Addicted to Mechanical Keyboards | My Strange Addiction

my name is jabari Smith and I'm addicted to mechanical keyboards yeah whenever pretty much I can get my hands on one I'm pretty much always aroused to mechanical keyboards I'm absolutely terrified of regular keyboards I think regular keyboards are absolutely disgusting and my preference pretty much turned into an addiction at this point Oh Jabari I haven't talked to him since Ike seven years ago feels like I lost my best friend you know we used to play outside everyday used to be great and such but now now him and his fiancee that keyboard of his I can't I can't be around that even as discord buddies ADA I don't I wouldn't know that but I do I mean yeah I've pretty much been addicted to mechanical keyboards for my entire life since I came out the womb my my first instinct was to grab a mechanical keyboard and pretty much just devour it like I just can't stand regular key word it just has to be mechanical like if it's not mechanical then I'm not using it because mechanical keyboards are literally in my life I pretty much like all types of keyboards I like black keyboards I like white keyboards I even like Asian keyboard sight like I said whatever keyboard I can get my hands on and as long as this mechanical then I'm down I'm down before you know I'm saying even my family and friends are starting to neglect me and they think it's pretty odd abnormal what I do like it's obviously not normal but you know I just can't get enough I even found a support group that has similar interest as me and we pretty much talk about mechanical keywords all the time it's actually a subreddit and we pretty much just send pictures of mechanical keyboards you know hot pictures mechanical keyboards and yeah I finally found my support group um also I found my new religion it's called mechanical ISM I've actually prayed to the mechanical gods a few times today and yeah that's pretty much my passion and I just can't get enough of it it's like it's my life yeah this is actually my fiancee her name is Carol we actually are trying to find a church right now that supports mechanical ISM so that we can pray the mechanical gods every day and you can also have some fun while you know you know what I'm saying and yeah we're probably gonna have kids eventually I'm trying to have a kid called Jimmy kid called Joe and one barri jr. and they're all gonna be mechanically humanized Oh me and him we used to go far back since elementary school but he's always had an interest in like computers and stuff I thought he was just a nerd but now I see that you really like just likes typing I guess and if that's his thing that's his thing but it's just weird to be honest yeah man I met the dude at my uncle's Bar Mitzvah and like you've been in French like a month but like man just saw he's off the grid like at school that's all the weird stuff because a computer like I came over one day the computer is just a guy I really like James we learn the percent from the last video thank you for watching oh by the way guys I'm gonna give away the money to him whenever he responds so I will put that clip where I give him the money on cash app in the next video bye love you


  1. I came over one day the computer was just sticky ahhhh sticky computer imagine I just came over and the computer was sticky man it was just ahahahhhhh it was stiiiiicky

  2. Bari is always looking for computers with big charger sockets to make the black computers white and sticky (;

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