1. Detoxing myself from alcohol at age of 32. It is terrible but not going back. After week or two cigarettes are next. It is time to get my life back in control.

  2. Great lecture. I have a question for anyone who can answer. If more than 75 % of addicts who abstain will eventually relapse within the first year – given that this statistics applies on those who quit smoking cigarettes as well, why are NRT's prescribed for a period of 2 – 3 months only?

  3. Gaynor Mate disagrees with this genetic factor totally. she is ripping through this very matter of factly. I'd say in 20 yrs it wont be worth much.

  4. I'm showing this to my patients tomorrow. Your message is what they need to hear, your delivery is terrific and it's just the right length. Thank you!

  5. Excellent! Persuasive, inspiring, and informative. Several glass shattering moments (baseline dopamine levels, it's a pediatric issue, it's a messaging problem, the alcoholic 10%, the time component). Plus I learned the word "perseverate." 🙂 I'll pass this video along whenever I can. Thank you.

  6. If only you could get addicts to sit through this vital information and get them to want to cure their disease, unfortunately, most if not all, will shut this down and never get to the medicines that cure their disease.  I listened for a loved one but I have to forward to him and hope he has the clarity in is diseased mind to listen and want help.

  7. No one wants our fourteen-year-olds smoking weed lady, marijuana legalization would be treated much like alcohol. In order to comment on such a complex topic you have to be well informed, but I am sure you know that Dr. Ruth Potee.

  8. Really good Dr. Ruth. I've seen probably every video out there on the disease. I want to believe it in my heart, but I just don't. Having said that, your video did more than any other I've seen to sway me in that direction. I can't speak for 'drugs' but for alcohol I don't think it is cunning, baffling, and powerful enough to be a real disease — not in the way heroin and meth or crack are. It is ironic you mention Europe, because it seems in general they believe in the disease concept way less than Americans. Or in AA for that matter.

  9. this is a GREAT video that really breaks down the complexity of addiction down to a level that is understandable. it should have more videos. unfortunately, the video quality isn't so great.

  10. You have brought me to tears. I do not have the knowledge you have on how the brain develops or how addiction effects it but I do have first hand knowledge of what it is to be raised by addicts (or more appropriately to raise addicts) and see all my siblings fall in to my parents foot steps. I am writing my Thesis paper on Addiction in Massachusetts, and I am using your research to support my points. So not only are you helping create change on the front of addiction which will directly affect my family but you are also helping support the outcome of my education.
    I have been speaking out about more appropriate treatment for addicts for years but do not have a voice that carries like yours. I have seen the treatment and stigma attached to recovering addicts and using addicts and it hurts me so deeply that people can treat other people so poorly. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a true lover of Massachusetts and have been saying that we are leaders of so much change but we can not seem to get enough steam to move forward and change the view on addiction. You are that steam and I see change slowly building thanks to you. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you.

  11. Why isn't there more views here. This is more than disappointing. There isn't a family in North America who isn't effected by addiction. There are parents out there who are going through hell trying to save their children. Where the hell are you?. Like I said where are the the view clicks on this vid.

  12. This is so awesome, Thank you for your work Dr.Ruth, we are on our way. ( Meth Recovering
    User ) from Mexico.

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