About Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine

– Having a child is still one
of the most important goals in the transition in a person’s life, and the vast majority of
people want to have children and unfortunately there’s
a minority of couples, or individuals, who are unable to do that. And so when they’re struggling
to try to meet that goal, it can be very difficult. – Fertility and Reproductive Medicine is a very unique academic medical center. Our mission is to advance
the reproductive health of individuals and couples
by delivering exceptional and compassionate patient care, pioneering cutting edge research, and training future physicians. – We opened up the Highland Park location
for FRM in August of 2016, and our patients now have a choice. They can use both the Highland Park office and our downtown office. – We want them to feel
comfortable when they come here, we want them to feel supported, we want them to know that
we’re going to help get them through this really difficult process. – Each patient has a tailored
treatment plan that they’re involved in so I think
they’ll feel like someone’s paying attention to
them and actually cares about what the outcome is. – I’m interested in helping any patients that are trying to achieve a family. That includes patients with infertility, women with recurrent miscarriage, and also individuals who are
in same sex relationships, or single women who are
looking to start a family. – We really develop a
relationship with these patients and overall it’s a better
experience for the patient, and a better experience as a professional. – One of the things that
we think is critical is to provide them with
the tools to maintain their focus and their desire to push on. – They’re seen from all
different perspectives on the same day. So they meet with our pharmacy staff, they meet with our
clinical psychology staff, they meet with our nursing staff, they meet with our physician, and they meet with a
financial coordinator. – We have a large group
of faculty members, and we have a fellowship program here, and so it really encourages us to keep up with the literature and then disseminate that
information to our colleagues. – We pride ourselves on
delivering very high quality, very modern, innovative
care to our patients, but doing that in a setting
of education and research. – Everyday we are learning
more about the physiology of reproductive medicine
and that is translating directly into the advances
in technology in our IVF lab. – These individuals,
they work hand-in-hand to develop many new options,
many new technologies for our patients to use. – Our field is advancing in
a lot of different aspects. One of the main advancements
is in the area of fertility preservation, so
what we’re talking about is to store and freeze, either
eggs or sperm or embryos, so they have the option of
childbearing in the future. – We take care of the embryos by ensuring that their development is carried out under carefully controlled conditions. I am privileged to be
the first babysitter, the scientific babysitter of
these future potential babies. – I see each one of the
embryos can potentially fulfill the dream of our patients. So I treat them very dearly. – My favorite part is calling somebody, when treatment has finally worked and letting them know
that they’re pregnant. It truly takes a team to help
people achieve pregnancy. I think there is just, there
is no better moment in my day. – The patient’s giving us this opportunity to help them through that process, to be part of that
process, is a privilege. And to be able to see how that results in babies and families is amazing. – We all really care about
what happens to them. We take it really personally,
and we know our patients. We really are thinking together as a group about what can we do to make this better. Every single day when we come into work, that’s our job, that’s what we love to do.

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