Absolute collagen reviews: Maxine speaks to #Absoluters Jayne and Katy 💛

I have one on Maxine maps new collagen and I have got these beautiful ladies here today who are absolute errs and Jane and Katie have been working absolutely collagen for just over a year and I want you what men to tell you how they came to work with absolute Gordon how they became absolutist so when hi guys how are you today thank you how’d you come to work for us basically it was a mutual friend of ours that had given me a box of the SP collagen and I’ve never heard of ingestible collagen before I didn’t know what it was I didn’t know you know the benefits of it or what it would do and but I just knew that she looked absolutely amazing her skin fantastic so I took it home I remember very excitedly putting a post on Instagram and you know new product can’t wait to try it and I started taking it and within three days just three days I noticed that my skin around my eyes here seemed much plumper and my crow’s feet seem to be a bit softer and more diminished and so I knew there was something in this and I kind of thought hang on a minute why does nobody know about this this is fantastic stuff and Kate and myself were obviously friends for some years and she had said my skin was looking really good and what was I doing so I just told her about the absolute collagen and that’s when we thought you know we really would like to be part of this lovely yes so after Jane taking the college and I straightaway got myself a box myself to say you know what there – excitement was all about because like Jane did said there was nothing like this about it’s not just about putting things onto your face you know it’s all about treating from within so of course with absolute collagen I was really excited to try and you know like Jane found results pretty quickly it was probably about a couple of weeks for myself and I noticed that my skin just felt a lot plumper and what I also notice as well which is a bonus having had two children my hair and went rather fear actually lost quite a lot of um hair after having the children and I found and the thickness coming back and I saw that amazing amazing results wait the collagen with my hair so that was just incredible lovely mmm and so yeah these guys bash down my door and said we wanna work for you because the product absolutely works and that’s what I say to people absolute collagen is here simply because it works there is no other reason so what are we ladies we are [Music]

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