Addiction: HBO Video About Medication Assisted Treatment

recent research has made a great deal of progress in understanding what's going on in the brain with addiction and using brain imaging we can actually see what's happening in the brain we can see which parts of the brain are are activated and this has helped us to develop new medications for nicotine alcohol cocaine methamphetamine but with opiates such as heroin the real breakthrough began in the 1960s with the use of methadone but the first time it was found that a medication could reduce craving and block the use of heroin or at least the pleasure from that and enabled people to lead normal lives they could be on methadone and function in school or in a profession or driving a car and do perfectly well then more recently buprenorphine has come along and buprenorphine itself is a very safe drug it's almost impossible to overdose on it because it only partially activates the opiate receptors and if someone takes an opiate while they're on buprenorphine it's going to be relatively blocked because of the strong affinity that buprenorphine has for for these receptors and it's so safe that a doctor can give a prescription for people in or fene for as much as a month's supply and the patient can have their addiction treated have their craving reduced or eliminated and still lead a relatively normal life it seems like there's a lot of connection between depression and drug use especially opiates because they are even though they are Downers what it does me a depression pretty much is when you don't take them in right way like they make you feel very comfortable and relaxed and like especially that anxiety a lot of people do them and you're pretty much very relaxed and like chatty and you feel good for like five or six hours and then when you come off home you feel like crap so Louis she always takes in the animals that are hurt or somewhat brain-damaged we had last one we had was that had had seizures and that kind of stuff yeah I had that how you feel girl that was like I could barely sleep on it I'm like I can get that this funny Marilyn I was like oh god okay we better get crackin yep I feel really crappy I hope it works as it goes at every just as it does so I don't have to worry about feeling like this anymore what have you been using for drugs I started smoking pot and doing vicodin and drinking and then I got introduced to acid and ecstasy um like it in percocet you started right out on those drugs yeah I mean when you first started using yeah is this the first treatment program you've been in yep it's hard for me to get up in the morning and come though because I work so late but I'm trying my hardest to get up and be here by 9:30 or not a blogger or at least by 10:30 and just make one group or come for the afternoon groups or whatever I can you know every person who's born in the world has a molecule in your brain that's exactly the same as morphing first thing it does for you is it helps lift your mood so that you feel better second thing that it does for you is that it helps you feel motivated it stimulates the parts of your brain that help you want to get up go do your job to care your kids work on your car mow your lawn all that kind of stuff what happens when you use opiates large amounts of opiates in particular that you introduce from the outside is to go to the same receptor sites in your brain with this natural opiate goes to right and it stimulates them only the difference is that typically whatever drug you're using is way more potent than anything that your brains producing oxycontin morphine heroin dilaudid those drugs are way more stimulating to those parts of your brain and what happens is you go through the gross withdrawal right the jonesing that everybody talks about but then what happens after that is a long pyramid time that we call post acute withdrawal syndrome that's just a fancy word for feeling like shed from days weeks months years on end and that's why 90% of the people who don't use replacement therapy relapse because they can't stand how they feel over the long period of times the world some people say if they taste like an orange peel okay it takes about five minutes suboxone which is the brand name of the buprenorphine this that suboxone is a very effective drug with the right kind of a patient if you have somebody who has typically somewhat of a lower addiction profile money that has not been using for as long or maybe not been using intravenously then suboxone is a medication that is effective very quickly typically what you see happen with patients who take it is that they will start reporting feeling better that day the day they initiate another friend of mine is also on suboxone mini-set helps and you know he hasn't done thing in years I've been trying to get off opiates for over four years and I I've been trying to do it by myself and I realized after two or three years of trying to do about myself that I need help and that I can't do it by myself so Justin has a fairly long history of using we're not positive that this drug is going to be able to manage his addiction well enough and he may have to look at doing methadone yeah Amanda's probably got a lesser using time right less time using so it's more likely or it's she may actually respond to suboxone very well and Justin wouldn't in that case he'd be methadone candidate Amanda would stay on suboxone suboxone actually is really good you get all your energy back live it off like three weeks I think it's a wonder drug I don't want no cravings uh I don't create drinking anymore really for nothing I still have a couple of those when I come in news to any drug since I started it in other states what's really girls day took it did you feel fine or do you just tell me on the cross cuz alright I was just like pretty sore still no it doesn't take eggs away no it's not like meth Noah has like no narcotic good you know these people are ashamed to some degree of the things that they've had to do in order to maintain the lifestyle that they have people are everyone's mad at them right the whole world basically says you're a loser and you have to have a tolerance for misbehavior what many people perceive as misbehavior but really are symptoms of a disorder that people have and not eliminate people from treatment for exhibiting the symptoms of the disorder that they have I mean if you were treating somebody who was depressed and they came in and said gee I'm having a terrible day and I feel like killing myself you wouldn't kick them out of your treatment program because they weren't getting undepressed but when somebody comes in with an addiction and they say I relapsed last night and I used cocaine very often the reaction is to say go home and don't come back when you're ready you're ready it's an epidemic it is so concerning and if you don't people aren't talking about it you know Maine is the number one state in the nation for treatment admissions right now for an addiction we are the most opioid addicted stay in the country our rate is growing faster than anybody else in America okay my personality in my state of mind six months ago it was totally different than my state of mind right now like the way I think the way I talk the way I do everything basically changed totally when I stopped doing will be answered I got on the spot see which is what I was looking for it's exactly what I was looking for just taking my life and totally turning it upside down and going get away with it so have you thought about the future for you with suboxone Mandi is this something that you're going to continue to do over a long period of time you think I feel like it's helped a lot already like I don't think that I'll have to be on it nearly as long as Justin will have to be on it like I feel that I could be off in like a year now that I'm on suboxone and I'm having trouble getting the insurance to give you able to get it myself I'm actually thinking about the possibility of switching the methadone because it's cheaper and I can get it for as long as I can get it for the rest of my life free basically from Acadia but since a month's box and it's going to cost me close to one hundred and fifty dollars a week without without insurance just to get my medication this is the hardest problem our patients have is affording the medication by far our own especially that's what Swanson's very expensive experience

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