1. Yes….it takes me a minimum of 1 hour to go to sleep. I am so busy thinking and cannot stop.
    Meanwhile, I used to work IT for a university and kept falling asleep when setting up images (WAIK) for the computers. I typically can never take naps or sleep until 2am (1am right now) but having to sit at a computer and wait for it made me narcoleptic.

  2. I mean, don't everybody have it like this? Do I have ADD? Isn't it just like, easy to get distracted? Like I find myself all of a sudden doing something instead of the thing I should be doing without realizing, but isn't that normal? This would explain a lot about my weird ass behaviour, but I just thought everyone had it like this

  3. In K-8 I did well in school, when I got to High School I couldn't focus well enough to do well on a test because I was convinced that life would be over if I didn't do well on a test. I used to sweat like a pig on test day. I'm amazed that no one thought about this when doing my IEP. Is test anxiety related to my ADHD?

  4. Thankyou for assuring it has nothing to do with how smart a person is and many different people of all walks of life deal with it

  5. My rooms always have been a mess now it is my flat I am an adult I have been diangosed with depression I have been called everything in the book…I love AD(H)D Video because I feel like finally someone is as all over the place as I am and on the other hand they still seem to figure stuff out so much more than I did so far in my 29 years. Feeling "not normal" sucks 24/7 , but after I am "allegedly not having ADHD" I guess I just have going to accept being different and trying to find a miracle.

  6. 13:05 Omg I relate to this one so much. I know I'm always overthinking everything to a point where it becomes overwhelming. I never knew why and I always wanted it over but I didn't know how to stop even though most of the time I knew it was absurd. I've been reserching ADHD for about a week now and this is the first time I've heard about overthinking being a symptom.

  7. Thank you so much for this video. I've been obsessively watching a bunch of videos on ADHD since I realized I may have it and this video is the most understandable and comprehensive out of any that I have watched so far. The examples provided really give me a better grasp on what each symptom is.

  8. I dont know what i have anymore ive been never able to really do anything right i could barely remember math skills from 2nd grade when i entered 3rd i cant seem to keep up with simple tasks i cant remember anything and any time i try i crash harder
    It takes me 30-60 mins to write 5-6 sentences
    Its so hard just to do anything, why can i remember something thats useless from years ago but not something that was from yesterday and important.

  9. I was 25 before I was diagnosed with ADHD. I'd achieved poor results my whole schooling life and never had any sense of self efficacy with academia and most of my mates knew me as a bit of an air head. I finally decided to see someone after attempting university for a second time about 5-6yrs out of highschool. I noticed in my lectures I was always looking around the room and became self conscious that the people behind me in the theatre would notice how often im looking around the room in a daze and not concentrating. Then I started wondering how the fck they did it and it highlighted to me how I'd always struggled like that. The strongest point of consistancy throughout my school memories is just staring out of windows or blankly at my desk/drawing on it. I was never an outspoken student and didnt distract the class much, always just off in my own world, never drawing attention to myself or how little attention I paid. after seeing a psychaitrist she diagnosed me with ADHD and I've been on a stimulent treatment ever since. that was about a year ago. Nowadays I enjoy study and learning. my average grades now are far greater than I ever thought I was capable of achieving. My self esteem and quality of life have risen dramatically and am successfully working towards short and long term goals. treatment has changed my life for the better and greatly enhanced my view of it. Life can be pretty depressing when you struggle daily in a way that that makes everyone around you percieve you as dumb and thats just the only identity youve ever known. If your unsure about having ADHD I'd strongly recomend seeing some one (after adequate research). In my experience, You may be surprised just how capable you are and how great life can be when you understand yourself and how to manage your condition.

  10. My son and I both do the “computer virus” thing. We call it “looping” because it feels like an inescapable feedback loop of whatever the thing is at the time.

  11. Pretty clear. Thanks a lot. I just discover I didn't live my life woth my full potencial and I'm in my late forties.😱😟😕😭😢😩🤧🤬🤬🤬
    I need to throw up.

  12. Maybe because we're not meant to be "normal". Maybe because we're not meant to be in an office, staring at a computer, trying to conform inside of a box, crunching numbers, sitting in corporate meetings. Our minds are too big for small ones to understand it. Maybe we are just socially conditioned to think we are supposed to all be the same. Maybe we're actually just born artists, dancers, creators, writers, illustrators, painters, story-tellers, entrepreneurs. Stop looking at it like a disability, start looking at it like a gift. A fish was never meant to fly, a bird was never built to swim. Embrace your brilliance, celebrate your difference. If someone doesn't understand you the way you are, walk away. But don't ever walk away from yourself, or the gifts given to you that are yours and yours only.

  13. I got 3 cities that call me to repair something OR can I talk to their mechanic OR can I repair it. I've been diagnosed with Lupus. With ADHD. Leave me alone. Your car will be figured out. Anything else. Sidetracked instantly. OR blank out with brain going thousand miles minute.

  14. I'm in 8th grade and I get these symptoms a lot. I can't focus on reading. Most of the things I do my mind goes completely blank. Things I can focus on I focus too much. I always daydream during class. I can barely keep up with things. I have a thing that holds led and I use it a lot to be able to focus better. I can't do projects until the last day before I turn it in. I can't start an essay. Literally anything can distract me. I forget things very easily. I can't stay still in things like chairs I am always moving around and when I am standing I don't know how to explain it but I kinda spin while standing. I probably have something more but it's 1a.m. and I'm sleepy.

  15. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post a transcript of this! So many excerpts that should be shared on social media or (for those with really short attention spans) memes!

  16. This was one of the best videos that describes ADHD in a clear, simple, and scientific manner. There was no bias or emotional underpinnings by this doctor and I really appreciate that.

  17. I was locked in an isolation chamber in school when I was a child because of these symptoms. I wasn't a risk to my classmates. I can't even hurt a fly. However, I was labled a distraction.

  18. 12:00
    This sounds EXACTLY like misophonia / selective sound sensitivity. Nor everyone with ADHD have misophonia. It is not an official diagnosis, but there are many, MANY, people who suffer from it and have nearly identical experiences.

  19. Sure, I can play a game for 3 or 4 hours straight, but during that time, I start more quests than I finish. Always interested in the next quest, can not focus on finishing that one quest i started two hours ago… SQUIRREL!!!!!

  20. I lived for years with that "oh you can do this or remember everything about this but you cant do this or that…."

    Parents never really supported any form of figuring things out to get help so as an adult with a son I took time to get the answers….I'm always reading online….im definitely a slow starter and I cant deal with meetings….I have to multitask but then I get bored….

  21. Who else with ADD/ADHD always starts crying when they watch videos about the "symptoms" bc it just gets so real and you get reminded of how hard it can be sometimes… Or is it just me?

  22. 28 years and I can finally make sense of myself and debilitating state I have been in. Sick of being bundled up with depression when the only reason I'm depressed if the lifestyle explained above literally dictates my happiness.

  23. This guy talking mad facts, I have ADHD and when I’m off my pill i tend to focus on things I want to but get distracted easily and drift off I hate it but I don’t want to take my pill cause I feel free. My pill is great but it gets annoying over time sometimes I feel depressed when I’m off my pill and want to kill myself then I look back and think that’s the stupidest thing, life is great! Thank God but I wish sometimes I didn’t have ADHD😔😔😔

  24. Yeah, this video reminds me that I probably should have killed myself by now. BUT I IMPOSE MY FLAWED EXISTENCE UPON THE WORLD LIKE AN EVIL CANCER, IN DEFIANCE OF GOD.

  25. I spent my life trying to understand WTH was wrong with me. 2 years ago I came to the conclusion that my brain just does not shut off.
    This is accurate. This is so accurate that it hurts and its a relieve.

  26. Watching a video on ADHD ignoring my work at work, while obsessively refreshing my messages from my doctor about ADHD and i keep getting up to talk to friends across the room and forgot to finish this video

  27. This is me to a T!!!! I was crying while listening and watching this. Help me…now how do you cure me?!

  28. Great for those who don't have the disorder, but for those of us who do, we're lost a couple minutes into the lecture.

  29. I auto diagnosed myself that I have ADHD. Does Dr. Brown has ADHD? If not how is he capable of understanding ADHD? He's perfectly describing ADHD… At least my ADHD.

  30. This is soooo accurate… I can’t even explain how we’ll explained it is. I don’t want to be like this and frequently it has impacted my life in so many different ways.

  31. dammit. ADHD gets distracted by ADHD video, and really can't focus on this video. I would like a ADHD geared ADHD video. And if I go on about ADHD, might as well get ready to play a shot game.

  32. I’m watching this as i’m doing a task because i got bored and kept distracting myself by thinking about random past events.

  33. Any one else sometimes stops the movie to get snacks/drinks and while making/pouring them thinks about what movie you were watching again ?

  34. All this describes me so much… I'm 25 now and going to see a psychologist next week, hoping she can diognose me and I can get some help.

  35. I have a tendency to annoy people they say I don’t pay attention when they talk. If I’m not interested I don’t pay attention! Actually I’m listening but I’m looking elsewhere. Focusing is horrible and so many things in and out of my mind daily.

  36. damn like damn.. and im over here thinking about dropping out of school but for quite some time i have come to the realization that something was wrong with me and i thought i was immensely depressed but its bc of this . it makes me so happy that this makes so much sense. after i thought about it , it all makes so much sense and i feel calm and aware yet i still struggle daily with these things and plan to seek professional help soon. so i can cope with this and try to be good at time management. ive always been told i was terrible at everything and that im slow and dumb . but thats not it chief . and then my mIND WONT SHUT UP . and i space out so much even in this video. i got lost in his words i literally forgot and had to rewind it . no but he is right about the concentrating on something of interest. and im. a huge procrastinator its terrible 💀 not to mention that i do things without thinking through fully and my mom telling me that im dumb and retarded and need to be more alert. this is just mmm so relieving omgosh.

  37. I’m so glad I’d stumbled upon this channel because I’ve been dying and craving to know what ADHD is about and I’m so glad that I’ve found this because it speaks to me and it tells and shows me what I have and what I need to do and learn on my condition so thank you guys for having this video on.

  38. Darn it i cant help it but to cry myself all this time i've been asking myself whats the problem there's something wrong inside my brain,But What this guy said describe my daily struggle in life. I tried to tell to my mom but she just tells me to not think like that she just think im just a slow learner .

  39. What about copper and Zinc? You did not mention science along with your talk.Science shows that it's a metabolic deficiency. You should check out Dr William J. Walsh.

  40. My mind has 30 stations all playing at once,24 hours a day even when I finally get to sleep my thoughts never shut off,. Most of what was described is my life or better description exist!

  41. I'm 35 years old and everything he said resonates with me.
    I always felt like an underachiever all through my life and that something was wrong with me. I quit college 3 times, got in trouble when I was in The Navy for always being late, Im forever leaving my phone or keys in work…..I could go on. Literally all the symptoms he mentioned in this video and more.
    I always knew there was something not quite right with me because of my poor concentration. Earlier this year I did an official Mensa supervised IQ test and scored 137 (I enjoy doing puzzles and can concentrate for long periods on certain things like puzzles and maths, because I enjoy them) . After doing the IQ test, my score gave me the confidence to give University another go.
    I'm 5 weeks into my course and have been getting stressed out, struggling to complete essays and projects and to listen in class for long periods of time. SO I decided again last week to look for reasons for this. How come I'm so intelligent but can't get any work done when I sit down at my computer and can't get anything else done either?……..anyway I've finally found the answer. I've written out 5 pages of my symptoms and will be going to the Doctor's tomorrow to try and get a diagnosis and hopefully some medication to help me.
    Discovering this has been a huge relief for me.

  42. As I'm watching this I'm trying to play a mobile game and then I got distracted and tried to find an article I read probably two months ago. I swear , hand to god I'm trying to stay tuned.

  43. Literally the best explanation of ADD/ADHD I've ever heard. He explained my entire life in a 28 minute video. Thank you for this.

  44. Thank you so much for your in depth explanation of all the little things! It helped me understand my daughter more, AND explain some of what I do myself.

  45. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and spoken word performer, and this makes me so sad. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel. I'm not saying that there isn't a link between certain #mentalhealth issues and violence. What I'm saying is that, when we put the focus on #mentalillness we're helping to make the average person believe that mental illness equals criminal. So we need to stop blaming the mental illness and start blaming the individuals. ❤✌🏽

  46. What I do is I listen/kinda watch a video whilst I do HW. Phones aren’t allowed at my middle school so I can’t at school, but it really helps me to do my work

  47. Omg I'm tearing up rn. I love this man already and I literally only seen him today.

    Tbh it was a struggle to stay focused for a 28min video, but I persevered because I really respect this man now. I now want to own his book, as well. XD

  48. I was diagnosed with autism as an adult at the age of 22. I am now 24. Today 8th November 2019 my Dr diagnosed ADHD alongside autism. Watching this man speak is so real to me. It is like he is describing me to a tee. I start on a medication called Atomoxetine 40mg and am having behavioural therapy. I have fucked up bad in the past including going to jail…but this is the start of a new way to accept change and grow as a person. I am going to embrace it with positivity. I know it's going to be challenging but hey I am me and I have ADHD….lets do this!!. Just one question – any of you folks been on Atomoxetine? I get 40mg then I could go up on the dose…how is it for you? I am wary of taking a med but I gotta give it a go. Thanks

  49. All people that have ADHD knows how fucking bad it hurts in your heart to be misunderstood all the time. I don't want to die but I just can't take this pain that I feel in my heart everyday. The most scary thing is not death. It's living a life where you are

  50. I can fully relate to everything in this video. I am 56 and was diagnosed a few years ago and was put on medicine and I am struggling to find all the right tools to help myself. I could pick out all my issues, and some I have mastered or over come, like the getting to sleep and waking up one, but I need to show this to my counselor and come up with strategies to overcome all the others. Thanks so much for this video!!! Well Done!

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