ADHD Medication Dosing Tutorial: Too Much – Or Not Enough?


  1. i was prescribed adhd meds from 2nd grade until about 17ish. Never once was I asked how I was doing. Instead I was quickly asked things like "Whats 3×3?" "2×7?" …for years after I stopped the medications I suffered severe depression. Had no idea it was because of my adhd. Right now Im on Concerta 27mg and completely poop out after only 2 hours. My energy is drained and I can barely hold a fork up while eating

  2. I have Asperger and adhd I’ve been trying Ritalin for two weeks . I can feel 2.5 mg but it makes me extremely sleepy , when I up the dose it’s getting even worse . I can’t drive a car that way . I hopes to get a bit awake and alert I just get really sleepy

  3. I am a 22 year old male I have been on vyvanse 30mg for the past few months and it seems to be fairly effective(especially for the first few weeks) however I feel like it completely takes away the “fun” side of my personality, which is unacceptable to me. Is it the wrong type of medication? Any suggestions/thoughts? Thank you!

  4. Honestly I have family problems not because of the medication, but because the way my mother looks at pharmaceuticals. My brother has a cocaine problem and my dad had a heroin addiction. I take Adderall XR for the attentional control problems that accompany my OCD. My mother hates Adderall.

  5. I was prescribed Adderall 15mg XR and 5mg IR. Ive been on the medication for 4 day straight. And at night when the medicine wears off, I’ve been feeling that my body is tired but mind is still running. I have to take melatonin to fall asleep better, although still not better than before I took Adderall. On day 4 night I basically feel like a zombie.

    Is the dosage too high for me? What if I try only taking the 5mg instant release in the morning and see what happen? The good thing is I’ve been feeling more focused, motivated, and don’t panic as much when I have to multi task.

    On the side note: I’ve only taken the 5mg twice so far and I plan on taking drug holidays on the weekend. Thanks

  6. I currently take 30mg XR Adderall but it doesn't help me focus much better, I had my first A&P lab practical and I couldn't recall anything, my mind went blank. I studied with diagrams and labeled them myself, I knew that information! I've taken plenty of practicals before and have made 90-100s. I'm usually an A student even though I have ADHD. It seems no matter what ADHD medicine I take I'm immediately tired, antisocial and in a "down" mood, I notice my responses are even slower, I feel like a zombie when I'm on it. I've tried Vyvance but wasn't a fan it did nothing at all, the non-extended version of Adderall made me focus the most but my doctor put me on the XR since I'm starting nursing school. After failing the A&P practical I'm so worried my ADHD will get in the way of me retaining information and focusing in nursing school 🙁 this can be a very discouraging condition

  7. I'm currently taking adderall xr for ADHD I'm 34 years old I had seizures from 18 to 3 almost for years old now I'm 34 years old and I haven't had any since then it's been 30 years ago and I am free of any of them and now I'm having an testing done to see with medication will work for my ADHD

  8. i take 27 mgs of concerta and 2,5 mgs of abilify everyday. the problem is that i forget song lyrics, important memories from my past and i start to stutter when i combine concerta with abilify. i also became a super impulsive person after 10 months of being medicated. what can i do about this, and why is this happening?

  9. The first week I took vyvanse 20mg I felt great and now the second week it just makes me tired so I don’t know if I should lower my dose or increase it

  10. Hey Doc, just got prescribed with ADHD dexamphetamine medication 2 days ago and was wondering how to know when to stop increasing the dose. I'm 16 years old, and don't fancy ODing or getting high off the stuff. I was diagnosed with insevere ADHD and have increased the dose from a 5mg fast absorbing tablet (1 a day) to 10mg fast absorbing tablet (2 a day). I am noticing improvements in concentration but was wondering if I should make the dose 15mg in the morning and 10 mg at lunch to see if I can gain further improved concentration?

  11. Too many people think children are stupid or are beneath them. But I sure as hell knew when i was even 6 yrs old I liked it more when people talked to me like a normal person instead of an object or a slave to obey. But I am 100% certain, due to my past troubles that I also had O.D.D. with my A.D.H.D. so I did not accept being treated like a fool either.

    The 10 years w/o talking sounds more like someone treating the child as a problem than the child's problems.

  12. My Vyvanse 30mg makes me tired an hour after taken. The pharmacist told me I could empty the capsules in water and do half doses. So I took a whole cap in the morning and drank half the water mixture in the early afternoon and that seemed to help the days I did that but I didn't want to run out of my mediation. I see my Pdoc in 2 weeks, do you think I should ask him to dose up, down, or 2 times daily? I also take sertraline 100mg at night.

  13. Would one take Intuniv in the PM (before bed?) only when sleep issues arise upon taking it in the AM? Would one suggest taking it in the PM when fatigue/somnolence/tiredness arises? Or does latter simply indicate too high of a dose (at top of the window)? Also, I've been told it should not be taken with a high-fat meal, is it that dangerous to take it with such a meal?

  14. I was prescribe guanfacine but it's not working I'm so tired all the time and I'm not motivated and I get really moody at times and Iose focused

  15. @drCharlesParker What is your opinion on using more than 70mg of vyvanse for patients who have been using the medication for many years and have had success going above the 70mg dosage many times, it seems like a lot of patients have success going above 30 mg of adderall, is it right for some doctors to refuse to go above 70 mg of vyvanse, and refuse to prescribe adder all?

  16. been struggling with narcolepsy since 2008 and have been put on numerous ADHD medications for treatment. This has been an extreme roller coaster losing there efficacy within 1-2 weeks. Struggling, now on disability, loss of job, friends, life in general. any advice?

  17. Hello, I am currently on month three of my ADHD (inattentive) journey. First month I as prescribed Vyvanse 10mg. It was an eye opener – I could think clearly for once, if only for 6-7hrs. Upping the dosage was not an option as it had raised my blood pressure to 145. So my doc dropped the Vyvanse and now I am on day 4 of taking Methylphenidate ER 18mg. I take it when waking up at 7:30AM, and I get very sleepy by 9-10AM to where I just want to take a nap (I get a full 7hrs at night). I drink a coffee to combat the sleepiness, and most of it goes away by noon. The cognitive improvements are minor, so it is hard to tell when they go away, making it hard to judge my DoE. I am wondering if this drowsiness will go away as i 'adjust' to this new medicine? Or is it likely that my dosage is off? Thanks again!

  18. Hi,dr Parker,I have a quick question about dopamine,.im taking 50 mg Vyvanse with 50 mg Zoloft and 300 mg Wellbutrin XL,and it was my bday not long ago and I've been drinking,maybe too much!,but it's take me about 6 -7 days!!! to re feel good,focus,organize,clear min all that stuff,on top of that I was really depressed,life seem seem boring and very tasteless,but strangely enough I was not anxious,but a bit OCD,is alcohol destroys dopamine?,or the whatever,the 3 meds that's I've just citing,dint felt theirs effects at all for like a week after being drunk.,is tyrosine can help???,is Wellbutrin inhibit the Vyvanse??? I'm so confuse,please help me!,thanks Seb

  19. Hey Dr. Parker, loving the vids, im currently on 80mg Vyvanse in the morning and 40mg around 5-6 hours after, Vyvanse makes me feel sleepy, especially in long lectures, does this mean the medicine is not working? Also I don't eat breakfast, does this have an effect, eating is difficult for me even without the Vyvanse. Do you recommend asking my Psychiatrist for Dexedrine instead since its not a prodrug? Thanks in advance, glad I found your videos since im very new to treatment

  20. Hi Thank you so much for this!!! I'm from germany and yeah… I suffer from ADD for 10 years maybe longer. got addicted to multiple drugs because it's impossible to find a specialist for this who doesnt just tell you to take MPH.. no mater the side effects and duraion…lucky me got a doc subscribing Buprenorphin 4mg/d (helps me stop drinking and taking illegal sh*t) and helping me with the ADD with 60mg/d Dexamph or up to 140mg/d Vyvanse. It helps me so much. I can return to study and have a normal life. So sad that sooo few people are interessetet in helping people here. Woiuld be very happy to have a mail contact to you. could really need helpwith some things! thanks
    [email protected]

  21. I've been on generic of Adderall 20mg for about four months. In the last couple of days only the first one worked for a short period and the second one was a dud didn't work at all is this due to tolerance?

  22. I'm not sure if you've come across this problem before, actually i'm pretty sure you have. I'm taking 10mg ir Adderall twice a day, but i'm a very busy kinda person, i run a business on the side and 8 hours of medication is just not getting me through the day. I'm going to talk to my doctor about ER versions, because the medication itself is helping alot with both my attention span, but also with my social Anxiety much to my surprise. Anyways, what paths do you think work best, with a need for a 12-14 hour window. In your experience what has had the most success? Preferably not vyvanse, since it's expensive as all hell.

  23. 17 year old son …70mg Vyvanse seems to be no longer working….is it possible that he has built a tolerance…and what can we do next? ( it is obvious when this happens…and it has happened with other meds…his whole life explodes…)

  24. Mr charles I think I have a add problem but I not sure it was prescribed by a doctor but my doc will not right it but it works so well on me that if I don't take it I am very mean and depressed but when I do I fill like the old me a real hard worker all around the same as I used to fill and I wood like to stay like this so if I can get some feed back from you to me it's very important Thanks

  25. I find short short acting medications control my symptoms better than the long acting medications. Is this common in your practice?  

  26. do you have a questionnaire that parents can use to assess effective duration of dose, Something that can help direct the questions? My daughter is 7 she is very articulate and is starting to tell me that her meds are not working for her she just started the Jan of 2013. Thanks. 

  27. It's hard for me to get to "What is actually working" , Top of the Window vs. Bottom of The window. My 10 year old son has been on 4 medications. Vyvanse is his current one which is causing his stomach to hurt and his eyes to dilate. Concerta raised his heart rate, and then Daytrana my pediatrician messed with the Mg's until we decided that didn't work, however my son seemed defiant when he quit taking it? He has always been strong willed , however it seemed we power struggled for a week.when he quit taking the Daytrana patch. It seems like "Nothing is working" to any degree. My son is very good at school , but can't get his work finished? We had him tested at Scottish Rite Hospital for dyslexia and basically the end result is that he is ADHD. I have an older son who is 12 and takes Concerta 36 mg and it has worked wonderfully so I know what to look for if things are within the top and bottom window, we got very lucky with him. I am a frustrated mom and don' t know if I am missing something? His math teacher thinks he has a LD but with that said Scottish Rite Hospital said the intelligence is there however he does have an "At risk Math disorder? When I ask my son questions about his medication if he notices a difference in attention, he says no. Are ADD meds suppossed to work to some degree? I am not looking for a miracle , nothing just seems to be working in a range that I notice or his teachers notice.

  28. +Eli Passas The easiest way to access more specific information is this playlist on dosage details. For most people, most adults, 10-12 hr Duration is within the Therapeutic Window w #Vyvanse: Here at YouTube –

  29. Hello,

    I recently started taking vyvanse and have been using water rotation for three weeks and am currently taking 70mg vyvanse daily. It seems to stop working by 6 if I take it at 9, and I was wondering if too high a dose could cause that. I have also gotten some headaches and really really dry mouth. The other big question I have is there anything specific I should be looking for to indicate I am taking too much? My doctor was not very clear on what at all could happen if I go to the top of the window.

    Thank you so much for making these videos, they help a lot.

  30. You make very good points with your DOE way of assessment. My family doesn't understand the first thing about my ADHD, been going to a doctor for the past 3 years for my ADHD and he seems to not really understand what ADHD is either, because he only asks if im feeling okay or is the medicine working, as he listens to my heart beat and complain about ear wax. Thankfully I'll be seeing a psychiatrist
    next month, hoping to find that he's well rounded in ADHD.

  31. The complexity of problems that contribute to ADHD symptoms is beyond guesswork and speculation. My theme for answers: biomedical testing, assessment of comorbid medical conditions, and increased awareness of how the body burns meds. – ADHD is more complicated than a simple cookie -cutter answer.

  32. Hello Dr Charles Parker I have been taking adder all 2.5 mg and although i can focus and think clearly I go from moment to moment and I have a lotos anxiety because I am quite impulsive. Then I was prescribed focalin 5mg and it didn't really work so my doctor told me it was too much! Neither focalin or the adder all feel like there not effective what do i do?

  33. Thanks Gary, details do make the difference, and a dash of common sense goes a long way to arranging the best recipe.

  34. yes sir i will. i have insurance for kaiser so i should be looking for kaisers else where ? or private businesses? thank you so much for your help doc you actually really did help me alot with these videos. taught me a whole lot.

  35. Glad this works for you – and BTW, you sometimes can find an interested family doc who isn't so sticky about psych testing [which is often as imprecise as any office guesswork], as psych testing often does not cover basic brain function issues like cognitive anxiety.

  36. Each doc has their own office policy about diagnosis and treatment – that's the problem. The testing is a CYA and trying to make the diagnosis when they themselves aren't sure. I suggest you get on the phone, let your fingers do the walking and find someone who can jump on taking care of you. I know from speaking in San Fran that the docs out there live under the traditional shadow of Stanford. Be patient, get on the phone, search for someone who works all the time with ADHD.

  37. by the way thanks for all this VALUABLE info i NEEDED . ive searched many videos already and nobody really explains it like you do. everybody seems like there paid to advertise a certain medicine.

  38. hey doc ! so i just called and asked to be seen for my condition and they said i have to take a test and thats in 2 weeks. then after the test i will have to wait another 2 weeks for results…i mean whats going on here. i need to wait a month before getting the medicine my brain needs?? im failing right now and i need help. i sthere anything else i can do to be seen sooner. or any where else i can go? im in oakland ca+++bay area

  39. Too many variables to speculate… but most often yes if you simply follow the Rules for taking the meds correctly vs throwing them down when and however. We've seen folks gain weight and become healthy, but the med didn't do that – they did it themselves with more watchful self care.

  40. i know doc. i learned the hard way. what ever i get i want to make sure ill be able to get my protein in some how so i wont lose any weight. in fact im actually trying to GAIN weight so will this not work out?

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