ADDICTED TO HITTING THE WOAH /My strange addiction

hi my name is Daniel I'm 17 years old and I'm addicted to hitting the wall really my addiction of dancing started when I was a kid I used to do the bust I'm Tatiana the sauce the whip done a knee and then a couple weeks ago don't all just came out of nowhere and I caught on it there's like three different types of wall you can hit you can't hit a normal wall like when you're just chillin like in this moment it is or when you're feeling extra you can just add a little Sun to it like this or if you're trying to be crazy you can just do it like the white people like this oh here's a little pro tip if you have hair like this or have earrings or anything that shakes all you have to do is add a little spark to it so when you hit the wall you got to hit it hard so everything shakes it did the camera pick that up I here's a guilty pleasure of mine I love recording myself hitting the wall in different places what are you doing stop please the reason to why I think I'm so I dig that's been the role it's good I can do it whenever wherever I want and just like brushing my teeth taking sleeping or in the car yeah Instagram is a place where to go if you really try to find other Wars like across the globe cuz you know you have to stay up to your game so like yeah like I always have to be on top of the list so if my name goes out there and I'm always one of the best yeah my mom thinks it to waste the time but I call it research and it's like a job to me just like how she goes through work and yeah so something I'm really passionate about and I'm proud of myself for is I created a new sport called the whoa is it and it's just basically you can play all different type of sports after you hit something that's it for basketball you shoot a ball right after just hit the wall hashtag Wars although heating the wolf means the world to me it just started ruining my life I started losing all my friends and family but they're just not on the same page as me they don't really get it started a couple of months ago he was gone to the gram watching some videos then he found one of some people hitting the whoa ever since then he's gotten so addicted to it it's really annoying the stupid war thing if guy he does is so annoying that we can't literally take him anywhere out in public because he won't stop doing it it's so embarrassing if there's anyone out there with the whole addiction just know that we all have the same problem and it's ok to talk to me about it if you need any help or anything just hit me up on Instagram at danios e dot underscore so we can talk about this whole addiction because I would like to get through it together with everyone I know yo you just made it to the end of the video if you liked it please put the thumbs up and I'll love you forever and also make sure to comment if you're new to the channel make sure to subscribe as always let's hit 1k you know for the bros let's hit 1k and also follow me on instagram because I'll be posting bangers like daily now saying about my shorties yeah uh yeah man actually if you actually like to like please like the video for me oh that's my speaker if you liked my video please please please subscribe and go like the video and yeah be posting more bangers soon I say lose ego sleep deals and like you Griffin also say I didn't


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