About the University of Nevada School of Medicine – a Student Perspective

[music playing] I feel like there’s a really tight-knit community. Especially with all the faculty, all the students; it’s almost like a family. And so, if you want that kind of feel you have to go to a smaller school and that’s what the University of Nevada is. The school really has kind of a community feel. I mean, from the day I stepped onto the campus, it was like I was all of a sudden a member of this incredible family and I have some incredible relationships that are probably going to be life-long. I would recommend the School of Medicine because of the small class-size the easy approachability of all the faculty and you get to know every single one of your classmates. I think the coolest thing about it, is the size; just that it’s not a very big medical school. We have a really great rural outreach and that’s something that a lot of students here are interested in. Well, I think you know medical education is pretty much the standardized across the nation. But there’s something about this place and the community that really makes it a different experience. [music playing]

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