Access to Quality Health Care Improves in Northern Afghanistan

maybe CD has daughter is no longer worried for her newborn the doctor at home district hospital assures her that her baby's vaccinations are on track with the support of C hat the system enhancement for health action in transition program the 50 bit hospital is equipped with a well stocked pharmacy trained healthcare professionals at this in-class physiotherapy unit a laboratory medical supplies and ambulance unit home district hospital provides a basic package of health services and an essential package of hospital services benefiting nearly 75,000 Afghans in the district it's one of 19 health centers under C had involved province providing quality health care see how it works to expand the scope quality and coverage of health services provided to the people of Afghanistan it's supported by the World Bank Afghanistan reconstruction Trust Fund and multiple donors

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  1. world bank has soft lending to health education and development it holds key to achieve sdg by 2030,,world bank thankyou

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