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not Polynesian mothers river there she's about to being a chef bird foot nice a let's not change it away certain kiss her dreams and her health the bus is getting her to beat her addiction a nutritionist is driven while naturally related work not give up it was very for can you cope can you take for being here for weeks go try never not Holland is a 19 year old from Manchester with a dream she longs to open a restaurant serving traditional pub grub I love to cook I absolutely adore cooking and love to be a chef and like working a big restaurant in a big hotel some web cooking he says good is that Gordon Ramsay's five actors in the way she appreciates food she can't use any of her culinary creations so say you know how flames smash gorgeous she just won't taste it and it is weird there's only one food that not compared to eat that sausage it's a dangerous job beheading sausage I don't know how that goes I think it's 10,000 fact that I know it cut every time my ass off videos I like that I wouldn't have them any less Don I mean I like things well done but not burn I mean it must have a horrible taste yet but she seems to throw a man whom she just like so the truth is that's a sausage children addicted to the cheapest sausages and bred for only a generous portion of uh beloved sausages creating nice lights have Sunday lunch I have my sausage mashing how odd because it's similar it looks similar same with pizza I make my own people have like bacon and egg booties for breakfast I love my sausage but it's all look quite similar same moves with potato baked and sausage chips and beans I can't justify that if I kick one person it's struggling to come to terms with Nats highly processed an unusual diet is boyfriend Darrin basically it's not not a healthy diet or no vegetables no fruit or anything like that it's basically all all the worst food you could eat is what aliens even have thought of new foods in our mouths is enough to put her into the panic if you give us some food she won't put it in her mouth like most people will she'll actually put it near her nose sniffing lick it I hope that decide well it's like you can't really taste food like that don't like that they like to watch you the movie food to feel it take you think of it sniffing it play with it I don't laugh I've never seen anyone eat like that I always say to account you just try and she says mama can and it does frustrate me because I think well why can't ya I know it's known before people do it it's just that easy what it's not for me I think he's just panic voice it's pathetic well because I've been you panic OH panic over eating food you've had it over someone on the gutiere doesn't open to you know something serious you don't panic over a plate of lettuce and cucumber not is determined to deal with your food phobia once and for all she's about to start a new life in Sweden with Darren hundreds of miles away from friends and family the main thing is she wants to do something about it now whereas before she hasn't bothered but now because she does seem into Swindon as a new star she's determined to do something about it I don't feel people on the Sundown watch it would change my life but it was so much I just loved to do it she really needs help now it's not a case of sitting there you must eat this she needs some help she really does over the next four weeks NAT will work with the experts to try and ditch the burnt binders for good it's day one a lot comes to London for her first meeting with the experts what we've got planned for that today are a couple of things that hopefully will give her a bit of a wake-up call to the potential damage that her diet is doing her and really motivate her to go forward with this process Stephen I know not even have a surprise today hope will help get her into the right frame of mind before the hard work begins and attempting to change your diet in just a few weeks you're setting yourself quite a difficult challenge for you to stand any chance of achieving that we need you in this motivator to state as we can possibly get you what we've got here is something that we hope is going to do just that for you I'm going to leave you to watch it and we'll come back afterwards I know I love you to bits I know I won't do a very food but I am worried about yet we just had a new move so a new start I want you to sort this out to yourself and we can look towards the future everybody knows that you are an amazing cook and if you could only just taste the food that you were cooking you would just realize how good you are once you succeed you can come round you can make a massive meal and you can make as much mess as you want in the kitchen as long as you sit down and enjoy it with us it'd be nice to go out for a meal and make a nice change where we didn't have to order after the children's menu for your meal and in a month or two we can go and enjoy that I tell you meal even whites who enjoy for so long maybe a lot of it's my fault and you dad's fault maybe we didn't push you enough and my main wish for you is that you start to your healthy and maybe even one day do become a chef and do own you own bar restaurant and be fantastic difficult to watch some of that for you wasn't it what really struck home everyone thing gray Indy I don't really like she felt like she never she never said she did had you really contemplated the impacts of your diet on your ability to become a chef which seems to be your dream I don't think so no I think I'd just assumed if I can cook then I can be a chef but it's not all about cooking is it's about being passionate about food and trying food and just everything really being a good cook doesn't make a good chef now what we need to do is get on with seeing what you do actually eat so should we just go and do that yeah in case now she was in any – after hearing from her loved ones Natalie and Steven have one last nutritional wake-up call a barbecue they've prepared especially with NAT in mind so if you were going to be having a barbecue yeah what would you serve okay so you'd serve sausages yeah so we know about that there I won't eat them why not because they just look really undercooked I don't want to I don't want to eat sausage that's not quite properly it'll make me ill right lift the lid off that barbecue if you would and just pop it on the floor like that that's my sausage in effect you're eating tackle the other thing is you are eating salt on my chips salt my failsafe salt on the beans grab that salt cellar from behind you so that is the amount of salt a normal person would eat in a year you're having three times that amount these are my soul I say half tuck at 90 the revolting revelations don't end there over a third of the so-called meat and her sausages is fat and not always cooks them in oil in the course of a year you consume about 37 litres of oil which would fill this paddling pool that's horrible how must be unhealthy you still look in shock but do I take it now that you're ready to give up the burnt bangers yes definitely definitely you've got a few weeks to work with us what is it you'd like to achieve at the end of that time and to go back to Manchester and cook her like Sundy roast the beef dinner myself in and eat it with all my friends and family well we will certainly do a weekend to work with you towards that goal and if you're motivated then that's half the battle oh I am away that is fantastically enthusiastic which is a great place to start but actually changing her diet from where it is to where she wants to get to is gonna be a lot tougher than I think she realizes because she is pretty much addicted to salty Bant foods that now has just one month to overcome her unusual eating habits I never in a million years thought I was having that much toll it made me think about if I did end up not doing it and failing at the end which is not an option really but if it did happen how upset I'd been upset everyone else would be if I didn't do it feel like I'd let them all down if I did though so I'm not going to a new diet my old school report not very good Hardee's money I would I didn't really like school when I first went to college I went to do catering and hospitality and that's when I wanted to be a chef but the Chu who was teaching me at the time just said I basically couldn't no one had implied me because I'm not passionate enough about food because I don't eat the food that cook it was a bit got in really because it was just like someone sort of saying you get really he dreams because you're not going to do it but I just I just felt I've just gotten him a job I just went out and go also nine-to-five job and stay at college because I didn't want do anything else at college I'd like to go back and do catering and hospitality I've got I've got like the urge again now to do it and go back to college and do it so nothing's gonna stop me this time today is the day that Matt's been to reading it's her first session with nutritionist Natalie if now ever to become a chef she's gonna have to start eating new foods and soon I need to find out what Matt's food habits really are is it that she's absolutely addicted to the salt and the texture of these specific branded foods that she eats or is it that she's stuck in a really rigid rut and is afraid to go out of that what's going through your head looking at all of this panic it's making me shake and swipe there's just a whole no I've never tried any of it before so how about we start with some fruit because you're probably more likely to like that because of the sweetness you've had the flavors before grati Arthur how to take a bite do you know what you don't have to do anything but I really like you too lots of that helps you like the flavor of it I won't lick off my fingers cause it's really nice just putting I will do you'll like it what is it most mushy mushy or the mashed potato mashed potatoes laughter I don't think it's so much it's nicer it's just not what you're used to you all right you're doing great gum you've just eaten a mouthful of strawberry for the first time in your 19 year life you know that means yes try something else I know next banana Hamid how about a piece of banana and a piece of strawberry on the same fork it looks like me and mushy and cold and you eat baked beans which are slimy you eat mashed potato which is mushy so don't give me that for regulating the blood pressure the candy one sugar and salt would be a banana walking 750 oh you got some tissue there Feeny don't I could take the banana straight away nap goes on to try vegetables fruit chicken quiche and pasta but none of these new and healthy foods seem to be tickling her taste buds I got a funny straight a funny taste everything's got a funny taste to you what you like you could see by Nats reactions to the foods that she really really is terrified of trying new foods she was getting clammy palms she was really anxious she's got serious food phobias to overcome Natalie's determined not doesn't revert back to her beloved sausages and has a plan she hopes will put her off for life to share what they're made of here I have what goes into a high quality sausage a good portion of Leah meat a little bit of Rusk some seasonings a bit of salt and pepper and some herbs this is more like what goes into the sort of sausage that you're eating so a little bit of meat yeah a lot of fat nearly more fat than there's meat and it works as well that's right half a sausage different in song that's what yeah masses of salt yeah and the chances of the bits of pig going into your sausage looking like a chunk of meat are quite small you're gonna show me what it looks like you're going to show you I'm actually a pig but looking like that seeing its little nose is you just make sure thing cover what I know I'm not at all surprised that NAT was horrified to think that her sausages come from a dead pig because we're so disconnected these days from the source of our food but what I'm also hoping shall take away from today is that she has to try and try and try again with all of these foods and I really think she got that to help not get started not Leah sent her home with a hamper of healthy homework tasks which she'll have to carry out every day the first task in the hopper calls for not to banish the bangers from recovered and with them all the highly processed foods she lives off she's not best pleased a waste of food people are starving I forget how can you say sacrilege witness you've seen pigs ears and nose he's on this it is a lot like pig dude and knows what my chips we're in our chips have caught them in the oven I thought you got original fish smash Ben no I mean that's anymore quite liberated I'm still gonna starve but let's go for days then if you have some ones with you and encouraging you to try a new food it's different when you sat on your own you've got a plate full of completely different foods that you've not seen before not tasted before and you've got so much that push yourself to do its goods were very strange today now has her first session with clinical psychologist Steven burrows it's a chance for him to probe Nats childhood for the origins of her food phobias so Natalie when did these problems begin for you what's your earliest memory no remember one specific moment my first memory was eating like half done just all the time we didn't really sit down at table for me all times it was more like certainly I mean that and I couldn't understand amber having my tea put in front of me on the table and was eating it and it was always something that I wanted so they never put something on that I didn't want and make me sit there till Oh eating it but they worried at all about the implications of your diet we never really talked about it a lot as a family it was just one of them things like not eat it's like she does so does leave it what's the the black and sausages about I think it's believe me I've got to know it's cooked inside and outside under cuts all the way for her in case definitely case I get ill but I've never had any I don't know anyone who's had food poisoning no I've never food poisoning myself so I don't know where that comes from are there other things for you that make you anxious there's so much I panic over the slights think I'm really claustrophobic so I can't go on the tree bar in a lift I don't like flying and I'm really not keen on boats because I don't want to be fall off and dress I've been like that from being apparently I used to be like oh I was cleaning it onto my mom and dad when I was younger and I got the same feeling of what I'm gonna try for you a part of you that feels obviously quite unsafe yeah a lot of the time yeah you've given me a lot of information there still seemed to be some pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that are missing and they seemed to be kind of lost in those early childhood experiences her eating problems are not really just a standalone problem but they're part of an general package of anxieties that includes all sorts of things and which seemed to stem back a very long way right back into early childhood but clearly she was a child who was anxious and that is continuing to affect her snaps next homework task is to buy fresh and healthy alternatives to her old dryers none of the items on your shopping list inside the truck because I could back it everything fits a lot like a cop I know it's not how play look like it today doesn't look like that is a look like a chicken that's turkey anyway so now I want tough seat see man look do look at the picture look for the rubbish book they're just a lot more edible than them naturally dream of becoming a chef where food phobia means the knowledge of duty almost exhibited are to tarnish I have to expand it on my list I don't know what Qatar could a comedic whatever that is spices and it's also an excuse [Applause] Peethas I eat in an animal or not I'm sad that vegetarians can eat bitch that's like cannibalism it's going to be interesting cut out like that I'm gonna be hungry shopping for is easy it's to trying that that's gonna be the difficult bit while gnats out shopping for new food Natalie wants Darrin and her family to have a taste of her old diet to help them understand what she's been going through all these years there's one thing I'd like you to do and that is to eat her terrible diet right for three days I'd I have to eat it burn like she house it they'll do her no you don't have to have it really really burn but just the terrible sausages and the instant mash I know you're living away from her family now if you could relay that request to her family right okay I don't think anyone would want to do but if it helps and yeah fine I'm sure I'm sure they'll agree the next day the family embarked on a 72-hour sausage fest accompanied by nuts favorite side dish of instant mash I like sausages and mash I've been now and again not every day it just looks like glue you could plus your wall with it that's mush isn't that mr. mash isn't that bad but I don't like sausage is anyway is that nice I mean I must admit it's got no taste at all really tasteless Darrin throws in the towel after the first meal and even mum and dad of called time I can guarantee this will be the last time ever not easy Oh honestly it's making me feel quite fed up I feel tired and sluggish and really fed up you know I could feel enough oh god not that again no sorry I felt like anyhow hey I rocked enjoy back at home not sitting down to a sausage free meal of fruit and veg blueberries go down a treat but she calls in her chief taster for the avocado try it and taste of what it tastes like because I obviously I don't know if you don't what beans taste like and don't say avocado do you like that cocky moment a Savannah Komachi oh yeah what's up Josh ring what don't we kill him he's making me sick oh I don't think I think it's gardener it was it was runt it's not worried I don't know how to explain it well who really wasn't nice at all Omar's I'm all flustered natalie has asked NAT to try three new foods a day next on the list is tomato don't like my overlap a federal because I'm sick of being hungry always hungry sacred train new food right here sausage over a packet placed by a hot dog husband I know I shouldn't haven't done but he's just his head up it's only one weekend and that's already on the verge of quitting it's time for Natalie to call in reinforcements dr. pixie McKenna is a GP with a special interest in eating problems she's analyzed naps blood tests and today so now we've had all your blood test results back I'm intrigued to know how you feel on a day to day basis you know generally health-wise I'm always tired my bones ache I click and click at 19:00 and like that my uncle click on my formal click and it's just my bones are aching all the time you're 19 but you've got the complaints of someone of 99 unfortunately I mean those symptoms don't surprise me actually because looking at your blood and looking at your diet you're taking in ridiculously high amounts of salt and what that's doing is it's drawing in extra water into the system accessing in the body needs water will be strategic and this leads to water be torn away from the cells where it's needed leverage with the surrounding tissue in places like reducing hassles me and lucky more would help regulate the system learn avocadoes to function in a healthier way if not doesn't change your ways she's risking an assortment of health problems and you think of all the soul she taken in your diet you're in big big trouble and stroke heart attack kidney problems so now what pixies telling you there what's going through your mind with all of that it's frightening to think just like a couple years down the line what could happen but dr. Pixies concerns don't end there now that I've worked out that all this fat in your diet once you're your mom's age you're gonna have put on a significant amount of weight so I just want to give you an idea of what you might look like physically I brought along this alright what I'd like you to do is go and put this on and give yourself a taste at the future at the time that is she will put on over in which how does it feel comfortable comfortable yeah I think you can't feel your feet he's not little come going for you're gonna get in the Koreans have not experienced the swelling sure get as a result of her massive salt intake how are you feeling not very uncomfortable and walking is even harder it fairly is uncomfortable you're like well yeah so modeling that me impressment it is really is uncomfortable so are you kind of thinking in your mind more sausages it is a bad sofa want a while like let's feel like this if it wasn't already convinced which I was it's just convinced me even more to do what's that I've got to do it it's just completely and utterly I've got to change now I'd rather do it soon and I just I can't carry on eating like I do because I can't for you're like this I hate it the following day the experts meet up to discuss Nats progress I think the thing that struck me when I met Matt is just how generally anxious is her anxiety isn't just about food it's about a whole load of different things and different situations and I really want to know sort of why she is so anxious and what's made her this way it's very odd that NAT has this real curiosity in food and wants to be a chef yet she doesn't seem to have any idea of where food comes from what it is and she doesn't really eat though many food so there's something that doesn't add up unfortunately of course she has virtually no memories at all about her childhood so I think I'm gonna have to go and talk to my dad and see where they can fill him some of the missing pieces of the picture really no one knows were announced bizarre eating problems and food phobias stem from it's something that's baffled our parents for years I've always worried about it I just thought it was something she would grow out of and when she went to like her secondary school because they can sort of choose their own meals I used to think oh maybe this will be the time that she'll see all the kids eating things and she'll want to try different things but I was wrong because it was up dots and chips that's something that's what she had everyday at dinner she's a mystery to me she is home asleep in an attempt to speed up Nats progress Stevens arranged for the family to use an art room for the day not to get in touch for their inner Picasso but to help understand that's relationship with food and where hangs aiya tease stem from a good little exercise to help everybody along today because of course it may not just be Matt for whom the past is a little bit cloudy and murky what I'm going to do is get Matt and her parents to represent some aspects of the past in a visual form by drawing and hopefully this will enable all of them perhaps to see some of these early formative experiences through fresh eyes I want each of you to draw something and you can use words you can use images you can do it however you want to do it but something that captures your feelings and your thoughts about family meal times when that was small words anything that really just comes in your head just let yourself play with it really what have we got here we've got frustrated upset angry upset left out in your church again we've got boring tense quick fast rush at this age I'm Owen let's just put in front of her what she wanted so that she would eat it and then she could we could get to dancing or she could go out and play basically we stick to what you know because we know there's gonna who's gonna get that pretty head then we could be annoying yeah so there's no much of a sense of you coming together to enjoy no meals as a family on a Sunday we would all sit down together and have like a traditional Sunday dinner we do dad veg didn't way but we just didn't eat it way after what's that one about that I didn't eat any vegetal you didn't eat any vegetal during this period not at all now so you see that I'm not eating that did not eat your finger so I think well there no why should I he's just one of them things I've never liked it I've tried it don't like it I'm always it okay we were very good role models Farah I really don't we weren't were with no the next thing I'd like you to do I'd like you to think about key events in Natalie's early life when she was growing up you know people were allowed to choose what they didn't didn't like food even appeared on the place and was then ceremoniously kind of dispatched into the bin no it's quite extraordinary you've got a hospital bed there she went in three times didn't she over the air and it was with bronchopneumonia what was it like for you as parents to have your new baby and suddenly having these hospital admissions chat house hearts test on didn't she shed a sweat test he tested her for cystic fibrosis I had a friend who died with cystic fibrosis I'm watching what she went through I'm a new mom cook her special diets well liquid on the cooker and ink I was just horrible if it changed me attitude to think well if she's gonna have to go through of life having special diets and things like for them timing just let her eat what she wants literacy enjoy much as food as possible despite being given the all clear for cystic fibrosis this anxious time had already had a huge impact on mum and dad but it was really really worrying at the time and I think when she came out we were wrapped her up in cotton wool really so basically he's just balloon from there like that one yeah no not good have when you think about it forget all these things don't yeah you do forget all these things it's why we're here and why we're doing this the fact that men grew up within this atmosphere of anxiety she's bound to have absorbed some of that I think that some of Matt's current anxiety problems probably do step back to some of those early experiences and not many of the way she responded to them but also the way the people around her responded to them steven sashen has enabled Matt's parents to give her much needed answers when they said it could be cystic fibrosis they just snuck in my mind net pasted in it's practically a ten times it was a death sentence I never knew quite our bucket wasn't everything that you thought was gonna die for me I blocked out my mind anyway yeah but like today with Steven and what-have-you and just talking about me brings it back but it's still no excuse for the way we treated you know it sound like we treat like the way you feel me – good we got new pink yeah it's been my ironing because now I know more a lot more than what I needed for her you can see the light at the end of this one oh yeah yeah you just gotta stick with it a nice little Asif II now NASA understands more about her past and what's been holding her back Natalie wants to get excited about the fresh food has been missing from her diet everybody chef should know there's more to good grub than the contents of a packet I don't think she ever thinks about where food comes from and the fact that it comes from nature so this is going to be a huge eye-opener for her and I think that should be quite curious probably a little baffled but ultimately inspired by at all what I want is for you to really get in touch with what food is where it comes from not walk into a supermarket and just have packages and stuff if you want to be a chef this is what you need to know about yeah I don't know Pete Richert grin ground you've inspired I'm just gonna look quite like it does in the dip this is the thing teen yeah Tim though I've never seen I've never ever been to anywhere like this in my life these are all four on the beam it's gonna think that Oh strange it's amazing but true Oh Oh very strange pick that one there look just twist it gently okay to eat you the whole thing come on no I some two or three weeks ago you would have gagged on that and just now okay wasn't great yeah swallowed it and that's that's what the aim of all of this is you're not gonna suddenly eat new things and go yeah you know so I want you to keep that practice up otherwise you're not gonna get anywhere have you ever actually picked a strawberry no have you ever seen a strawberry plant before no never true okay so why don't you pick this yourself and I'll have one too oh it's lovely that really fresh let's try it oh that's lovely I just nice one hmm after her crash course in fruit and veg Natalie thinks it's time to try out a solution to nuts hatred of raw tomatoes well you're in luck I just so happen to have here a really fabulous tomato sauce here made from fresh tomatoes so give that a go I thought to you bad that's actually quite nice my barbecue hmm so that there's a no no I'm not have to keep trying and trying it well but again not just get used to it obviously I like it I did enjoy us are so much it's nice to see everything like again I fresh and growing it's like connecting with your food again cuz you actually know where it's coming from and you know that it's not God I'll add the chips and rubbish added in it is just completely from the ground I actually like the strawberries they would have so juicy and nice and again I've got expensive taste mastic although it's how I want my strawberries about dunno supermarket mock after the breakthrough at the allotment Nats then for the next few days trying an assortment of fresh fruit and veg encourage fryer progress and now with enough proper ingredients under her belt natalie has a budding chef nut to create a dish and eats as much of it as possible I want to pick something that's really really nice that I that I want to try myself that looks nice succulent meat peppery salad Queen McCarthyite lasagna on the menu today is feta and spinach stuffed chicken for the side of ratatouille and that's anxieties about eating undercooked meat since Deb disappeared I think I've got over the fact that things are undercooked and not cooked I started that's one thing one hurdle that I passed it looks fairly tasty I'll give it to go see if I like it if not can manage this meal she's well on the way to enjoying her roast dinner with family and friends in a week's time let's try this this is a bit that I'm not looking forward to at all I first that drive anything than Lucas I'm not gonna say sausage because I don't want sausage I don't know I don't want what I used to wonder stole one live still he's just so frustrating because I've caught see I don't stop too high when I'm cooking and when I say are looking the smell exit smart Claudius and then it's like bang straight but afterward you know I guess bro it's just so frustrated with myself just because I think how shoot because he knocked fail to eat something it's not hard but I sort of follow I start to gag and it's like going back three weeks but nuts only got days before her final challenge despite all her progress this latest setback confidence it's up to Stephen and Natalie to come up with a solution the thing is she's really really determined she really wants to succeed she wants to be eating a full range of food she wants to reach her goal but there's a massive gap between what she wants to do and what she's actually able to do I think the real breakthrough for me was learning just how ill Matt had been when she was a baby and the impact that this had you know on on her folks I think it made them incredibly sort of understandably but overprotective of the result of this is that and that really isn't very good at coping with anxiety and I think she needs to discover develop in herself the confidence to actually face her fears and and overcome them and tolerate them if she's really to kind of get anywhere with this at all the final challenge is looming on the horizon the left napkin don't overcome anxiety will be anything but plain sailing well I'm concerned that Matt's still facing a lot of pressure from this final challenge she's got coming up so today I want to try and help Matt learn how to cope with her fears and that starts with facing them do you want to know what we are going to be doing today we want to put you through something to die so that you have an experience of coping with an anxiety provoking situation so that when it comes to this final challenge you've already got an experience of having overcome one situation which is likely to make you bit nervous when we first met you told me that one of your fears was going out on a boat on the open sea all right think if you can do this all right there's not a lot that you can't do frankly you're right think about situations that make us anxious as with your food it's like we all tend to avoid them and our fears about them are much worse usually than the actual experience of doing them and I do promise you we will keep you safe okay picked a lovely day for it how about Island how'd you do hi this is jump on board and flew ask you how easy would it be to capsize this boat this and for all intents and purposes impossible it may you just wouldn't happen for you listening to this [Laughter] Stephen wants to show you that if she confronts rang about his head on she quickly discovered that she's strong enough to overcome them but being on a boat is a world away from trying a tomato and that's desperate for reassurance it's quite safe but the boat will we'll both rock and roll from side to side and a little bit backwards and front as well so would you have to be holding on tight not around on just to make yourself feel more stable so even though we're gonna wobble about I can speak wobble a lot is safe though isn't it part of your brain will interpret the movement as being a sign of something bad all right and it's really important for you to keep the adult bits of your head engage and to say you know I knew this was going to be like this it doesn't mean that anything's wrong is the anxiety level at the moment me there it doesn't it doesn't bother me would you like to turn round wrong question I'm sure you'd like to can you cope can you cope with being here because you can stick it out now more used to it you get the less anxiety breakers can be which is why Allen presumably are sitting here comes cucumber because he's done it a few old times you okay during five the boat hasn't let you down so far as it and it was pretty choppy out there wasn't it chocolate I thought it was gonna be oh my goodness if you can do that that's fantastic and I know it I know you got scared out there but you didn't fall apart and you haven't died when it comes to that roast dinner how does that feel on the scale of on the scale of difficulty Toyland yes please enjoy your lunch redneck with doram and lived to tell the tale I've conquered like one of my worst fears I probably feared water and belts more than a feared food that's what we were in one of the worst situations that I've been in in my life sounds a bit dramatic what probably is because I've never really pushed myself if you kind of sit down with your family and get through that roast dinner okay yeah it's going to be that same sense of achievement all right you know stuff to me I don't think there will actually getting unstoppable not touching place at supermarket weed [Applause] for the final charge in the past I've learned a lot a lot about food since starting and like the whole process four weeks ago there's no rarely even come to a place like this never mind if I try things off each stall and just really nice to know where it's from rather than going to a supermarket and just get our packet [Applause] that's gonna day but like I said before I was gonna eat it if I make it positive to eat it no he don't like our table [Applause] the big day is here and there's one last surprise for not natalie has arranged for her to cook her roast in a professional kitchen this is your kitchen for the day how's that doing I think she's quietly confident that she's going to succeed probably pretty stressed out actually in the kitchen at the moment though she is very determined but she also gets really anxious when she's on the pressured of course today she has the added stress of all have relatives being around as well watching her people looking at me one thing that's putting me off a bit because they're like nine of my whole friends our family is there watching me the feeling that I had when I got off the boat was fantastic so and it's going to be very similar if not the same feeling once I've finished eating the roast dinner it looks better than assets are browned off it's not where but it's brown just to say they don't like my food they're gonna be wearing it dressing me dad doesn't eat his bed tell you I'm not old enough but if she tries I'll try it well I'm gonna have a bucket better side of me oh yeah that's right I'm just petrified did she look at it and she would say no she can't do it and walk away from the table and so I don't think she will bought us me uniforms today there will be a sense of relief definitely as I think me and Terry both will feel like part of the guilts been taken away and because it's not a nice feeling that is your fault that this is the way your daughter is like that push people coughing Oh my cauliflower and broccoli so if we don't leave this bitch today then we've got a sausage and smash if I could have your attention just for a minute I believe the chef is nearly ready for you so if you might go and take your seats dinner will shortly be served I hope you're hungry know what else iam aren't you eating please don't watch me to Theni all these Roasters car just love to do these for me it's the achievement for me not to burn beef beef is gorgeous can't believe that you've actually atrophied – sausage was what trying now broccoli I mean the stems on that he's quite nice I would never imagined it Jahna reason about is bazoo Coptic not really driving it bully it I don't like the broccoli right well Luke okay I'm not leaving any of them eating it know what I mean is for now I need some more of the stuff that you do like and then get a bit more gravy and try it again yeah dr. Joffe face yourself on a sled I'm actually fallen head open full really I'm caught disappointed the whole point this mr. Clement no no a minute but have you let me all out never know I originally no association I will you enjoyed yours Darrin I feel like I failed I had in my head that I'm gonna claim I play yeah but at the right it's not like a lot of talk with them nothing can I just check with everybody else here is your perception that that has failed these are things that you've never eaten so stop being so down on yourself it's a big achievement and I'm really proud to you and I think everyone else is out there your play was bigger than any of us put together your eyes bigger than your stomach cause you know we really don't want you putting yourself down and I'm pretty sure that no one at this table once you're putting yourself down you honestly should be proud of yourself [Applause] nothing what we've learned about man today is that there is a strong perfectionist streak in her and you know I hope that she doesn't lose sight of the progress that she has made you know this is someone who was really really really frightened and anxious around alien foods and she sat down on your immense pressure and pulled it off eating happy I don't eat any sausage now to be honest I don't eat though eat good sauce they don't eat bad sausages don't eat sausages she's pursuing her dream to become a chef I've been doing a bit of work it's very it's in in the pub across the world and we made moussaka and without wait on the menu and everyone absolutely loved it it's all a learning curve boy it's great I love it it's great and meals like with Darrin or an arrow a regular event it feels like I'm starting my new life now because one of my goal was to go out with Darwin through a meal and we can do that now without being embarrassed and it's a nice feeling it's our pop a couple map and learnt how to prepare food I've went out to cook it and now we went out to eat it click on-screen for more videos of extraordinary humans you


  1. I'm just amazed that she didn't know the simplest things like where beetroot comes from it's really sad that no one ever told her these things I know her parents love her but good God when she was at the vegetable garden it was like they were introducing an alien to our planets food her parents should of tought her this stuff

  2. They should have made her chili. She'd get her beans, some vegetable, and non-processed meat. It would still have salt, but less than canned baked beans

  3. Fire whoever mixed the audio for this. I didn't even know there was a voiceover until midway through the intro; the music is too loud.

  4. I noticed people complaining about the volume at the start? Am i the only one that can hear the voices over the music?

  5. Good Lord! Did y'all see that meal she prepared for her family? That looked amazing. It's actually quite difficult to believe she isn't a trained chef, or at the very least, a lifelong foodie who lives to cook.
    I sure hope she follows through with her dreams and becomes a chef.

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