon it but instead of giving up the owner cashed in his retirement savings to open a new facility that complied completely with the law and that is when Alabama started targeting him directly I'm spared close to a million dollars to meet all of their requirements and you think you're done and what are they trying to do they're trying to pass another bill that said I can't be in 2,000 feet of the school they're treating me the patients the physicians as sex offenders well they're treating someone like a sex offender when he clearly isn't one it's a move that's now commonly known as I reverse Cosby look and look if you are thinking if you're thinking the job look when a clinic closes can't women just travel further you should know there are now mandatory waiting periods in 27 states some up to 72 hours between an initial consult and an abortion so women can be forced to either take multiple trips or plan the shittiest three-day weekend imaginable and if that's not possible they can end up making desperate decisions listen to one clinic administrator describe a call from a patient's I told her you can come to San Antonio we can help you here and she said I can't I have I don't have the means there's no way I can get to San Antonio so what if I tell you what I have in my kitchen cabinet and you tell me what I could do I'll tell you what I have in my kitchen cabinet and you can tell me what I can do when your state's abortion laws are forcing people into the most depressing Quickfire challenge in Top Chef history I think it's safe to say they've gone too far because here is the thing abortion cannot just be theoretically legal it has to be literally accessible and remember every single one of us watching this right now every every single one of us watching right now agrees that it should be legal at the very least in a few extreme circumstances say hypothetically a young girl has been the victim of sexual assault well thanks to these laws this hypothetical girl might have to travel a long distance because there were no clinics close to her and again thanks to these laws the girl might be approaching the point where her state won't let her get the procedure at all well sadly none of that is hypothetical and I'll let the Texas clinic director tell you the rest in order to see her I need to put her to sleep and in order to do that I need a nurse anesthetist and because this crazy law it is impossible to find people to work for us she's 13 years old and she is a victim of rape and she drove four hours from McAllen to San Antonio and we had to turn her way and there was nothing I could do to save her and so now if she has a procedure that if is huge shoved all the way to New Mexico and pay $5,000 and get there and spend three days you don't never happen we know about and at that point we have sentenced a child to motherhood now that specific provider whole woman's health is actually at the center of a Supreme Court case that will be heard next month if it's a 4-4 tie the Texas laws stand so the best hope is that Justice Kennedy seen here in dog form straightening his tie will see Texas regulation as an undue burden this whole situation is basically in his paws now meanwhile Florida is drafting similar trap laws and the law in Alabama that would close that one clinic near a school will be introduced to committee later this week and if all this has made you sad or angry then you should really keep an eye on these laws and if you don't have a problem with the current situation then well it is 11:29 welcome back thanks for rejoining us 19% a quick question what the is wrong with you but but nothing up top know what putting our size I made I made a promise I promise everyone sloths in a bucket and that is what you are going to see although if you are in that 19% I'm going to have to insist that you cover your ears and eyes and refuse to listen for everyone else it is sloth apart you are very welcome now I know I know this story has not been the ideal way for anyone to go to sleep on a Sunday night but but we thought that this was something you should really know about and the only way that I can make it right is to give you the absolutely ideal way to go to sleep an actual sloth in a nightcap this is thank you so much for watching the show with knives Oh Oh


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8PBT1YREBw
    Watch this above video. Many ordinary citizens are concerned by the secrecy and tactics of Planned Parenthood. Especially since George Soros who is notorious for doing extremely harmful things in countries like Indonesia is funding millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood.

  2. first of all let me say I'm a Bernie progressive but some the in pro choice crowd sounds like a bunch of spoiled little rich kids that don't get their way. "how dare you disagree with me I'm a tolerant liberal who celebrates diversity and is into peace, love and happiness but I'll cut your fucking balls off and shove them down your throat if your against abortion!!!!" ok really, how fucking embarrassing for the rest of us liberals who actually do celebrate diversity and a difference of opinion and are mature enough to debate with a little bit of class and decency. so chill the fuck out haters because your making all the rest of us look like idiots!!!

  3. I heard your whole story I don't know if you're a d******** or a pussy liquor but I got no idea what the f*** you just said can you please make it in English

  4. 10 years from now, the US government will regret this monster they created…due to increase in population, or birth defects…which requires extra facilities and long term care…..or is this what the government is wanting, HHMM?

  5. Guys, take control of your own reproductive rights, get a vasectomy, it can be reversed if you become mentally ill. But don't tell anyone because these bitches wanting to baby trap you will never get you laid.

  6. In cases of rape, incest, and mother's health concerns then obviously abortions should be legal. In all other cases after the fetus has a heartbeat, then abortions should be illegal. Abortion should not be used as birth control because that is just cruel. Also if a life form that was less developed then a fetus was found on Mars it would be considered life, but here for some reason, it isn't.
    I do get the argument that a baby being born into a home that doesn't want it can be even crueler than having the abortion, But if we made the adoption systems a better option this could solve the issue altogether. There are a ton of middle-class families who are not allowed to adopt children for very odd reasons. For example, couples at or over the age of 40 are very very unlikely to be approved for adoption. This is pretty stupid considering a woman can get pregnant at the age of 40.

  7. Wow. Just Wow. I have arrived here from May of 2019. Obviously I assumed John's topic was spurred on by Alabama and Georgia's spiffy new near ban's on abortion, 99 year prison sentences for doctors, and 10 years for the woman. Holy fucking christ! We've gone backwards at an astonishing clip!

  8. Remember angry feminists: an ALL MALE Supreme court signed Roe v. Wade into law. A FEMALE governor signed the anti-abortion bill into law. Place the blame where the blame is due, toots.

  9. Damn I was feeling this video up until I realized this clip was done in 2016!
    Yet here we are in 2019 and this subject hasn't changed, improved or moved on from since! This is pathetically and shamefully just as relevant with today's current affairs on this ongoing attack against womans rights aka pro-choice! 😳

    Okay seriously I now need to just watch a full hour of nothing but buckets full of sloths! πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜—

  10. Every so-called "Pro-Lifer" should be charged with murder for every woman killed by an illegal abortion.

  11. Here in Europe, apart from Ireland, abortion just isn’t a major political issue. No political party of any size oppose a woman’s right to choose.

  12. Similar case happening in Ohio. Only it's a 12 yo who was groomed by a pedophile, who fortunately has gone to jail, but the girl is pregnant.πŸ™

  13. OFFS! This country absolutely sucks! FFS republicans, wtfu! All you're doing is killing women!! All of you are deplorable and repulsive!! FUCK ALL OF YOU!! πŸ–• πŸ–•

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