Added incentive – Student life – PhD in Medicine

I’m Courtney I’m in the second year of my PhD in physiology in the Sydney Medical School about five to ten percent of Parkinson’s has a genetic cause where we’re looking at the other 90% that is sporadic so we don’t actually know what causes it the protein that is involved in the pathology we look at that protein which is called alpha synuclein this is a normal protein in the brain however in Parkinson’s disease people it actually aggregates and forms clumps and these clumps affect the neuronal cells and actually cause them to die I really decided that I liked research after I did my honours at Sydney University this project came up and I met my supervisor Hayden and he made the project sound absolutely fantastic and it has turned out to be that way it’s a dr. Hayden orbit is a fantastic supervisor every Monday we have our lab meetings and it’s always good to bounce ideas off him and he always brings things to the table to try and facilitate our own decision-making and our own ideas he’s always really encouraging and he’s a great resource in the lab he’s always happy to come down and help out with the lab work and show us the correct techniques that we need to employ and he’s just a really supportive supervisor to have on board now last year my grandfather was actually diagnosed with Parkinson’s so I have added incentive currently Parkinson’s only has one real treatment and it’s not that effective so by being able to know what actually causes Parkinson’s how that misfolded alpha-synuclein protein gets into the brain how it affects the brain we’ll be able to make those stepping stones to finding maybe a cure or be able to intervene at some stage in that pathology process so hopefully we’ll get to a cure but if not maybe a better treatment


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